URL shortener Guide: 8 Best URL Shortener Online

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    URL shortener generate URLs that are easy to share. Additionally, they allow small companies to monitor marketing and other traffic campaigns. In this article, you’ll be taught about URL shorteners and how to select their uses, , and our suggestions for 8 top URL shorteners to aid you in managing your company’s online presence.

    What is a URL shortener?

    An URL shortener is a web-based application that reduces your URL’s size (Uniform Resource Locator). The concept is to cut down the address of your web page to something easier to remember and keep track of.

    There are a variety of URL shorteners available at present, such as, Goog.le, and The URL shortening option will preserve the link between your new link and the initial URL. So, anyone who clicks on your new link will be directed to the original URL.

    What to look for in a URL shortener tool

    Click tracking and Analytics. 

    If you share an article from another blog with your readers such as, for instance, it won’t be able to tell about the number of people and who clicks through. All the information will be stored in that individual’s Google Analytics account. If you opt to use an URL shortener, you’ll get a distinct short URL and will be able to see how many clicks your link receives, from where they’re coming from, and what devices are being used by users.

     Like most marketing solutions, the more precise and robust these analytics can be, the more expensive. Free options typically include simple click-tracking (although there’s usually an expiration date); however, premium options for marketing will gather as much information as possible and can even provide different URLs to users in different locations or on different devices.

    Customization of URLs. 

    The top URL shorteners let you customize your URLs that are shortened. This means that you can tailor them more relevant or utilize multiple links in different advertisements and social media posts to evaluate click-through rates. Many basic or free plans for a short link generator only let you change the last part of the URL (s, while this will allow you to create a custom domain (so you get homes. ls/best).

    Standalone application. 

    There are a variety of URL shortening alternatives available. We narrowed our search to simple-to-setup, standalone services. There are self-hosted versions, such as The Polar and YOURLS, which, though affordable and effective, require a lot of technical expertise to recommend. There are additionally URL shorteners integrated into other applications we did not consider.

    For instance, is fully integrated with Hootsuite, and most newsletter providers have some form of URL shortening and/or tracking. However, we didn’t consider apps such as Shor. that use a single updatable URL to overcome the limitations of a social media profile on the number of hyperlinks that can be included on your profile. This isn’t to say that these apps aren’t worth it; however, they go above what people typically need a URL shortener tool to accomplish.

    Value for money.

    I was particularly interested in pricing tables and the features the short URL generators could offer at different levels. The free plans can be superior to other apps’ premium plans, at the very least, when you don’t need thorough data.

    8 Best URL shortener for 2022


    url shortener
    branded url shortener tool helps you shorten your URL, personalize it, and share fully-branded ShortURLs with your customers.

    Pricing: Cost is Free Plans with premium features( $15 monthly $150 per month)

    Custom Domain: Yes

    Pixel Tracking: Yes

    2. Facebook URL Shortener

    Facebook automatically rewrites its URLs with random numbers and letters; you can manually make it happen for pages by changing “” with e.g., to

    3. Bitly

    url shortener
    URL shortener Guide: 8 Best URL Shortener Online 4

    Bitly is an effective (and well-known) tool for shortening URLs.

    This free option lets you make shorter links using your domain’s name, whereas the premium service allows you to use your domain name.

    Bitly offers features such as link retargeting when you pay for the version. In addition, you can monitor specific links and view the relevant statistics from your Dashboard. It also tracks the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in a particular location.

    4. Rebrandly

    Rebrandly is the most reputable link management platform that allows you to identify, track, and share URLs with short URLs. This free, custom URL shortener tool includes options like custom statistics, traffic routing, link retargeting, deep linking Onboarding, account management, and more.

    • Price: Free + Premium Plans
    • Custom Domain: Yes
    • AB Testing: No
    • Pixel Tracking: No

    5. TinyURL

    url shortener
    free custom url shortener

    TinyURL is the most efficient URL shortening tool to use anonymously. You can alter the URL string to appear in your shortened URL.

    For example, you could create rather than something random like

    TinyURL has no identifying information, and you don’t need to sign up for an account. However, the downside is that it does not offer an analytics feature or any other sophisticated features.

    6. is a service with both cons and pros. The best part is that you earn money every time people visit the short URL. Payments are made through Alertpay and PayPal when you reach $5. However, the downside is that an advertisement of five seconds is displayed before the URL can reach its primary page. After five minutes, you can select “Skip add,” and the main page will be displayed. If you’re looking to eliminate advertisements that run for 5 seconds, the four other URL shorteners would be better.

    7. ClickMeter

    ClickMeter lets you monitor the performance and compare and optimize different types of marketing hyperlinks in one location to increase the rate of conversion. It assists you in directing those who visit your site to ensure the highest conversion rates. It also lets you detect broken links and blacklists. It also helps you identify click fraud, blacklists as well as latency.

    8. is undoubtedly the top URL shortening service operated by Google, the world’s largest search engine. Simply type in the URL you wish to reduce, and in just a few seconds, the URL will be displayed. When the URL is generated when you log in to the account of your Google account, you’ll have the option of creating a record of your short URLs. The advantage of using the website is that it displays the information about the short URLs, such as how many times the URL was visited, the user’s profile, referrer to the click, and so on.

    How do you use URL shorteners in your advertising

    • Include a shortened URL to your video.
    • Create memorable links with the use of a customized short domain
    • Keep track of all clicks, and observe how the clicks alter over time.
    • Make a customized click.

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