List of 40+ Top Social media platforms in 2022

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    Suppose you’re a veteran marketing professional on social media, a marketing professional seeking to explore marketing via social media, or a business proprietor seeking to use social media. In that case, it is important to be aware of the most well-known social media platforms available today.

    It’s not only concerned with the amount of social media websites. It’s also about whether the social media site is the right match for your company and you personally. For example, does it match your brand’s image?

    But there are more then 50 types of social media platforms, we scoured and collected information about the most popular social media websites in 2022.

    List of Most Popular Social Media Sites

    These are the 20 most well-known social media platforms of the moment.

    1. Facebook

    Facebook is among the most used social media platforms around the world. With 2.7 billion active users per month, more than one-third of the globe’s population is on Facebook. It was founded on the 4th of February, the year 2004. Social media platforms like Facebook continues to evolve throughout the years to meet the demands of its users and draw new users. The latest example is the purchase of Instagram along with WhatsApp. As a result, businesses can set up their groups, pages, and even events. In addition, Facebook provides specific advertising options for businesses that wish to boost the visibility of their business to specific customers. Businesses can also utilize Facebook Messenger to send personal messages to their customers.

    2. Twitter


    Twitter became popular for its microblogging platform, which only allowed text posts that could be at least 140 characters. Since its inception at the end of 2006, it has increased the limit to 140 characters and allows users to upload other media such as images and videos. With around 335 million monthly active users, It’s not as widespread as Facebook. But it’s extensively used by general users. In addition, it is an effective platform for communication with customers, such as taking part in Twitter chats within your industry or answering customers’ queries regarding customer service.

    3. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the most well-known social media site specifically designed for professional networking. It has more than 700 million registered users with around 300 million active monthly. It was launched in 2003. LinkedIn allows users to upload their resumes, make connections with other people in their industry, and respond to job advertisements. LinkedIn is often especially beneficial for B2B companies from a marketing perspective. LinkedIn even has paid advertisements as well as content publishing options.

    4. YouTube

    YouTube the most popular video-sharing site in the world. It’s also the second-most popular search engine behind Google. YouTube was created in 2005 and then acquired by Google. YouTube boasts more than 2 billion users logged in each month. In addition, many go to the site and view videos without signing in to their account. In essence, any company looking to utilize video marketing can use YouTube to reach an extensive public. It also gives data analytics, facilitates interaction among users, and allows you to embed videos into other websites.

    5. Pinterest

    Pinterest is a social media site and one component search engine. It is a digital bulletin board on which users can save projects, products, ideas, and inspirational photos. For companies, it’s an ideal place to showcase product images and ideas for DIY projects, recipes, and distinctive visuals. It is also possible to make the content on your website “pinnable” by including pin-it buttons that let users add your content to their boards. Pinterest began back in 2010 and has grown to include nearly 400 million active monthly users.

    6. Instagram

    Instagram is best social media platforms for marketing that is primarily focused on images & short video. The website was created in 2010 and was later bought by Facebook. Instagram has more than one million monthly users and is mostly a mobile platform. Similar to Facebook, Instagram offers targeted advertising options to let businesses reach a particular user. Instagram also provides various posting options, such as slideshows, videos, photos, stories, and live streams.

    7. TikTok


    In the year 2018 the app for lip-syncing, merged with a similar app, which was released a year ago, known as TikTok. It’s now more popular on app stores than some of the most popular social media platforms, and the fastest growing emerging social media platforms & is projected to surpass 1.5 billion users by 2022..

    For those who are familiar with Vine and, TikTok is like a combination of both.

    The platform lets you make videos of short duration that play on the same loop as Vine. However, just like or Snapchat it allows you to include exciting effects AR filters and text as well as music overlays to liven things up. Similar to other video platforms they have been used by users of people under the age of 30.

    When you record an video it is possible for you to enhance the video by adding hashtags to make it easier for people to find by searching.

    8. Tumblr

    Tumblr is a platform for blogging that lets you post in various formats. It allows videos, chats, quotes, images, and even audio content. The first version began in 2007, and it is currently part of Automattic. The number of users has decreased slightly over the last few years. But, it has around 400 million monthly users. It’s not as large on Tumblr as on other platforms like Facebook. It could aid brands in standing above other websites which are saturated. The platform also provides sponsored posts and lets a user easily share content.

    9. Flickr

    Flickr is a well-known platform to share videos and photos. The site was created in 2004. the website was bought from Yahoo in 2005 and is now controlled by SmugMug. It’s particularly popular with photographers and businesses who want to have their photos shared across the internet. It is also possible to search for royalty-free images that you can use in your content. This site has been losing some of its market clouts in recent times. However, it is still home to approximately 90 million monthly users.

    10. Reddit

    Reddit Reddit is an entertainment and social news website with a myriad of sub-communities devoted to particular areas of interest. Users who are registered can post posts and make comments on threads to engage and interact with others. Since its launch in 2005, the site has grown to have more than 430 million active users. Reddit isn’t very popular among marketers. But, there are a lot of targeted, active communities which provide a viable choice for companies seeking to connect with a wider public. There are subreddits for business that are geared towards networking or taking classes.

    11. Snapchat

    Snapchat can be described as a social media mobile messaging platform. Users can share single-time content with their friends or share stories shared with all followers of the user. The app was released in 2011. the app quickly gained popularity and especially among younger users. It has since dropped down a little. However, around 360 million users use this social media platform. Companies that target younger consumers can create corporate accounts and promote their products via the platform.

    12. WhatsApp


    WhatsApp, one of the most needed social media platforms can be described as a well-known mobile messaging application. You can send texts, images, documents, audio videos, and other content to a user in a single message and the group. The company was founded in 2010, and WhatsApp is now part of Facebook together with Instagram. WhatsApp currently has greater than two billion active users. Small-sized businesses can utilize the app to connect with prospects and customers individually.

    13. Quora

    Quora allows users to post questions and answer them on many different subjects. It was first launched in 2009; Quora now has over 300 million users per month. Businesses can utilize Quora to gain expertise in a particular area. The posts of questions also tend to rank top on search engine results. Therefore, even those who do not use Quora could see your answers.

    14. Vimeo

    Vimeo can be described as an industry-leading video platform for professional video. Although it isn’t as popular as YouTube, it has high-quality features for videographers and people who wish to share their cinematic work. It has around 170 million active users per month on the social media platform. It is worth noting that Vimeo users can also upload and share videos on other websites. Users also have access to advanced analytics and stats to analyze the performance.

    15. BizSugar

    BizSugar is a platform for social networking specifically designed for small-business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, and other business owners. It was founded around 2007, and Small Business Trends LLC currently controls it. Users can upload blogs, videos, articles, content, podcast episodes, and websites. Others can debate or vote on content they enjoy. The site is visited by over 2.25 million business owners from small companies every month. This makes it an excellent platform to share information and gain insight and reach out to a B2B audience.

    16. Mix

    The mix is a personal discovery platform. The company acquired the well-known content aggregator StumbleUpon in the year 2018. Users can join other social networks like Facebook or Twitter to organize their feeds. Before the change, StumbleUpon had about 35 million active users. However, not all of them have been around. However, this social media channel is a great option for small companies that wish to publish valuable or popular content.

    17. Medium

    Social media platforms

    Medium is an online platform for creating and sharing content in long forms. While technically, it is not an official social media platform, many people and businesses use their content through the site. It does not have many extra features similar to other social media sites that distract people from the primary purpose. This makes it perfect for content creators looking to showcase their ideas. Twitter founder Evan Williams founded Medium in 2012. It now has more than 100 million users using Medium each month. Businesses can utilize it to communicate their complex ideas or discuss them with a large population.

    18. Digg

    Digg is an online news site with a well-curated homepage. The topics covered on this social media channel are diverse and could include issues of political importance and scientific discoveries, and videos that are viral. Since its inception in 2004, the channel has seen many incarnations. While it’s not as popular as it was before, it has a large number of users. Businesses can use it to create their feeds online or share relevant information.

    19. Viber

    Viber is an instant messaging and VoIP mobile app that blends social media with communications. The app was released in 2010. the app now has 250 million active monthly users. It lets you share audio, video, as well as images among other users who are registered. Like other chat applications, they are great for privately sharing information with partners or customers. There are also chats for groups.

    20. WeChat

    WeChat is an app for mobile messaging that can be used for multiple purposes. Users can send messages via text or voice calls, as well as videos, and even pay. There are both group and individual chat options. In addition, there are more than 1 billion active users per month worldwide. WeChat has official business accounts for businesses. This means that brands can utilize the service to facilitate contact with customers and communicate with customers in the context of an overall social media strategy.

    List of the social media platform

    1. Triller

    Triller has more than 23 million downloads, and although it’s got a way to go in the direction of making TikTok shake its fashionable booties, Triller is definitely up and in the making. The music video application powered by AI lets users make professional-quality videos in a matter of seconds and comes with features similar to those you discover on TikTok. Like TikTok, Thriller users create lip-sync and music videos that they can post to their social media followers.

    2. Periscope

    Periscope is an app for live streaming focused on exploring how the world is seen through its viewers. Periscope has more than 10 million registered users as well as hosts 9.3 million live streaming every month. Although it’s not the biggest platform, there is over 350,000 hours worth of video streaming through Periscope each day.

    3. Vimeo

    Social media platforms

    It is a video-sharing social media platform that is similar to Twitch as well as YouTube. It allows you to create and share your videos and go live just as you would on any different video-sharing platform. It’s a paid platform, and plans start at just $7 per month.

    4. Valence

    Valence is an online social networking site designed to bring together Black professionals. It is a platform that highlights and promotes its Black professional community throughout the globe and strives to build lasting connections that can lead to new opportunities for career advancement and business for its members.

    5. Untappd

    Untappd provides beer drinkers with a platform on which they can rate their beer, post pictures of their favorite beverages, earn badges, look over the tap lists of nearby venues, and find out what beers their buddies are drinking. You can also post comments on their logged drinks and request the app to suggest similar beers. Users can use Untappd to post their check-ins to Twitter or Facebook and receive locations from Foursquare.

    6. Alpha

    Alpha is a network of social networks designed for women looking to grow their careers. In essence, it’s LinkedIn specifically for females. This is pretty awesome. Alpha users can access professional and personal assistance, Find jobs as well as business opportunities and grow their professional and personal networks.

    7. Yubo

    Yubo is a brand new social network with the noble goal of revolutionizing online relationships by providing a secure space for everyone online. Yubo users can set up an account with friends, add them to their profiles, and communicate in group chats or in one-to-one. The platform allows users to stream live, and friends and potential friends can leave comments.

    8. Peanut

    Peanut is a network of social media for mothers and future mothers designed to assist them in making connections and building strong networks that will help their journey from pregnancy to the time of motherhood. There are a wealth of helpful tools such as forums, forums, and groups. They are now offering a community section for those trying to imagine.

    9. Houseparty

    Houseparty is a live social network. Users can create digital rooms in which you can have video conversations with eight other people at once. Users can create rooms for themselves and shift from room to video-chatting with various people, similar to an actual house gathering.

    10. Caffeine

    Caffeine is like Periscope. Users can sign up as broadcasters or viewers. If you’re a broadcaster, you can access live streamers across the globe. Broadcasters include major names in sports, gaming, and entertainment. Caffeine does not have advertising or subscription levels. It is free to browse the streams, join a live chat or upvote streams, and even donate to your favorite broadcasters.

    11. Steemit

    Steemit is a platform that uses blockchain technology. Each post creates a hash, and users get paid with STEEM cryptocurrency. Users can write posts on any topic, and others can add comments or vote (similar to Reddit).

    12. Baidu Tieba

    Baidu Tieba (Post bar) is available through Baidu, a subsidiary of China’s Baidu, as a social network based on Baidu keywords. Baidu index. It’s a forum-style discussion format that allows users to build groups with a specific subject and join existing groups.

    13. 23snaps

    Social media platforms

    23snaps is an image-sharing app designed for parents. It offers parents a secure method to record special moments. Users can share images with anyone they like while keeping them out of anyone’s eyes.

    14. Likee

    Likee was, previously known under the name LIKE, is a Singapore-based short video content platform similar to TikTok. The social app comes with visual effects, such as 4D Magic and Dynamic Stickers, and an editing and recording feature for video.

    15. 8tracks

    8tracks is an internet-based social network and radio site that allows users to create, share and stream user-curated playlists that contain at the very least (you probably guessed you guessed it) 8 tracks. It’s free to sign up for an account, so you can listen and browse through curated playlists and make your own. There’s also a subscription service called 8tracks Plus, which is accessible across Canada and the US, and Canada.

    16. Academia

    Academia is an online platform for researchers and academics to share academic research. Users have uploaded over 22 million articles, and Academia has an active user base of 129 million every month. It was initially an open and free repository of journal articles from academic journals; however, it now charges a fee to connect authors with readers who wish to read their work.

    17. Amikumu

    Amikumu is a cross-platform application that allows you to locate nearby people proficient in or learning specific languages. It was originally designed to cater to Esperanto users but was quickly expanded to include people across all languages. Members use the app from over 130 countries and speak over 600 languages. Amikumu aims to create a community of people who speak, and signers can locate and share information relevant to the locals.

    18. aNobii

    aNobii is a popular social media website similar to Goodreads, which has users from over 20 nations but is most well-known in Italy. It was launched in 2006 and was later acquired from Mondadori in 2014 as part of an acquisition supported by HMV Group, HarperCollins, Penguin, and Random House. Users are able to add their own books and rate, review and even discuss their books with other users.


    Social media platforms

    ASMALLWORLD can be described as a social media platform designed for North Americans and Europeans who are looking to meet others who are also travelers. It’s a paid social network that offers four tiers of membership that range from EUR80/year up to EUR21,950 per year. Members have to apply for membership, and membership typically requires an invitation from a current member or approval from the committee for membership.

    20. Athlinks

    Athlinks is a social networking website that targets endurance athletes in competition. So niche, right? The website mainly focuses on the results of competitions for swimming, running and mountain biking, cycling triathlons, or adventure races. Members of Athlinks can connect with their fellow athletes and competitors.

    21. BAND

    BAND is an online social network that is focused on group interaction. Users can set up their own private space to communicate with other users for a particular reason. The groups can include friendship groups, sports teams, families, interest-based groups teams, and almost any other thing you can imagine.


    beBee is a collaboration platform designed for professionals. It was designed to assist users in promoting themselves to employers, vendors, customers, and media by sharing their personal branding. Users can also connect to one another via personal and professional passions.

    23. Blind

    Blind is a different professional network that allows verified professionals can join together to communicate anonymously within the private channels of their company. Over 3.5 million professionals across the globe are part of Blind, offering advice and offering feedback to improve the company’s culture and discover crucial information regarding their careers.

    24. Diaspora

    Diaspora is a non-profit owned by a user’s social media network that is distributed and composed of independently owned nodes (pods) that work together to create the network. Since any one individual or company doesn’t control the network, it’s protected from corporate mergers, advertising, or takeovers.

    25. Fark

    Fark is a website for the community that allows users to leave comments on news stories and other pieces of content in the world. Of the stories that the website receives daily, only about 100 are shown on the site’s main page pages. Each link has related threads that allow users to make comments about the hyperlink.

    26. MeWe

    MeWe is an alternative tech social media platform that aims to compete with Facebook. It takes a “hands-off” approach to content moderated. This has made it extremely popular with anti-vaxxers, US conservatives, and conspiracy theorists.

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