Tricks to takeover ecommerce product photography in 2022

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    If a photo is worth more than a thousand words, then the best product photo can generate a thousand site visits. So, even though I don’t have the proof to support this claim yet, the Product photography is extremely beneficial for your strategy for eCommerce websites.

    To reach the target market customers who shop online, you must present your buyers with appealing, clear photos of your merchandise.

    What is Product Photography ?

    product photography
    product photography studios

    Photography for the product, also known as e-commerce photography, is the same thing as it sounds like pictures taken and posted on social media and website platforms to increase sales for products or services. Due to the increased popularity of buying online, the selection of brands and products available to customers in any particular category can be huge, meaning that images that show the products you’re selling as well as what it’s worth is an essential aspect of any online business.

    8 Benefits of product photography for eCommerce

    In recent times increasing numbers of companies are taking advantage of the numerous benefits of using product photography to grow their online stores, which is for a good reason. If done properly, product photography can be an investment for companies, helping boost sales, increase credibility and distinguish themselves from the competition.

    For these reasons and many more, good product photography is the mainstay of many eCommerce companies. However, if you’re not convinced, here are 8 advantages of photography for products that all businesses should be aware of.

    1. Encourage Sales

    One of the biggest drawbacks of shopping online is that consumers can’t experience it before buying. They can’t feel, touch, or even feel the product in their hands before heading to the store – shoppers are heavily dependent on visual content throughout their buying process.

    If a brand’s visual content isn’t top-quality, converting customers is more difficult.

    One of the main motives for using professional photos of your product is to entice and encourage customers to buy. Using pictures to emphasize aesthetics will convince customers that buying an item is the best decision.

    2. Develop a brand

    product photography
    commercial product photography

    If we consider images of products, the traditional white background eCommerce photos often appear – even though there’s much more to this kind of photograph.

    With the help of photos that show a product’s lifestyle that brands create, they can create daily images of their products to communicate certain moods or tones to the public. This can help to establish and spread the fundamental beliefs that drive an organization.

    As an example, let’s say your business is focused on sustainability. In your photos of your products, it is possible to use natural backgrounds with lots of greenery to promote these natural vibes and spread your message. Take an uncluttered approach to your photography by sharing the ‘less is more message.

    If you own a company, you can alter the lighting and employ appropriate props or settings to reflect the mood and values on which your company’s brand is built.

    3. Enhance Product Appeal

    This is among the main benefits of product photography. With the proper lighting and an imaginative eye, photography of products can improve your product’s appearance, making it more appealing to your customers.

    You can do this by subtly altering the angles you shoot with, using a pleasing backdrop, or by taking the time to edit your photos these easy photography tips will make your product look more appealing.

    4. Stand above competitors

    In terms of images of products, many brands frequently fail, whether because the images are blurry, poorly shot, or inconsistent across their websites.

    The displayed images can stick out as a sore thumb on an eCommerce site, making an image look less professional, insecure, or even unprofessional.

    A revolutionary product doesn’t mean that you make your brand stand out from the rest today. However, with crisp, high-quality images on your site, it is possible to create confidence and stand out from your competitors who don’t meet this standard.

    5. Stand Out To Customers

    How can your company be noticed through social networks? Many newsfeeds are filled with various content and information, making it difficult to grab and hold your readers’ interest. This is why product photography can prove useful.

    Utilizing appealing content will allow your business to stand out and create a lasting impression, resulting in more sales in the process. Set up a content calendar and try to create regularly relevant content to reap the benefits.

    6. Boost Online Visibility

    Images of eye-catching products are frequently the basis of various marketing strategies based on content that helps grab consumers’ attention online and help increase brand awareness.

    When you use social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, You can post an assortment of attractive product images to boost your online visibility, increase sales, and increase the size of your business. Furthermore, tools like hashtags can allow you to reach new customers and boost your brand’s visibility.

    7. Boost credibility

    Photos of products play an important role in the journey of a customer. However, if your photos don’t convey the complete story or don’t contain important details, you may lose your customers’ trust.

    Make sure you have detailed photographs of your products in your shop. Try to put yourself in the buyer’s position and show your subject from all angles you believe they’ll want to be able to.

    For instance, if you’re taking photos of clothing, make sure you take images of the item as a whole and worn by an individual model. Likewise, if you’re working with skincare products, display the packaging and the oils or creams inside.

    Offering your customers a clear description of the product they’re looking to purchase will help establish trust and credibility between your company and its customers.

    8. Create Expectations

    It can be a frustrating and depressing experience for customers when their order arrives, but it doesn’t look like the picture on the internet. It’s why it’s essential to ensure that you have the correct images of your items on your website store.

    With precise and clear images of your product, you will be able to create the expectations of your clients from the start. While they shop, buyers will clearly know how your product will appear as it is delivered.

    It might sound easy. However, this could increase the satisfaction of customers and create positive publicity for your company.

    Types of Product Photography

    Below, we’ve put together an alphabetical list of the six most commonly used kinds of photos for products that you can use, when and how they appear in actual use:

    1. Individual shots.

    product photography
    e commerce product photography

    One of the most popular types of images of products is the individual photo that contains only one object within the frame. They are typically included in catalogs of products as banner images and on pages for products to show off specific products apart from the whole assortment.

    An excellent example is this one by Skullcandy that was taken with white backgrounds to give an elegant, clean appearance and focus only on what the brand is selling.

    2. Group photos.

    product photography
    Tricks to takeover ecommerce product photography in 2022 12

    You’ve guessed it: group shots show multiple products together.

    Commonly used for kits of products as well as collections. Group photography showcases the variety and range of your items and offers the consumer a full overview of what you offer. These photos are great for posts on social media and ads since they give customers a glimpse of your brand in general instead of only one item.

    3. Lifestyle photos.

    Lifestyle photos
    lifestyle product photography

    This kind of photography is the best way to showcase your product in motion.

    Most often, the photos are taken with a model like this one of Peter Christian Lifestyle photos provide a narrative about the product and show customers how to use it in their everyday lives.

    Although lifestyle images can complement the individual images on your page for your products, they’re also great for emails, social media advertisements, and other visual channels because they draw attention and make your products appear more personal.

    4. Scale shots.

    One of the most common issues with buying online is that you are not in a position to determine the true size of an item. While product descriptions might describe the item’s dimensions, photos of the item are often misleading.

    However, with the help of scale photos, they can help your customers gain an understanding of the actual dimensions of the product by comparison with other common products. This can help customers see your products in their daily lives and improve their confidence when they purchase online.

    5. Detail images.

    For items with tiny details that require close-ups, like jewelry, and other smaller objects, high-quality images will highlight the specific features of the product that a standard photo may not be able to capture.

    This type of photography usually requires specific lighting as well as camera setting, like macro lenses, to capture the delicate images.

    6. Packaging shots.

    Packaging shots.
    diy product photography

    You may be surprised, but the customers are interested in packaging.

    From visiting your site to buying a product and getting their item in the mail, buyers want an experience constant from beginning to end. Even while you might be selling great products, if the presentation isn’t on par, the customers could notice.

    10 tricks to takeover eCommerce product photography

    There are, of course, some tricks and tips that will help you make your photography easier and more efficient. Here are the top 10 useful techniques that will assist you in conquering any type of product photography in eCommerce without a lot of effort.

    product photography
    product photography tips

    Do not save money on lighting. Lighting is the most important aspect of a successful photograph. Make sure you have at least two lights for your photo shoot. You must be aware of what kind of lighting, whether studio or natural, is suitable for your product.

    product photography
    product photography set up

    Make use of high-resolution photos. Remember that product photography should show the entire product.

    The normal eCommerce image size for products is a minimum of 500 pixels x 500 pixels. Walmart prefers 2000 in x 2000 pixels. 1000 x1000 pixels are suggested on Amazon to ensure a good zooming feature on various devices. Therefore, you must create at the very least 2000 x 2000 pixels to maximize in every channel.

    product photography
    amazon product photography

    If you’d like an effect that makes your product float, it is possible to use threads of sewing to raise the product and then use Photoshop and other tools for image manipulation to remove the thread after making edits to the images.

    Placing an acrylic glass (also known as plexiglass, acrylic, lucite, or perspex) under your product will create a great reflection.   

    Always make use of a tripod in order to ensure that the product is stable throughout the shoot. A lack of balance, even the tiniest ones, could impact the final image quality.

    product photography
    white background product photography

    A computer is always the better option to edit images over your phone, regardless of how costly your smartphone is. Smartphones’ screens are tiny, which means it is difficult to see the image’s specifics clearly.

    product photography
    equipment for product photography

    Make sure you take multiple photographs of each product from every angle (top and bottom, as well as front, back, and even sides). Because the purpose of photography for products is to present your product to customers to help them envision the things they’re likely to purchase.

    • 360-degree image is a collection of images from different directions of the product. To create a 360-degree image of your product, it is not necessary to move your camera around the object. Instead, your product needs to be rotated on a 360-degree turntable while your camera is placed on a tripod in order to capture pictures.
    • SEO is a must for online stores. Remember to optimize your images to speed up loading speeds and appropriate keywords.

    Equipment needed for basic needs

    • Camera
    • Lighting: Choose natural or artificial lighting -think about the best option for your project and the surrounding environment.
    • Tripod: not to be technical, but you’ll have to be setting your camera to a small aperture in order to get the maximum depth of field that your camera can achieve.
    • White Background: There are plenty of possibilities for white backgrounds. If you’re planning to shoot often, you might prefer a white sweep from Amazon. I like a paper-based sweep as they tend to be messy, and you can remove the dirty area and then roll a new one down.
    • White bounce card made from foam boards: When you’re lighting with window light, There will be one side that is bright which the light is hitting the product and an opposite side. This shadow side can be dark, and that’s why we’ll make use of white objects to reflect light to the shadow side, thereby brightening the shadow side. The Foam board is an excellent bounce card due to its rigidity and white.
    • Table: Standard 24-27 inch wide folding table is ideal, or if you already, then use that.

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