The Ultimate Guide to Upwork: How to Get Paid More in 2022

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    Today, the freelancers add $1.4 trillion to the US economy by themselves and are an enormous economic impact across the globe. Moreover, the number of freelancers is increasing steadily, especially since the spread of the pandemic that has forced people to their homes.

    Freelancing platforms facilitate connections between freelancers and clients and often offer secure payment options, client-specific managers for projects, and more. Compared to other freelancing websites, Upwork is arguably one of the most well-known websites.

    This article will analyze reviews of Upwork from freelancers and employers to enable you to see each side of the story. You can also decide whether the platform is appropriate for your needs.

    What is Upwork?

    The marketplace Upwork provides caters to freelancers who work in areas such as graphic design, writing, as well as web design. The platform lets professionals search for projects, communicate with customers, and receive payment.

    If you’re a beginner freelancer or in a field that isn’t your first, you’ll gain invaluable experience without contacting clients coldly. The site is brimming with newbies that are prepared to accept the work at a lower price that could impact the potential earnings of your clients.

    Overall It’s a breeze to find work and earn more money. However, you must think carefully about the gigs you’d like to submit your application for. Check our guide on managing your money when you are a freelancer for tips on how you can manage the new income after it has started to flow into your account.

    is upwork worth it

    How much can you earn on Upwork?

    It’s a highly discussed topic with Upwork’s freelancers. When you’ve set your price and then decide to set it, you’ll likely be able to adhere to it for the long haul. However, because of the extreme rate of change in Upwork’s bidding system, you’ll be competing against hundreds of freelancers who also submitted bids for the project. Therefore, it is likely that you’ll need to lower your rates to compete and get projects.

    earn on Upwork

    Additionally, Upwork gets an amount from the earnings you earn – 20 % (first $500) for each client, then 10 percent (until $1000), and 5 % (all earnings over $10000).

    Because of its wide number of users, it’s difficult to estimate the amount a freelancer could earn through Upwork. Certain freelancers struggle to break even from the cost of bidding on projects of various kinds, and others earn more than $60,000 per year from Upwork.

    Upwork pros and cons


    Most well-known freelance platform

    The Upwork website is likely the first destination people visit when looking to hire freelancers. A top option to many. This site attracts the top and shady freelancers from every field.

    As per the Upwork Wikipedia page, the company has more than 5 million registered clients’ accounts and more than 12 million active freelancers. Insane!

    A huge range of talents

    Anyone you’re looking to hire freelance copywriters, virtual assistants, financial or marketing expert developers, lawyers, designers — freelancers from Upwork are available in all forms, sizes, and types of professions. In addition, there are reviews from those who have created their entire teams using individuals they’ve met on the platform. This is a good sign that Upwork is legitimate for those looking to have all services in one place.

    Lower costs

    As we’ve mentioned, the bidding system permits freelancers to compete to win orders they receive through the Upwork proposals they make to clients with projects they’re interested in. In addition, since there aren’t limitations on the hourly rate, freelancers can decide which bids to submit themselves.

    A few of them compete by damping, which usually lowers the price range available on the platform. However, this also renders it difficult to obtain work from Upwork for freelancers with more experience.

    Payment protection

    Each payment made through Upwork is processed by Escrow. After you have agreed to the entire conditions of the contract with the freelancer that you’ve decided to work with, and you are ready to work with them, you’ll be paid. However, the funds will be kept in the intermediary’s account until your freelancer completes the whole task or submits a report on the milestones, and you can approve the work to be “done.”

    Then, the payment is transferred to the worker. In the event of a catastrophe, should the person you’ve chosen to hire doesn’t meet your expectations or not meet the standards you’ve specified, you may reject the project and get your money back.


    No serious vetting process

    There isn’t a strict screening procedure. This makes joining the platform pretty accessible to anyone, regardless of their skill level. But customers using the platform are overwhelmed with lots of low-quality proposals every time they submit a job.

    A huge time investment is needed to find top talent.

    Since there’s no screening procedure and no way to assess the quality of talent is up to the customer and can become overwhelming quickly.

    low project success rates

    In the case of software development projects, the client must have an accurate knowledge of the contractor’s skill set and experience to determine their suitability for the task. In the absence of this, customers often aren’t able to make a good choice, which can result in a lower project success rate.

    Poor customer support

    The support provided by Upwork has been heavily criticized frequently on various platforms that feature Upwork reviews. Many customers have complained about the ineffective response times and inability to address issues. Additionally, their community forum moderators are spotted intimidating freelancers in their complaints.

    Is Upwork Legit?

    Yes, Upwork is a legitimate and secure business. It has been the mainstay of many freelancers over the years. The platform has taken great precautions to ensure the security of both the clients as well as the freelancers.

    Upwork offers Trust and Safety programs that protect the interests of all the parties involved. In addition, The Hourly Payment Protection feature ensures that freelancers paid hourly receive their money on time.

    How to Get a Great Job on Upwork?

    Although we all know that when you apply for an employment opportunity, you have to create a compelling proposal that will entice a prospective client, there are a few strategies that could make a difference using this website:

    Most proposals on Upwork will require you to respond to one or more “additional questions’ once you’ve written the Cover Letter. Don’t be frightened by these questions; don’t view them as a last-minute addition. They’re the first thing potential clients see upon receiving your proposal. After that, the cover letter is the last thing to be seen.

    Make a unique proposition and cover letter that addresses issues raised by the client. Do not be generic. You may be the least skilled freelancer to get a job and a costly bidder; however, if you make an effort to comprehend your client’s needs and express them clearly when you present your proposals, you’ll get the job.

    Do not forget to look at yourself like a professional in your Upwork profile. There’s much more, more than simply the words you type. Upload a professional and professional image of yourself. Use sites such as Photofeeler to see how skilled and influential you appear. While uploading a photo to Your Upwork page is not required, it will have an impact.

    Your hourly rates must be competitive, but you shouldn’t offer yourself for cheap. Check out other profiles of freelancers on Upwork to discover the hourly rate for your skills. Find out the amount you’d be paid in a traditional office setting for the same job.

    Instead of searching for work using filters and keywords, look at the headlines for all jobs available in your field. When you come across some intriguing headlines, dig a little deeper. Keyword filters don’t perform well on Upwork, and sometimes potential clients do not identify good projects in a precise manner.

    Upwork allows you to take qualifying tests to demonstrate proficiency in a particular area. Only take tests that make a difference to prospective clients in your field of knowledge. If you initially scored below the standard in certain tests, you should remove them from your profile until you can retake the test and increase your score.

    You must research your client to ensure that you’re a good match. Talk to the client as you interview them to ensure that you know what they’re searching for. Don’t sign up for the job if you don’t think it will be a good fit.

    Additionally, Upwork

    Upwork vs. Fiverr

    upwork freelancers

    Fiverr is another marketplace for freelancers that is up there with Upwork for the number of opportunities and popularity.

    There are many aspects in which they are remarkably similar. For example, they both seek to connect freelancers and clients and to streamline the entire process, from the initial contact to delivery of project deliverables to payment and communications.

    The two companies, Fiverr and Upwork, accept 20% of payments; although Upwork offers a sliding scale and both restrict the number of jobs you can apply to, whether via an expense (Connects) or the case of Fiverr, there is a limit.

    Fiverr is beginning to differentiate itself from Upwork by being more passive for freelancers in the pre-contract stage.

    I mean that freelancers (called “sellers” on the website) create different service packages and then just wait for clients.

    While freelancers who work on Upwork spend much more time seeking jobs they enjoy and submitting proposals.

    There’s a section available where freelancers can also browse and submit applications to Fiverr, but it’s much smaller and not as popular. Additionally, Fiverr limits you, so you can only apply for 10 jobs per day.

    On the surface, they are both well-known for their competitive nature but offer a wide range of opportunities for freelancers looking to earn money from various sectors.


    Despite the competition and costs, the sheer number of opportunities makes Upwork an ideal platform for experts and beginners to earn money and build their businesses online.

    It will indeed take some time to master it; however, freelance work involves work–just at your own pace.

    With Upwork, you’ll have the chance to make legitimate connections from the beginning, build an account, and then take the reigns on how much money you’d like to earn.

    It’s the result of your efforts, So if you’re willing to work hard and get it to work for you, then I believe it’s certainly worth trying out.

    That’s it. I hope this article will give you a clear understanding of how the website functions and help you figure out whether it’s a suitable choice.

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