10 Crazy Strategies for Upselling Your Ecommerce Customers

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    10 Crazy Strategies for Upselling Your Ecommerce Customers

    Every online business needs an effective sales strategy to increase profits and growth. Experts in eCommerce from around the world search for innovative sales strategies to increase revenue.

    We know it is much easier to market and sell to our existing customers than find new ones. This is the very reason that forms the foundation for eCommerce upselling.

    eCommerce upselling is possibly the most effective sales technique available to boost the number of conversions and revenues.

    In 2006. Amazon announced it had reported that a 35 % of its revenue was the direct result of cross-sales and upsells.

    If you’re looking to boost your online sales and don’t have an upselling test program in place, you have to look at this.

    upselling and cross selling techniques

    What Is Upselling?

    The practice of upselling is designed to persuade customers to purchase an expensive, more advanced, or superior version of a product or other accessories to make more sales. Businesses selling eCommerce often mix cross-selling and upselling methods to boost the value of their orders and maximize profits.

    What is ecommerce upselling?

    It is the process of providing your customers with the option of a higher quality (more expensive) item once they have added an item to their cart or go to your checkout site (i.e., “Upselling” them to buy more and increasing the value of your order).

    Here’s a picture:


    If someone clicks on a package of coffee for sale, the seller can increase the coffee or “upsell” them to a bigger coffee package at the cost of just $3. It’s an upsell.

    What is the difference between cross selling and upselling ?

    For eCommerce, both methods increase revenues by increasing how much time a customer spends on your business.


    examples of upselling and cross selling

    Cross-selling is the process of identifying products that meet the needs of other customers which are not fulfilled by the item that was originally purchased. For instance, a comb can be offered to a client buying a blow dryer. Cross-selling often directs customers toward products they might normally have bought, and by displaying them at the appropriate time, stores ensure that they can make the purchase.


    Comparison charts are often employed to promote higher-end products to consumers. Informing customers that different versions or models are more suitable for their requirements will increase AOV and ensure that customers leave more content with the purchase. In addition, successful upselling businesses have a great chance of making customers aware of the benefits they’ll get from purchasing a more expensive item.

    Upselling and cross-selling are alike because both focus on offering additional value to customers rather than limiting the products they are already familiar with. In addition, both of them have the aim of the business to improve the value of an order and let customers know about other alternatives to products that they might not be aware of. The secret to success in both instances is to comprehend what your customers are looking for and respond to their needs with features and products that meet them.

    10 Best Upselling Strategies for Ecommerce Store

    1. Offer A Side-By-Side Comparison of an Alternative


    Let’s begin with something that is the most basic, a quick analysis of various products.

    The aim is to inform customers concisely that a different product is superior to the one they initially sought.

    Spotify is a perfect example of this, with its free and premium version breakdowns.

    Before deciding to go with “Spotify Free,” customers will be presented with a side-by-side comparison to “Spotify Premium.”

    A glance and you’ll be aware of the additional features you get when you shell the $9.99 each month to “Spotify Premium.”

    It’s free of ads and offers unlimited skips, offline listening, and many more features.

    It’s enough to entice some customers to opt for the premium option instead of the free one, particularly true music lovers.

    2. More features

    You could also sell additional features if you’re selling a device such as a smartphone, smartphone, external drive, or another similar electronic device. Again, customers will pay more when they believe they’re getting top-quality features.

    Smartphones are a fantastic example of this kind of upselling. Since Steve Jobs released the iPhone 4S -the first device to have the Siri add-on, Pandora’s box of upselling opened, and it would never be shut.

    3. More storage

    Another method to increase sales is to increase the storage of data. People are obsessed with storing data, whether photos, videos, or apps. Your customers will not have any problem paying an additional 10 % or 20 % if they can store more data on their devices. Apple also sells storage upgrades through its MacBooks.

    4. Give a range of options

    Selling a single product will not produce any significant outcomes. It is important to offer various options for customers to choose the option they’d like to purchase. The combination of upselling and cross-selling is a good way of increasing your company’s revenue.

    For example, you could offer an upgrade version of your landing page. You can also cross-sell other items on the checkout page. It can help customers add more items to their shopping carts and check out. Instead of looking through the entire online store, it is simpler for customers to select from the available options at checkout.

    upselling tactics

    5. Always Be Transparent with Pricing 

    One of the most important things you should accomplish when selling to your customer is to be as clear as possible about the price breakdown. If you’re selling something, it is essential to give a thorough explanation to your client about the benefits they will be getting through a breakdown of the characteristics of the different options available.

    6. Use Upselling Ecommerce Tools

    Even if you’re proficient in how to program, it’s far more efficient to make use of in-place tools to perform your upselling. In addition, it takes less time and, in some cases, less money to set up a functioning tool from the beginning.

    The way in which an upselling tool operates is easy. It will allow you to make cross-sell and upsell offers and place them on the cart page, product pages, or even in emails.

    Furthermore, they can offer highly-personalized recommendations to customers according to their activities and purchasing habits. This is nearly impossible to achieve manually on a large scale.

    7. Place Your Upsells in The Right Channels

    You now know which products to sell. It is important to decide which areas to place the upsells.

    Your success will depend on the place you position your products. Likewise, the way you’ll attempt to present your offer will depend on whether your client has purchased a product, added it to their shopping carts, or is simply looking through your catalogs.

    The most appropriate places to include offers are:

    • In the shopping cart, the moment your customer is about to complete a purchase.
    • On the product pages, when customers are searching for the most affordable price.
    • Email sequences offer discounts and recommend items based on the customer’s shopping past. It is possible to send these emails weeks or months later when the client may be inclined to buy the same item again.
    • Out-of-stock product pages. Instead of disappointing your potential customers and causing them to be disappointed, you can direct them to a higher-value purchase.

    8. Make-upselling is a simple procedure.

    You can increase the value of your upsells by making it simple for customers to add the products to their carts when making their first purchase. For instance, If a buyer is looking to buy laptops on the ecom store, display the more advanced configuration options and prices. With a single click, customers will be able to modify their configuration and take a look.

    In essence, the process must be simple for customers to select the upsell. If you add more steps required to upsell an item, your chances of converting will be minimal. Also, make sure you are clear about the details of the upsell you offer. This will help the buyer make an informed decision.

    9. Leverage Social Proof to Convince Buyers


    Humans are awestruck by confirmation. Social proof plays an essential role in making it easier to take actions that we’d normally be reluctant to consider. For example, if you are planning to sell an upsell, using social proof is a fantastic option to get a client to purchase from you.

    Amazon is the market leader in E-commerce, has this done well:

    They will also let you know the content that other customers have seen. There’s no doubt that people will click on these hyperlinks.

    10. Focus on Repeat Customers

    This is five times more simple to pitch an existing customer than to a new one.

    The reason is that New customers don’t trust you enough to pay too much cash on their first purchase with you.

    However, the customers you already have are aware that your brand is trustworthy, and they’re not afraid to spend more money if they’ve had a previous experience that was positive. This is a form of trust that potential customers do not have.

    When you are trying to get the most value from your upsells, ensure not to put too high pressure on your customers, or you could lose the opportunity.


    These are the most efficient upselling strategies that you can employ. It is possible to incorporate these tips for upselling into your site, and you’ll notice positive shifts in the behavior of customers making products, which means that you will earn more revenue.

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