Use Pinterest For Business To Rocket Your Business Growth in 2022

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    Using Pinterest for business is a great option to show off the products and services offered, as Pinterest is often an information source for many people who are preparing to purchase.

    With 40 percent of Pinterest users earning an annual household earning more than $100k, This is a massive user base with a strong spending capacity that is waiting to be exposed to your company!

    What’s Pinterest marketing?

    Pinterest marketing refers to a series of methods that integrate Pinterest into your company’s larger marketing plan for social media to connect with new audiences and raise awareness about your products and brands.

    Based on The Pinterest Business Social Media Marketing, marketers on social media make use of the platform:

    Find a new audience and increase your online presence.

    Bring more customers to your site and online shop.

    Promote conversions, such as subscriptions to newsletters and ticket sales, or even purchase.

    That is to say, using Pinterest to promote your business can allow your brand to be seen by a wide range of potential customers and earn money.

    Why Use Pinterest for Business?

    Pinterest is a network of social networks which allows people to discover ideas and inspiration to pursue their hobbies and interests.

    Every thought is represented in the term Pin, which is an image that is searched for and is saved from being saved by Pinterest users. Pinterest pins can also be linked back to websites. This is the reason Pinterest is an excellent tool for increasing visitors and sales.

    Most importantly, for businesses, The Pins allow people to get more information about the products they’re interested in purchasing.

    If you are using Pinterest to promote your commercial purposes, make sure to include the URL of your website in every Pin. This could be a blog article or an online store, or even a website for your company.

    If you compare Pinterest against Instagram, the capability to quickly add links is the thing that makes Pinterest against Instagram a successful marketing strategy.

    Linking to Pins can make it easy for the Pinterest user to learn details concerning the Pin that has been a hit and, in the future, to purchase.

    Pinterest is the driving force behind 3.8 % more transactions than other websites. 87 % of Pinners have bought a product due to Pinterest.

    However, even with the number of users who are 200 million per day, Pinterest may not be the most powerful social media platform in comparison with Facebook and Instagram users. It’s why it’s essential to examine the people who use Pinterest and determine whether this audience is similar to your company’s target market!

    Pinterest For Business
    Use Pinterest For Business To Rocket Your Business Growth in 2022 8

    How to use Pinterest for business: 8 tips and tricks    

    1. Create a Pinterest marketing strategy

    Setting Goals that are SMART (Specific goals that are Measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound). Alongside building popularity on Pinterest, Do you expect that it will increase traffic to your site and boost sales for a particular product or increase signups for an event?

    • Understanding how to improve the overall Pinterest user base and the demographic that will most likely make use of this channel.
    • Understanding your company’s Pinterest intended audience.
    • Consider what your competition is taking part in on the social platform.
    • Plan and incorporate on-brand content to Pinterest in the Social media calendar of content.
    • After you’ve developed a clearly defined plan, you can start to work towards your objectives.

    2. Pin engaging, captivating content

    Pinterest is a platform for visuals making it a great choice for business. Using it to grow your business requires quality, appealing and engaging content that you can publish.

    Vertical images. Research shows that the majority of people use Pinterest using mobile. Try to get a 2:1 aspect ratio so that you don’t end with a crooked image that looks awkward.

    Take into consideration the quality of your video and image. You want to keep your video from pixelation. Therefore, you should choose the best quality video, and image Pinterest suggests.

    Descriptions. Good descriptions can assist in SEO improvement and provide an extra dimension to your photos, and make it easier for users to click hyperlinks.

    The text overlay. Consider including a headline to reinforce your message visually.

    Delicious branding. If it makes sense for your company and is compatible with the Pinterest plan of marketing, then include your logo into your Pins so that your brand does not disappear in the Repin crowd.

    Check that your links are working. Broken links won’t help your brand! Be sure that the link that contains your Pin doesn’t redirect users to a 404 page and that it loads fast to provide Pinners, the best experience for users.

    3. Try different Pin formats    

    Pinterest is a photo-sharing website. It’s not all about images.

    Make it fun! Pin videos that inspire Pinners to purchase from your online store or add more than one image to a Pin in order to make the appearance of a carousel.

    For instance, Nike uses video to market its products:

    Pinterest For Business
    Use Pinterest For Business To Rocket Your Business Growth in 2022 9

    Carousels to display many different products in one Pin:

    However, even though the majority percent of Pinners discover the latest brand or product through Pinterest, Think beyond buying and actively advertising your company’s image.

    Pinners are also on Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration, with over the majority of Pinners admitting that they use Pinterest to kick off an idea for a new venture. Think about posting tutorials and inspiration boards to engage your followers with entertaining and informative information.

    For instance, Nespresso pins step-by-step content to help engage Pinners with its brand

    4. Carefully plan your boards    

    Since 97 percent of Pinterest searches are not branded, the boards you create for your company can be a great way to get in front of new Pinners who are interested in particular topics or learning something specific.

    Pinterest For Business
    Source- Hootsuite

    For instance, the boards of Oreo contain Pins that offer inspiration for the coming holidays, such as the Spooky Sugary Halloween boards and Holidays with Oreo board -along with recipes, such as the Oreo cupcakes board and Oreo Cookie Balls boards.

    5. Optimize your Pins for SEO    

    Pinterest is a search engine; therefore, make sure that your company’s Pins can be found through a search! Use keywords within your Pins description as well as on boards and hashtags.

    Rich Pinterest is designed to share new content on your website’s behalf. Eliminating duplicate content can improve your company’s SEO on Pinterest.

    6. Try out different Pinterest ads    

    Another method of marketing your company one of the most effective ways to promote your business on Pinterest is to use ads. Pinterest lets advertisers target advertisements around the keywords, interests, locations, age, and other criteria and categories.

    A detailed audience targeting feature lets advertisers target particular segments of Pinterest users, which includes:

    Visitors to your site.

    People who have been engaged by your Pins.

    People who have been involved in similar ways via the website.

    A custom list of people, for example, those who sign up for your newsletter.

    7. Track the metrics    

    An effective Pinterest marketing plan is based on data. That is, monitoring, measuring, and analyzing the most important Pinterest metrics, and user behavior assists social media managers in determining which content is most effective and which content is less stimulating.

    8. Promote your Pinterest profile    

    Also, ensure that your loyal followers on other platforms know that you’re engaged on Pinterest. Advertise the profile of your Pinterest profile:

    • Through linking directly to the Pinterest page on your company’s website.
    • Include the hyperlink in your email signature.
    • Promoting the Pinterest business account to other social media channels.
    • Incorporating the news of Pinterest’s Pinterest account in a newsletter for companies.

    How to set up a Pinterest account    

    1. Begin by creating an account

    Pinterest For Business
    Source- Hootsuite

    Visit and click signup.

    2: Navigate to the bottom of the pop-up

    Pinterest For Business
    Source- Hootsuite

    And then click Start here!

    Step 3: Fill in your details.

    Pinterest For Business
    Source- Hootsuite

    Include your professional email address along with your age. Then, make a secure password. Check that the email you’re adding to isn’t linked to another Pinterest account. After that, you can click to create an account.

    4. Fill in the necessary fields to create your profile as a business

    Pinterest For Business
    Source- Hootsuite

    It will ask you to input your company’s name, its location, and language. Then, click Next.

    5. Explain your company

    Choose the most appropriate description that describes what your company does, and then add a link to your site.

    You’re now ready to begin Pinning and advertising!

    How to set up an account if you have a private Pinterest profile    

    1: Sign in to your private Pinterest account and go to Settings.

    Find the link by clicking that last option (a simple Arrow icon) located in the upper right-hand menu. It will open a drop-down menu. Then, click Settings.

    2. Click Account Settings from the left-hand menu

    3. Scroll to Changes to Account

    Click to Convert your account under section Convert to an account for the business section.

    4. Fill your company’s details

    You’ll be asked to include your company’s name, the language of your business, and its location. Also, you’ll be asked to select the most appropriate description that matches the services you offer and then add a link to your website.

    Another option is linking an account for business on a Pinterest corporate account with your personal account. To do this, select to add an account after selecting settings when you are logged in to your account for personal use:

    Click Create under Create a business account:

     After you’ve created an account linked to your Pinterest business account, Follow the same steps as before, including your company’s name, name, location, language, as well as a description of your business and the URL of your website.

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