400+ Catchy and Unique Store Name Ideas

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    Coming up with a store name idea for your online business might seem like a pretty simple task, but trust us, it isn’t always easy. In fact, it can take days to come up with a name for your business. That’s because most entrepreneurs have high expectations for their businesses. They want their business name to be instantly recognizable and to leave a lasting memory on their shoppers.

    Essentially, they want their business name to be perfect. And perfection is rarely simple. But, seriously, choosing a name for your business is a lot easier when you’ve got some tips & tricks from experienced entrepreneurs who can guide you in the right direction.

    And that’s exactly why we’ve created this post – we’re going to show you exactly how to come up with the perfect name for your store. So grab your thinking hat and read through our list of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing a name for your online business.

    Your Store Name should be synonymous with your Brand

    Whatever name you choose, the domain name you choose must be compatible with your branding and the overall aesthetic of your site. In general, this means that you should select an appropriate domain name identical to the name of your business. For instance, you wouldn’t wish for someone to type and then be directed to a website that sells nail polish that has a large logo reading “Perfectly Polished.” That scenario may seem extreme; however, it does happen, and when it happens causes customers to lose faith in your brand. And, if a consumer doubts the credibility of your brand, they’ll never purchase. It’s that simple.

    Here’s an excellent real-world instance that I was told by Liam Garcia, an account manager for our mid-market brands at Bigcommerce: “Did you know “Fallas” is an outlet thrift store in the U.S. that translates to “Failures” in Spanish? The proportion of Spanish customers who visit the store is extremely low, simply because of the name. Already, they’ve lost a large portion of their potential international customer base!”

    Therefore, when selecting a domain that is in line with your brand should be considered, continue reading to avoid issues with SEO or naming conventions.

    Keep it Short

    You should think about how you’ll be able to promote your website in the near future. Selecting a domain name which you will build a company is an investment that will last for a long time. Think about how you will make use of this domain name for months or even decades from now. When you look at the top brands, you’ll see that the shorter your name is, the more memorable. The more concise your name, the more memorable. The less your name is more affordable it is to create it and print it on paper. There are numerous advantages to using a short name, and some are difficult to determine.

    How do you cut down the number of characters, then particularly if your brand name is “The Best Bunches of Botanicals?” It is best to eliminate all unnecessary language. For the most part, this includes words like “the” and “my.” Ideally, you’d produce a site domain like this: The domain name you choose to use can be as long as 67 characters. Make sure it is not more than 20.

    NOTE: Many stores also buy extensions common to their domains to safeguard the brand’s name, which includes those that are .net, .biz, and .co versions of their .com domain. Also, be aware of possible spelling errors and purchase those domains, too. You can redirect these links to your website. This is particularly recommended when your brand is known for its unusual spelling.

    Tap into Linguistic Psychology

    Make sure you use the correct spelling, stay clear of using hyphens. Also, try not to include numerals in the domain’s name. Strange spellings can turn people off. If you don’t have solid brand recognition and brand loyalties (i.e., Nike, Adidas, Osh Kosh B’Gosh), stick with the words that people are familiar with. It’s fun to play on the psychology of language as well. There are sounds in all languages which trigger our brains to connect with either negative or positive emotions. These are known as word connotations. They are able to be positive, negative, or neutral.

    Just having a word with a positive meaning doesn’t mean it has any positive connotations. Think about the controversy around”moist,” for instance, “moist,” for example. Let’s play a game to show how many connotations are woven into our everyday conversations.

    Take a look at the following sentences. Are you able to identify the words with negative connotations?

    1. Bedford is a trendy area, but rentals are low.
    2. On the flight I took on my way to Los Angeles, I sat with this gorgeous, stunning babe. She was stunning.
    3. Every morning, my neighbor walks his dog on a walk. The dog always barks loudly upon going out of the building.
    4. You must be aggressive in your search for an opportunity.
    5. Bob is extremely loud at staff meetings. Bob always has his voice heard.

    When you choose a domain name, This is your chance to think about the way that people can be both aware and unaware of your brand. However, this doesn’t mean that you must choose words that have positive connotations. Take a look at the amazing things Nasty Gal is up to. Both terms have been associated with negative meanings, and the brand capitalizes on these connections to increase loyalty in women who are in their teens and early 20s.

    Choose store names that helps your SEO

    SEO is essential for any online store. It’s how you generate organic (i.e., free) traffic. To increase the SEO of your domain, be relevant, make use of keywords. Also, make sure to utilize subfolders rather than subdomains, as well as ensure you create a plan for naming the blog.

    Store name ideas

    Clothing store name ideas

    Name Idea
    Clothing store
    1. Imchange
    2. Accoutrement
    3. Regalia fashion
    4. Clothing genie
    5. Jeansxidomain
    6. Biknitwear
    7. Blackful
    8. Quadclothing
    9. Clothingia
    10. Linen
    11. Fashionfy
    12. Clothing capital
    13. Clothingancy
    14. Clothingful
    15. Clothing mart
    16. Myclothing
    17. Outfit
    18. Clothingio
    19. Clothing heaven
    20. Clothing land

    Electronic store name ideas

    flat lay photography of circuit board
    Electronic store names
    1. Suselectronics
    2. Semiconductor
    3. Electronicsixa
    4. Contraelectronics
    5. Electronicsary
    6. Oelectronics
    7. Miselectronics
    8. Equipmentless
    9. Hyperconsumer
    10. Electrical Biz
    11. Electronics City
    12. Electronicsor
    13. Myelectronics
    14. Irelectronics
    15. Electronicsous
    16. Hardware Center
    17. Subtech
    18. Allelectronics
    19. Nonelectronics
    20. Obelectronics
    21. Aelectronics
    22. Electronics society
    23. Anaerospace
    24. Iminstrumentation
    25. Semiindustry
    26. Semiconductorvy
    27. Electronicsible
    28. Benelectronic
    29. Electronicsify

    Grocery store name ideas

    yellow and green fruits on white metal rack
    grocery store
    1. Groceryal
    2. Malgrocery
    3. Grocerybox
    4. Obmart
    5. Shopping
    6. Supermarketar
    7. Grocery depot
    8. Shelfio
    9. Grocery travels
    10. Martfy
    11. Market
    12. Supermarket set
    13. Allgrocery
    14. Acgrocery
    15. Grocery home
    16. Grocery studios
    17. Multidelicatessen
    18. Extrashelf
    19. Regrocery
    20. Supermarketible
    21. Shop
    22. Cogrocery
    23. Marketplace
    24. Groceryific
    25. Groceryeon

    Beauty product store name ideas

    black flat screen tv turned on near white wall
    Beauty product store
    1. Beauty Center
    2. Glamor
    3. Beautiful Biz
    4. Beauty Scale
    5. Radiance
    6. Beautyio
    7. Beautyer
    8. Susbeauty
    9. Sweetheartant
    10. Beautyize
    11. Gracegent
    12. Beauty Reviews
    13. Beauty Productions
    14. Serenity
    15. Misbeauty
    16. Disartistry
    17. Beautyive
    18. Beauty Help
    19. Magnificence
    20. Sublimity
    21. Prettiness

    Free Business Name Generator Tools

    1. Wix Business Name Generator

    2. Logo Business Name Generator

    3. Anadea Business Name Generator

    4. Shopify Business Name Generator

    5. NameSnack Business Name Generator

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