How to leverage Graphic Design to grow your business in 2022

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    Graphic design is one method companies can use to connect with consumers. Design is employed to market the products and services, communicate ideas, or create a brand image. While some graphic designs serve the intention of being used for commercial purposes, Graphic design may also be a form of expression and expression. Below we will discuss the types of graphic design and why it’s necessary for business.

    What is graphic design?

    Graphic design involves more than just making images that are pleasing to see. Instead, it’s a method that uses visual language to offer information, communicate ideas, and encourage the viewer to think about different perspectives.

    “Design mediates between people and decisions; whether subtle or overt, design promotes a point of view.”

    Designers can use their skills to increase sales in the form of a marketing campaign, develop characters loved by the public, or develop a practical product that can solve a problem. Likewise, creative professionals use their talents in design to connect to others through their creative work.

    Reasons Why Graphic Design Is Important For Your Business

    01. Increase Sales

    An attractive design can draw the attention of potential buyers. It could attract the product and encourage customers to buy it. If the packaging on your website or retail store is appealing, chances of success are quite high.

    As emotional people, we become easily involved in the things with which we interact on a daily a regular basis. As a result, we form opinions on the authenticity and quality of our interactions.

    Let’s consider the case of Honest Tea that sells organic drinks on the internet. After the company recognized that consumers disliked the company’s image and thought it was bland and flavorless tea, They redesigned its packaging.

    Their brand new packaging proved to their clients that the tea is nutritious and delicious. The outcome of their efforts was awe-inspiring. The company saw a dramatic rise in 64% of sales.

    02. Gain attention

    As the world advances in technology, companies are expanding rapidly. As a result, every business is trying to get clients’ attention using different strategies for marketing.

    However, one of the primary factors that most companies do not pay at is design, which can quickly create an impression and grab the attention of potential customers. For example, suppose you go to a market to purchase stationery for your business. What is the first thing to grab your interest? It’s the style.

    03. Make Brand Name Memorable

    apple logo on glass window
    Make Brand Name Memorable

    Think of brands such as Apple, FedEx, Allpress Expresso, Nike, etc. What makes these brands unique? What do they have in the same? In addition to their products, it’s the unique style of their logos, with an obscure meaning connected to their products.

    A well-designed logo can help you stand out from rivals. Unfortunately, many people believe that the design of a logo is just the act of putting your company’s name into the shape of a square. However, other elements, including typography, color, and more, play important roles in creating a successful logo.

    04. Builds Relationships

    For example, every business strives to leave an impression on its customers, vendors, or investors. Unfortunately, there are many who do not get an opportunity to impress. For instance, you have an e-commerce startup and are looking for an investor for your business.

    In addition to your product, What is the first thing the customer will be able to see? The style of your website. If the design of your site isn’t appealing, you may lose the chance to keep your client’s trust.

    Types of Graphic designs

    1. Visual identity designs

    white and orange plastic pack
    Visual identity designs

    A brand is a connection between a company or organization and its target audience. A brand’s identity is how the company communicates its character, the tone, character, essence, and memories of emotions, experiences, and memories. Graphic identity design for visuals is The visual components of the brand’s identity, which serve as the brand’s image, communicating these intangible aspects through shapes, images, and colors.

    Designers who specialize in the graphic design of visual identity work with stakeholders from brands to design assets such as logos and color palettes, typography, and libraries of images that reflect the brand’s character. Alongside traditional corporate stationery and business cards, Designers often create a set of visual branding principles (style guides) that outline the best practices and examples of visually appealing branding across different media. These guidelines aid in ensuring the consistency of branding across future use.

    2. Marketing & advertising graphic design

    people near billboards
    Marketing & advertising graphic design

    When people think of graphic designers, they usually think of designs designed to promote advertising and marketing.

    Companies rely on effective marketing strategies to get into the decisions of their customers. Effective marketing draws people in according to their needs, the level of perceptions, and feelings they feel regarding service, product, or brand. Since people are always looking for visually appealing content, Graphic design can help companies promote and communicate efficiently.

    Marketing specialists work with managers, directors, owners, or other marketing professionals to develop marketing strategies and assets. They may work independently or in an in-house team or creative group. Designers may be specialized in a specific kind of material (vehicle wraps or magazine advertisements, for instance) or design a wide variety of collaterals that can be printed, digital, and even beyond. While typically printed-centric, the design process has expanded to include more digital resources specifically for the field of content marketing as well as digital ads.

    Design types, for example, designs for marketing

    • Postcards and flyers
    • Newspaper and magazine ads
    • Banners, posters, billboards, and banners
    • Infographics
    • Brochures (print and digital)
    • Wraps for vehicles
    • Trade show and signage displays
    • Templates for marketing emails
    • Banners, social media ads, and graphics
    • Banners and retargeting ads
    • Images for blogs and websites

    3. User interface design

    Turned-on Phone Displaying Collections Book
    User interface design

    An interface for users (UI) is how users interact with an application or device. UI Design is the act of creating interfaces that are easy to use and provide an enjoyable experience for users.

    A UI comprises all the elements that users interact with, such as the keyboard, screen, and mouse. However, when it comes to graphics, UI designs visually focus on the user’s experience and the layout of on-screen graphic elements, such as buttons, menus, micro-interactions, and much more. It is a UI designer’s job to balance aesthetics with functional functionality.

    Examples of graphic user interface design

    • Web page design
    • Theme design (WordPress, Shopify, etc.)
    • Game interfaces
    • App design

    4. Graphic design for publication

    green and black sprite box
    Graphic design for publication

    Publications are pieces of long-form that connect with the public through distribution. They’ve always been printed on paper. The design of publications is a traditional kind of design, think magazines, books, newspapers, and catalogs. However, there’s seen a dramatic increase in the use of digital publishing.

    Graphic designers who specialize in publishing collaborate alongside editors and publishers to develop layouts that incorporate carefully chosen art and fonts that include illustrations, photographs, and graphics. Publication designers are freelancers, creative agency members, or with a publishing firm.

    Examples of graphic design in publications

    • Books
    • Newspapers
    • Newsletters
    • Directories
    • Annual reports
    • Magazines
    • Catalogs

    Publication designers need to have a great layout, communication, and organizational abilities. Along with their expertise in graphic design, they should be able to comprehend printing, color management, and publishing digitally.

    5. Graphic design for packaging

    black and green plastic bag
    Graphic design for packaging

    The majority of products require some kind of packaging in order to protect and prepare for distribution, storage, and selling. But the packaging design can direct consumers to the brand and be an effective marketing tool. Every bottle, box, and bag, every bottle or container, allows conveying the story of the company.

    Packaging designers design designs, create mockups, and then create print-ready designs for the product. This requires an in-depth knowledge of printing processes as well as an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and industrial design. Since packaging design is a part of many different areas, it’s not unusual for designers to be developing other elements for the product, such as photographs, illustrations, and visual identities.

    Packaging designers can be experts in many areas or specialize in one particular kind of packaging (like cans of beverages or labels) or a specific field (like toys for children or food). Their work demands top-quality thinking and problem-solving abilities and a solid grasp of printing and industrial designs. They should be able to meet the needs of marketers, clients, and manufacturers and remain aware of the latest fashions.

    6. Motion graphic design

    Motion graphics are those that are motion-based. It can be animated and audio, typography, videos, and various other effects utilized in television, online media, and film. The popularity of the medium has exploded over the last few years as technology advanced, and video content became the most popular.

    “Motion graphics designer” is an emerging specialty for graphic designers. Although, it is usually reserved for film and TV; technological advancements have reduced the time required to produce and cost, making the art easier to access and more affordable. Today, motion graphics is one of the latest kinds of design that is available on all platforms that use digital technology that has created numerous new areas and possibilities.

    Motion graphic designs are examples.

    • Title sequences & end credits
    • Advertisements
    • Animated logos
    • Trailers
    • Presentations
    • Promotional videos
    • Tutorial videos
    • Websites
    • Apps
    • Video games
    • Banners
    • Gifs

    7. Environmental graphic design

    green plant beside white desk
    Environmental graphic design

    Environmental graphics visually connect people to locations for a better experience by making the space more memorable, fascinating and educational, or easy to navigate. Design for the environment is one wide type of design. Here is a few examples of it:

    Examples of graphic design for the environment.

    • Signage
    • Wall murals
    • Museum exhibitions
    • Office branding
    • Public transportation navigation
    • Retail store interiors
    • Stadium branding
    • Events and conferences

    Wayfinding is one of the special types of design for the environment that is comprised of strategically designed signs, landmarks, and visual clues that assist users in determining where they are and where they should be to navigate their way without any confusion.

    8. Illustration and artwork

    Illustration and graphic art are frequently thought of as similar to graphic design, but they’re very distinct. Graphic designers create compositions that solve issues and communicate graphic artists and illustrators produce original artwork. Their work can take a variety of forms, ranging from the fine arts to decoration to illustrations that tell stories.

    Although illustrations and graphic art aren’t technically different forms in graphic design, much of the work is designed for commercial use in the realm of design and graphic art that it is impossible to discuss one without the other.

    black tablet computer with keyboard
    Video games Image Courtesy –

    Some examples of art and illustration for graphic design

    • T-shirt design
    • Graphic patterns for textiles
    • Motion graphics
    • Stock images
    • Graphic novels
    • Video games
    • Websites
    • Comic books
    • Album art
    • Book covers
    • Picture books
    • Infographics


    If you’re reading this, you are aware that there is more to graphic design that goes beyond just making an image or banner for your website. It’s an art that serves an end in mind. It is a method of planning to accomplish a specific goal by using photos or logos, illustrations, or symbols. An effective design will assist businesses in creating an impactful impression. Designing delicate items is best left in the hands of experienced designers. If you’re in search of professional graphic designers, knowing the various forms of graphic design could assist you in finding the right professional for your company.

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