Unlocking the Power of Amazon Business: Your Gateway to B2B Success

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    Amazon is a go-to platform for online sellers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, offering opportunities for all skill levels and business sizes. Whether you are an experienced or newbie online seller, Amazon welcomes everyone to its platform. 

    In addition to reselling and private label, Amazon Business is also a significant program. 

    Overview of the Amazon Business Accounts

    Amazon launched Amazon Business in 2015 to serve as a B2B marketplace catering to the bulk purchasing needs of businesses and organizations, particularly in office supplies and other goods. With nearly a decade of operation, Amazon Business has reshaped the way business customers approach procurement. 

    Today, it stands as one of the world’s largest B2B platforms, serving individual proprietors to large enterprises, including hospitals, universities, government agencies, and more. To participate in the Amazon Business marketplace, sellers must enrol in the Amazon Business Seller Program. 

    Designed to help businesses expand their sales on Amazon, the Business Seller Program offers strategic features to unlock your business’s potential and drive growth. Amazon Business sellers can leverage these resources to tap into the B2B market effectively, meeting the unique needs of registered business customers. 

    Top Reasons to Sell on Amazon Business

    Amazon attracts millions of business customers worldwide, offering substantial advantages to small businesses, distributors, and larger organizations due to its established brand. For those aiming to expand their online presence and explore B2B eCommerce, Amazon Business is a convenient starting point, particularly when considering the following reasons:

    1. Vast Customer Base

    Amazon Business is a highly recommended platform because of its vast client base. In April 2023, Amazon shared that Amazon Business enjoys over 6 million business customers, including ninety-six Fortune 100 companies.

    2.Rapid Market Growth 

    Amazon Business has been growing rapidly since its launch in 2015, generating $1 billion in sales in its first year. The projected B2B eCommerce opportunity is estimated at 1.2 trillion. Additionally, the platform is anticipated to reach a value of 59 billion U.S. dollars in products purchased by 2025, with a market share growth rate of 2.4 percent.

    3.Advanced Technology & Integration

    Beyond its extensive customer base and rapid growth, Amazon Business offers advanced tools and features to assist businesses in effectively overseeing their Amazon Business endeavors. Some of these features, designed to improve product promotion and boost sales, include Quote Requests, Enhanced Product Content, Profile Display Quality & Diversity Certifications Editor, and Pricing Customization Tools.

    Moreover, Amazon Business also facilitates the use of third-party seller tools. A good example of this compatibility is the integration of an AI business repricer for automatic price adjustments. Amazon further assists business sellers in streamlining their operations by integrating over 100 payment, procurement, and ERP systems, thereby minimizing manual tasks and expenses.

    Brief Guide to Help You Start Selling on Amazon Business

    To start selling on Amazon business, you will need first to enroll as a Professional seller on If you’re already an Amazon seller, you should then integrate Amazon Business features through Seller Central. 

    Keep in mind that the Amazon Business Seller Program is exclusive to Professional sellers meeting specific criteria and performance standards. Eligibility is determined through a thorough evaluation of performance history. However, if you are initially deemed ineligible, you can still request a review for a potential exception.

    After enrolling in the Amazon Business program, it is vital to create an Amazon business account profile through the Profile Editor. This step is crucial for highlighting pertinent credentials and certifications. Following this, you can utilize the Amazon Business Central listing tool to set up your Amazon Business products. Once your products are listed, you can start selling and promoting them to Amazon business customers.

    Fulfillment Options for Your Amazon Business 

    When selling on Amazon Business, you can choose from three order fulfillment options to help you effectively handle customer purchases.

    1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): This option is a popular choice among Amazon resellers, and it is likewise available for Amazon Business sellers. It involves Amazon handling order fulfillment for business customers using its advanced fulfillment centers.

    2. Merchant Fulfillment: Fulfill orders directly from your own warehouse or business center, following Amazon’s packaging requirements to ensure seamless order fulfillment.

    3. Hybrid Approach: This strategy combines both FBA and Merchant Fulfillment. You have the flexibility to use Amazon FBA for shipping specific products while opting for the Merchant Fulfillment method for others. 

    What Is Business Pricing?

    Amazon describes business pricing as discounted rates compared to retail prices, encouraging bulk purchases while ensuring business prices do not surpass the retail or consumer price. 

    These prices are visible exclusively to registered Amazon Business buyers, avoiding confusion for retail shoppers. Although the listing is accessible to retail shoppers, they cannot view the business pricing; retail shoppers only see the consumer price.

    Just like Amazon resellers, Amazon Business sellers can also benefit from utilizing a repricing software. This not only enhances their pricing strategy but also helps in gaining a competitive edge.

    The Amazon Business Repricer

    Amazon Business sellers need effective pricing and tiered discounts to keep listing prices below consumer prices. Recognizing this, Seller Snap introduced the world’s first AI Business Repricer tailored for Amazon Business sellers. 

    Designed for Amazon Business sellers, the AI Amazon Business repricer uses advanced algorithms for automated price adjustments, distinguishing it from manual and rule-based repricers. Learn more about this AI repricer for Amazon Business –

    Win the Business Buy Box: Leveraging the latest data from Amazon’s SP API, Seller Snap competes dynamically for the Business Buy Box and explores opportunities in quantity discounts, or a combination of both.

    Compete Against the Business Buy Box and All Quantity Discounts: Seller Snap’s algorithm assesses various offers, ensuring your pricing remains competitive against quantity discounts or tiers established by fellow sellers.

    Thriving in the Amazon Business platform requires indispensable seller tools. Needless to say, you can enhance your competitive edge and improve your Amazon Business performance by integrating the AI Business Repricer.

    Start Your Amazon Business Journey Today

    Amazon Business offers an excellent opportunity for small businesses and larger corporations to participate in B2B eCommerce. If you intend to expand your presence on Amazon while meeting the global needs of business customers, you should consider joining the rapidly growing Amazon Business platform. Enroll in Amazon Business today!

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