#131 – Two Thirds of Sales During Prime Day Were by Amazon

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Two Thirds of Sales During Prime Day Were by Amazon. During Prime Day, the third-party marketplace dropped from the typical 60% of GMV to less than 35%. marketplacepulse.com

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Amazon Tools: Smart Scout organizes everything sold on Amazon by brands. Find brands that don’t sell to Amazon Retail, find brands that have few FBA sellers, find brands and sellers that are private label to sell services to, and also find stockouts across all of Amazon. Use coupon code CRUX to get 10% off. smartscout.pro

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How To Use Amazon Brand Stores To Increase Shopper Engagement. Amazon is putting its weight behind the importance of Stores in other ways too. Less than a month after Store links became more prominent, Amazon released the ability to create and schedule multiple versions of a brand Store. teikametrics.com

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