Uber-like Trucking App Development for the Transportation Industry Progress

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    The logistics industry is witnessing a worldwide boom due to the fact that many businesses are arising from the ashes. According to the reports by Statista, the global logistics market is expected to reach 13.7 billion dollars by the end of 2027. Seeing this as an opportunity, many firms are developing a pickup truck app like Uber. 

    If you are one of these firms and are looking to develop delivery apps for pickup trucks, we have a piece of great news. In this blog, we have written about how a truck app like Uber makes money, the key features a perfect app should have, and what tech stack needs to be used. 

    If you want to learn about Uber for trucking app development stack in detail, navigate towards the link and see how each tech stack is used in making a perfect app. 

    How can Trucking Company Benefits from Apps

    There are two things that you are app should be able to target. If that is done right, you can see a great amount of success by developing a truck app like Uber. 

    Marketing the pickup truck for hire apps

    Every trucking company out there wants to market the services it is offering. If you develop a truck app, you will be able to market the services in a new way, allowing other firms to use the resources efficiently. 

    Data Security

    Data security is one of the biggest concerns of every truck company out there. The app will be responsible for managing and keeping the data protected. And, if blockchain and AI are integrated, the app encryption will be next level. 

    If you are able to overcome these two common challenges, then you will be touching the sky. But, to reach the sky, you need to understand other things also. 

    Salient Features of a Pickup Truck App like Uber

    Let us introduce to you the section that covers what type of features other trucking apps have. In order to be successful, you need to make sure your apps have these functions. 

    User profiles

    The first feature should be that a driver makes a personal user profile. The feature includes writing a bio, adding a picture, and DOB. Such information will be used while booking the service. Ensure that the interface of a truck app like Uber is easy because not all drivers are tech-savvy.

    Orders and Request List

    Why not add a orders and request list feature to make sure the drivers and customers are able to search for desired options? Every option should have detailed information about the capacity of the truck, goods that can be shipped, dates, quotes, and ETA. 


    There is no point in developing delivery apps for pickup trucks if the drivers don’t know where they are going. That is where the GPS feature comes in. With this, the drivers will mark their final destination. Moreover, the customers will see the exact location of their parcel. Integrate Google Maps API to give access to GPS tracking. 

    Chatting Feature

    It is always convenient to get information about parcels through chats. If you integrate a chatting feature in your truck app like Uber, the customers and drivers will have proper communication, enabling greater efficiency. 

    Trucking Apps Making Money-How?

    There are two ways a trucking app company makes money. They do this by monetizing a model that takes a small percentage of fees. App companies take this percentage from

    • Shippers
    • Drivers

    A small percentage is deducted from the shippers. The fee is calculated using the estimated load of the items being loaded into the truck.

    As for drivers, a small fee is deducted from the driver’s total trips or transactions. 

    These are just some of the options. What you can do is enable Google ads and integrate it with the app. Customers and drivers will be able to see ads from e-commerce companies while you are charging fees for advertising the ads on your app. But, keep in mind, do just what is necessary. No one likes the ads on their apps. 

    Necessary Tech Stack Used in Truck Apps Like Uber

    For any app, the tech stack will be different. The tech stack will also vary if you are launching different features in a single app. However, take a look at what you need to develop this kind of app.

    iOS Stack:



    Android Stack:



    Cross-platform Stack:

    React Native


    Web App Stack: 


    Laravel PHP


    Final Words

    We have tried to cover everything related to a pickup truck app like Uber, and we hope that you will create a perfect trucking app. We wish you future endeavors and success in this business. 

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