How to Set Up and Use Google Meet| Ultimate Guide for 2022

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    Google Meet is a powerful video conference tool that lets you connect globally with clients, colleagues, and other friends. In this article, we’ll show you ways to connect, set up meetings, and provide suggestions to use Google Meet effectively.

    It’s not surprising it’s no surprise that Google Meet has been increasing in popularity in recent times. It comes with a variety of great features, making it a great option for advanced users daily.

    What Is Google Meet?

    Google Meet is a video meeting service provided by Google. It was initially available only to corporate customers; however, all users can use Google Meet for free.

    Google Meet is available on the internet, and tablets and phones can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

    Google Meet is primarily designed to be a platform for hosting video conferences. However, you can activate the microphone and camera separately and use them to make calls using audio when you want.

    You can make ad-hoc calls and invite your friends and family to join. They can join the call by entering your meeting’s code or being them with a link they click.

    One of the most appealing aspects of Google Meet is that you don’t have to install any program on your desktops. Participants (the organizer and the participants) only need to use the latest web browser.

    google meet
    google meet call

    Is Google Meet free?

    Google Meet is free for all, but there are some restrictions. Meeting durations are restricted to one hour and up to 100 participants. 1:1 meetings can also be extended up to 24 hours; this is fantastic news for families seeking alternatives to Skype alternative.

    In the case of Google Workspace Individual users, the limits are increased significantly. For example, meeting durations can reach 24 hours for 100 people. Additionally, it offers a variety of useful business functions, such as saving recordings of meetings on Google Drive for international and domestic calls and 24-hour customer service.

    Google Workspace Enterprise users get more features and can have the same meeting time limit of 24 hours; however, it can accommodate up to 500 people. Other fantastic features include intelligent noise cancellation as well as various security options are also available.

    How to use Google Meet

    Joining a Google Meet meeting

    There are various options to participate in a Google Meet video meeting. First, we’ll look at the most popular methods, such as from within Gmail using Google Calendar and using a URL for the meeting or a phone. The steps are according to how you want to join the Google Meet video meeting.

    From Gmail

    google meet
    google meet apps

    Step 1. Open Gmail

    Step 2: On the left, you will see a button to join a meeting.

    Step 3. You must enter the code, nickname, or meeting number you received.

    Step 4.   Click on the Join button.

    One of the improvements Google has made to its Gmail process is the creation of a separate Meet tab in the Gmail application that is accessible to mobile phones. So if you’re using an Android-powered device, you’ll now be able to go to Meet in the Meet section to see meeting invitations and join meetings without having to open another app or tab. It also makes it simple for you to make invitations.

    From Google Calendar

    Step 1. Open your Google calendar.

    Step 2. Find the event and click it.

    Step 3. Choose the Join Google Meet option. 

    Step 4: Click, Join Now.

    From a link to a meeting (URL)

    1. Click on the Google Meet URL.

    2. Wait for approval before being admitted to the meeting, if necessary.

    How do you share your screen on Google Meet? 

    To help you instruct the students more efficiently, we allow users to connect their screens via Meet.

    You can share a particular tab, a window, or the entire desktop. Sharing your desktop could be beneficial, so your students can view everything you’re doing when you’re working.

    In the upper right-hand corner in the participant tab, you can mute the microphones of students if necessary This can be helpful to prevent distractions during classes. In addition, the chatbox provides for communication between teachers and students during the chat. If it’s time to wrap the call, select “stop sharing,” and the call will revert to normal video.

    Steps to record a Google Meet video call

    •   Begin an instant Google Meet’ and see whether you can see the button to record a meeting:
    google meet

    • If you can’t find this button, check whether you can record Google meet on your account (and whether it’s activated) in this section.
    • If you can find this button, you can record your video! When you next Google Meet open options, click on ‘Record.”
    google meet
    • Click ‘Record meeting.’
    google meet

    Voila, you’re recording has started.

    Stop Recording

    • To stop recording, simply open your options once more and select stop (your recording will also stop automatically after you end the call or when the call is over).
    • Find your recording. After your recording has been saved, you’ll receive an email and the link on your Google drive.
    • You could also transcribe this recording to review what was discussed faster than video.

    Purpose of using Google Meet

    If you’re running a thriving company, we strongly suggest signing up for Google Meet Enterprise. It can provide great value to businesses and clever connections that make Google an easy choice for your company.

    Are you unsure of how to utilize Google Meet for business? Consider these 7 examples of use:

    Team meetings

    Stop wasting time on email! Make a 15-minute standup session with sales representatives on Monday. Invite everyone to share the status of their work and the projects they’ve been working on during this next week. You can use Google Calendar to create regular daily meetings that include a Meet component for more efficient planning.

    Sales demos

    You could also set up the Google Meet conference call with individuals outside of your organization. You can connect to a live demonstration if your customer has an active Gmail account. Utilize Google Meet to share your screen to walk through your presentation and also share links with customers through chat. Chat bar.

    All-company meetings

    Do you need to get together with your 100+ employees all at once? Hold monthly all-company meetings to inform your employees about your company’s performance, recognize wins and make plans for the near future. Google Meet allows you to muffle all attendees and utilize the hand-raising features for more planned questions and answers.

    Investor presentations

    There’s no need for Google issues with your teleconference when trying to convince a group of prospective investors. The good news is that Google Meet will help to present your best self. You can customize the Meet layout to concentrate on the speaker and their screen. The Meet will also block background noises, such as when you are waiting for the Amazon delivery man calls your doorbell, and you’ll make an excellent impression.


    How to Set Up and Use Google Meet| Ultimate Guide for 2022 7

    There is no need to purchase “webinar software” like GoToMeeting to conduct webinars. You can hold a webinar directly within Google Meet as an official Google company. Request attendees to sign-up through your website in the same way as they normally do. After confirming their registration, you will provide them with a link to a live Google Meet conference call live stream. In Google Meet Enterprise, attendees can join in and ask questions to create an interactive webinar experience.


    It’s possible to take on the new hires remotely; however, you’ll have to teach your employees via a Google Meet conference call instead of in person. You can share your screen, include materials in the chat and then record the training so that employees can refer to the information later.

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