List of top Etsy stores in 2022

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    Etsy is a marketplace worldwide for creative and unique products, such as unique hand-crafted items, exclusive products, and crafting tools. If you sell hand-crafted or original items, Etsy may be a useful addition to your website. If you’re looking to introduce a new product, Etsy may be the perfect place to try out the waters.

    This is an overview of the top-selling shops on Etsy as well as the number of each shop’s customers and sales. Etsy’s top sellers provide items that can be organized, gifts for parties, designs that you can build on, as well as tools for creating jewelry.

    1. Planner Kate

    Planner Kate

    Planner Kate who is operated by Kate Antesberger in Oak Harbor, Ohio, is the most popular selling item on Etsy. The shop offers colorful and adorable items for printed calendar planners. The shop has 1,142.725 sale deals and 51.882 admirers.

    2. Bead Boat

    Bead Boat Bead Boat, based in Dallas, Texas, is an online store for jewelry supplies that sells more than 7,000 items, comprising crystals, gemstone beads charms, gold-filled jewelry as well as finish jewelry. The store has 692,197 sales transactions and 30348 admirers.

    3. ModParty

    ModParty is a place to shop for celebrations such as wedding favors for bridesmaids, gifts for bridesmaids party favors, birthday celebrations, as well as baby showers. ModParty has 665,270 transactions and an admirer count of 91,474.

    4. CaitlynMinimalist

    CaitlynMinimalist, owned by Kate Kim in California, United States, is one of the Top Selling Shops on Etsy. The shop sells customized jewelry with name initials, including ring, bracelet, neckless. The shop has 1437305 sale transactions and 244155 Admirers

    5. Ilovelotus

    Ilovelotus, owned by lotus in Utah, United States, is one of the top-selling shops on Etsy. The shop sells customized Tumbled Stone, Carvings Hearts, Eggs, Spheres, Fossils & Geodes, Cluster & Points, Slabs Disks & More. The shop has 694256 Sales transactions and 75750 Admirers.

    6. TwistStationery

    TwistStationery, owned by Twist Stationery, England, United Kingdom, is one of the top sellers on Etsy. The shop sells Greeting Cards, Stationery, Invitations,  Gifts. The shop has 234,753 Sales transactions.

    7. NewMoonBeginnings


    NewMoonBeginnings, owned by NewMoonBeginnings in Pennsylvania, United States, is one of the top sellers on Etsy. The shop sells Chakra Collection, Candles, Gemstone Sets, Crystals D├ęcor, Bracelet, Pendants, Necklace, Rings, Earrings, and Cleansing Tools &Incense. The shop has 561750 Sales transactions and 106632 Admirers.

    8. KJewelryMetal

    KJewelryMetal, owned by King Jewelry Supplies in  Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the Top Selling Shops on Etsy. The shop sells jewelry, including rings, bracelets, neckless, Raw Brass, Raw Brass Chains. The shop has 874699 sale transactions and 47764 Admirers.

    9. HeatherRobertsArt

    HeatherRobertsArt, owned by Heather Roberts, is a shop for SVG Cut Files for Cricut, Fonts, & Watercolor Clipart. The shop has 378949 sales transactions and 10462 Admirers.

    10. Worldincensestore

    Worldincensestore in  Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the Top Selling Shops on Etsy. The shop sells Crystal Kits, Raw & Rough Stones, Tumbled Stones, Gemstone Chips, Selenite, Christmas Ornaments, Points and Clusters, Gemstone Bracelets. The shop has 582196  sale transactions and 66899 Admirers.

    11. YourWeddingPlace

    YourWeddingPlace is owned by Kristina; The shop sells Bags, Bridesmaid Gifts, Business Gifts, Christmas Stockings, Coasters, Cutting Boards, Flasks, Journals, and many more items. . The shop has 331803   sale transactions and 7713 Admirers.

    12. HappyKawaiiSupplies

    HappyKawaiiSupplies in  Missouri, United States, is one of the Top Selling Shops on Etsy. The shop Fragrances, Glitter and Cellophane, Clay Sprinkles & Slices, Nonpareils Boba Pearls, Bingsu, fishbowl, snow. The shop has 676607 sale transactions and 52219 Admirers.


    SEEDVILLEUSA in Ohio, United States, This shop sells Flower & Vegetable Seeds For All Your Gardening Needs. The shop has 566655 Sales transactions and 17149 Admirers.

    14. Yakutum


    Yakutum is a seller from Istanbul; Turkey has been listed on Etsy since the year 2008 is one of the top-selling shops on Etsy. It is a retailer of jewelry accessories with more than 16,000 items and focuses on gold-plated and brass items. The store has 664,301 sales transactions and 295,535 admirers.

    15. Nicole of Bruin

    Nicole of Bruin can be described as a store of charms (small ornaments to be worn on a bracelet or necklace). They also offer custom-engraved tags. The store has 612,471 sales and 47,378 customers.

    16. CaitlynMinimalist 

    CaitlynMinimalist provides customized and customized minimalist jewelry. It sells name-pieces -handwritten and sentimental quote jewelry that is a gift from loved ones. The store has 586,577 sales deals and also 150,243 fans.

    17. Cl Beads

    Cl Beads, located in Yiwu, China, has been listed on Etsy since the year 2008. The store sells jewelry accessories that include more than 3,000 items which are usually discounted. The shop has 559,534 sales transactions and has 35,599 followers.

    18. PeggySueAlsoLeather

    PeggySueAlsoLeather is a textile made of the leather shop in Tacoma, Washington. It offers a variety of designs printed on suede, leather, and cork leather (the bark of the Cork Oak tree). The store has 553,258 sales transactions as well as 22,413 admirers.

    19. Yadanabeads

    Yadanabeads, located in Tracy, California, sells exclusive, soulful, and vintage-styled jewelry items, including nearly 6000 beads and chains. The shop has 533,259 customers and 46,163 followers.

    20. Yummy Treasures

    Yummy Treasures, located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is an online store that sells attractive, innovative, and diverse jewelry items, including more than 10,000 items. The store has 477,537 sales transactions as well as 32,489 admirers.

    21. GLDNxLayedAndLong 


    GLDNxLayedAndLong, a company from La Conner, Washington, sells hand-crafted and customized jewelry, customized disc necklaces, traditional rings, pendants, as well as other items. The shop has 472,600 transactions and 196,875 customers.

    22. Prettygrafik Design

    Prettygrafik Design is a gift shop offering Digital clip art, stamps, and digital paper. The shop is home to 468,763 sale transactions and 26603 admirers.

    23. CreateUnkamen 

    CreateUnkamen The shop, which has been available on Etsy from 2009 onwards, offers original, hand-crafted jewelry, accessories, as well as grab bags. The shop has sales of 469,392 and 58,204 followers.

    24. GoldSwan

    GoldSwan, based in Anaheim, California, sells crafts and jewelry items that you can make yourself. With more than 3,000 items which include stones, glass stones, chains, and earring components, as well as bead pendants and metal. GoldSwan has a total of 455,788 sales and 30146 followers.

    25. King Jewelry Supplies

    King Jewelry Supplies, located in Istanbul, Turkey, offers metal jewelry accessories, including more than 11,000 items, including necklaces, beads and clasps rings, rings, and earrings. The shop has 452,412 customers and 29851 admirers.

    26. Happy Jewelry Products

    Happy Jewelry Products The company, based in Hong Kong, sells jewelry products, including two-dimensional metal charms and wooden charms, stainless steel jewelry, glass cabochons, leather pieces, and acrylics made of acetate. The shop has 449,116 customers and 31686 admirers.

    27. ThinkPinkBows 

    ThinkPinkBows sells bright bows and headbands for children. They also offer a large range of fun face masks. The store has 439,615 sales transactions and 82,866 fans.

    28. PrettyInPinkSupply

    PrettyInPinkSupply, located in Hesperia, California, sells colorful craft supplies for special occasions. It has more than 2,000 products that include glitter, fabric sheets, ribbon, felts, elastics, and paper flowers. The shop has 430190 sales and 35,897 fans.

    29. DesignInYourHeart

    DesignInYourHeart is a company from Seoul, South Korea, that sells jewelry-making equipment, including more than 10,000 items. It has over 5 000 stone and metal charms. The store has sold 426,490 items and 17227 admirers.

    30. Beadsmaker

    Beadsmaker, Also located in Seoul, South Korea, offers jewelry-making tools of high quality. It has more than 7,500 items, and half of them are components for earrings and pendants-connectors. The shop has 419,690 purchase transactions and 26777 admirers.

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