Twitter Video Download: Free Tools 2022

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    10 Best Twitter Video Downloader for HD Videos in 2022

    Twitter is a fantastic platform for starting conversations and keeping track of trends. It’s also a fantastic platform to establish an online presence if you want to promote your personal beliefs or market an organization. It is also a great way to be a part of something and stay updated with the latest social media news. To top it all off, there is a Twitter followers application to aid you in getting your name noticed; however, If you’re already an active Twitter user, you’d already be aware of that. 

    Also, you’re aware that the Twitter video download can be an issue that is a major pain point. It’s not as easy as pressing a button to download videos onto your device with the countless embedded tweets with video.

    Here’s a list of the Best Twitter Video downloaders. These Twitter Video Downloaders can get videos off of Twitter and from other video and social media hosting sites. They have their unique methods of downloading videos. Some require the URL of the video to download it. In contrast, others detect videos embedded in tweets and download them.

    Best Free Twitter Video Downloaders in 2021

    1. Twitter Video Downloader

    Twitter Video Download
    twitter video downloader online free

    Let’s start by using a simple tool with a simple name: Tweet Video Downloader. To download Twitter videos with this tool, comply with these guidelines:

    The URL for the tweet can be copied or video (you can copy it via the address bar, or sharing tweets, as described listed below)

    Enter the video’s URL into the box on the main page and then click on the download button.

    The tool converts the tweet to MP4 format that you can then save to your device.

    Alongside videos, the software can also Download GIFs.Twitter Video Downloader is secure and can download videos directly from Twitter CDN servers.

    2. By Click Downloader

    Twitter Video Download
    twitter video downloader com

    by Click, a downloader is a well-known option for many users because it’s the easiest method to save videos. It has advanced features, such as live video streaming playlists, subtitles, and more. One of the best options to download videos can be YouTube By Click, where users can save videos downloaded from Twitter. There’s not a better service similar to YouTube By Click in terms of downloading Twitter videos. It’s a breeze and easy.

    3. SaveTweetVid

    SaveTweetVid is another well-known online video downloader that lets you save Twitter videos to your devices. The tool is compatible with all devices, including smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets. Like Twitter Video Downloader, This tool allows you to take video clips (as MP4s) and GIFs from Twitter. In addition, it allows you to convert Twitter videos to MP3 format.

    It works in the same way. Just paste the URL for the video into the box, and voila, you’re set to download the video.

    4. 4K Video Downloader

    Twitter Video Download
    4K Video Downloader

    The best choice to use for fast downloading and processing video in batch.

    4K Video Downloader is a great tool to download high-quality videos from Twitter. It lets you download YouTube video clips in 1080p, 4K, or 720p resolution. It’s a popular streaming video player for Twitter that allows you to save videos as playlists, channels including subtitles, and playlists. YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media platforms. With this program, you can create automatic downloads of content from your most-loved YouTube channels.

    5. GIF Tweet Downloader

    Review: This application is an excellent alternative for those wishing to store and browse GIFs or video files on their phones at HD quality. It’s easy to use. You just need to share the video you like, click it to browse a library and save the file to your device.


    • HD quality
    • Doesn’t require signing up
    • Simple to use

    6. Download-Twitter-Videos

    Twitter Video Download

    Download-Twitter-Videos is another tool with a user-friendly interface. You can open the tool on any web browser on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. In terms of video quality, you can choose between SD and HD (if you have the option).

    Overall this is a reliable online Twitter video downloader and functions like every other downloader for videos.

    7. VideoProc

    Twitter Video Download
    twitter video downloader apps

    Ideal to use for the conversion of Twitter to MP4 or other formats

    The VideoProc Converter is perfect for converting Twitter into MP4 and other formats. This tool is ideal for compressing any video fast and effortlessly. It lets you preserve the original video’s quality when compressing. The video editor is flexible and powerful and comes with an integrated download engine. It’s not just able to download YouTube videos, GIFs, or live streams; it also downloads YouTube channels, Facebook videos, and playlists, and YouTube videos, as well as playlists, and channels taken from Vimeo as well as Dailymotion.

    8. Flash Video Downloader

    Flash Video Downloader is an extension for Chrome that allows you to download videos from Twitter. So when you are using Twitter, when you find a video you’d prefer to download, you just need to click on the extension’s icon on the toolbar in your browser. The extension will search for all videos on the Twitter page and display them in order. Then, hit the start button beside the tweet you want to download from the list. The video will be downloaded onto your computer in the download folder.

    This extension lets you download Twitter videos in the following formats, including MP4, 3GP, FLV, MOV, and more. In addition, a setting menu for this extension allows you to configure the Trigger to display a message that the downloaded file has a size greater than 100KB or 1 MB.

    In addition to Twitter, This extension allows you to download videos from other social media sites, such as Facebook.

    9. MyMedia – App

    MyMedia is a no-cost and robust iPhone file manager for your iPhone. It excels in managing your documents on an iOS device, downloading videos from different video-sharing websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and then saving the video in your camera roll without hassle. Its only flaw is the lengthy steps. In addition, it does not offer any help on downloading, making the process difficult to utilize. If this seems too complex for you, then apply the straightforward method mentioned that we have provided above for downloading videos onto your iPhone.

    10. EaseUS MobiMover – Desktop

    Twitter Video Download
    EaseUS MobiMover

    The technical aspect is that EaseUS MobiMover can be described as an iPhone data transfer software with a built-in tool to download videos. The ability to transfer videos downloaded on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Metacafe, and more to your iPhone or iPad directly by using this software.


    In this article, we’ve reviewed the five Twitter video downloader applications for Android or iPhone and the one Twitter application for downloading videos. With these apps, we hope you can save your favorite video.

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