Amazon Product Launch: Strategies of successful sellers [updated 2022]

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    Which is the best Amazon product launch strategy? This is a question that many sellers on Amazon ask. You can follow any strategy that you like, but it is important to know if it will work for you. For example, some best-selling products start with a new product launch while some other products achieve new best-seller status while staying on the existing rank. This blog looks at both of these strategies and how you can use them to achieve your goals.

    It can be both exciting and difficult to launch a successful Amazon product. To be successful, it takes knowledge, time, and effort. It is not easy for sellers to succeed. Listing your product is not enough. You need to develop a core strategy that is compatible with your product. These are the first steps that will determine your product’s success on Amazon. This list of top videos will help you to launch your product.

    How to Launch a Product on Amazon 2021 – Amazon Product Launch Strategy 

    Dan Rodgers – 30.6K subscribers – 8,463 views

    Dan Rodgers is a business coach who loves to talk about cryptocurrency and eCommerce, and he is not just a business coach who is selling his course; all his videos are free on YouTube. If you are planning an amazon product launch in 2021, then you should learn various tactics on how to launch on Amazon. He will teach you how to launch amazon products the right way and optimize your amazon launch strategy 2021, also how to rank on Amazon FBA

    Amazon Product Launch Strategy: How to get on Amazon with 0 REVIEWS

    Adam Heist – 9.96K subscribers – 15,135 views

    Adam Heist is a digital marketer, an FBA seller, and help other business to grow their brand on amazon, he has this YouTube channel, where he will teach about tactics to grow on Amazon. In this video, Adam has broken down a step-by-step breakdown of how he was able to take a product to over $10k in revenue, in less than two weeks, with zero reviews; it will really help you if you are a new seller or launching a new product

    Amazon FBA Product LAUNCH! How to Rank #1 with PPC in 2021!

    Yaniv – 29.9K subscribers – 24,964 views

    Yaniv is an Amazon FBA seller, an amazon coach, and a content creator 

    Yaniv is going to walk you step by step through an Amazon Product Launch. He has mainly discussed using product launch using PPC to rank but also has some secret tips for you on top of that.

    Amazon FBA Product LAUNCH! – How To Rank #1 On Amazon With ZERO Reviews

    Camron James – 32.6K subscribers – 9,502 views

    Camron James is himself an amazon seller, with 1.3 million revenue in his 1st year; he helps normal people how to scale on amazon through his videos. This video is a quick tutorial of how an Amazon. FBA business works, he had breakdown all this process into simple four steps, so it’s fast and easy to understand.

    Rapid Ranking Formula: How to Launch A Product on Amazon FBA & Rank to Page One in 2021

    Adam Heist – 9.96K subscribers – 10,068 views

    Adam Heist is a digital marketer, an FBA seller, and help other business to grow their brand on amazon, he has this YouTube channel, where he will teach about tactics to grow on Amazon. In this video, Adam has broken down a rapid launch formula step-by-step process on how to rank a product to the 1st page of Amazon. This covers listing set-up, amazon pricing strategy, differentiation, KW analysis, Amazon PPC, and driving external traffic.

    Amazon Ranking Strategies – Product Launch Strategies to Get to the Top of Page One on Amazon

    Seller Tools – 2.61K subscribers – 1,645 views

    Seller.Tools is the Amazon optimization platform created by the top 1% of Amazon sellers. Leverage actual Amazon data to give the user the insights. Troy and Ian are covering some strategies that continue to work in 2021. These strategies will help you: Squeeze every benefit out of each, and every rebate dollar truly owns your Amazon customer list, avoid Facebook volatility for good.

    The PERFECT Amazon Product LAUNCH! How To RANK and LAUNCH The Right Way!

    Derrick Struggle – 193K subscribers – 105,099 views

    Derrick is an entrepreneur and an amazon FBA coach. In this video, he has covered what activities to do after you launch the product, how to use social media, how to use giveaway strategies, how to use the review to gain popularity; it’s a very informative video.

    Amazon FBA Product Launch Strategy! How To Rank Using PPC With NO Reviews

    Pat Harris – 43.8K subscribers – 3,856 views

    Pat Harris is an entrepreneur, himself an amazon seller, an amazon FBA mentor, you tuber and a Consultant. In this video, Pat will show you how to launch a product with zero reviews, using PPC, with the minimum budget; he also showed his own results, how he performed.

    How I Ranked My New Amazon FBA Product on Page One in 3 Days With PPC! | Step by Step PPC Launch

    Paul J. Savage – 25.7K subscribers – 31,938 views

    Paul J. Savage is a business owner who is documenting the process of scaling businesses online. Paul will show you how to launch your amazon product using only PPC. He covers step by step exactly what campaigns you need and how to build them in this amazon FBA PPC launch tutorial.

    Amazon FBA Product LAUNCH! How To Rank #1 On Amazon With ZERO Reviews (No More Giveaways!?)

    Nomad Millionaire – 46.7K subscribers – 8,463 views

    He is Myles, he left his engineering job and started selling on Amazon, and since then, he has sold over 6000000$ and achieved financial freedom. In this video, you will learn how to launch on Amazon using pricing control, long-term amazon product launch strategy & losing money initially; amazon Product Launch with ZERO Reviews case study troubleshooting amazon product launch giveaways.


    Although launching a product on Amazon may seem daunting, there are many strategies that can help you get it to the top of Amazon’s search results. To guarantee a rise in sales, you can use these proven methods with an Amazon specialist. In this list, there are many consultants who can help with launching your product; you can book an appointment with them.

    The ranking of your product on Amazon can have a significant impact on your business. The higher you are ranked, the more likely your product will be seen by consumers. We hope that this blog post has given you some helpful tips on how you can increase the ranking of your products on Amazon.

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