Top Reading Apps for Toddlers on the iPhone

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    Life has become increasingly dependent on education. A student’s education allows him or her to acquire a variety of skills, qualities, knowledge, etc. Independent living is made possible through proper education. Therefore, technology has made a significant impact on a wide variety of fields globally. It is impossible to imagine an area without technology. There is no doubt that technology has benefited the field of education and learning.

    Everyone has a laptop and a smartphone in this digital era. Smartphone users must be familiar with the different types of applications they can download on their phones. There are some amazing learning apps available on App Store for toddlers, which you can easily download via a fast internet connection like CenturyLink. Call the CenturyLink customer service number and get more information about packages. 

    These reading apps can be used to assist your child in learning through personalized lessons, phonics games, and a self-paced curriculum. These apps are engaging and fun for younger readers. They often include stories and animations that bring out the magic of a book. Let us have a look at the apps that we have gathered for you in this guide. 

    1. Homer

    Homer’s approach is customized learning plans for students and lets them decide what they want to focus on. The app starts with teaching toddlers to identify numbers and letters, and then moves on to elementary reading passages. 

    The app has more than 20 plans, allows children to select from them based on their interests, and combines their reading interests with their favorite topics to create a personalized learning plan.

    Homer is kid-centric reading app with a game-like interface in order to keep children interested and engaged. The app comes in two modes the lesson mode and practice mode which allows students to review their favorite activities and spend more time learning concepts. The cost of the app is $10 per month, or you can choose to pay a yearly price of $60.

    1. IXL

    IXL is great if you are thinking of homeschooling your kids. It is a complete package for your kid if he/she needs a little extra practice. This app is great for preschoolers and high school-ers alike because it teaches letter recognition and sounds, as well as how to support logical arguments with evidence.

    The best thing about IXL is that it covers all grades and core subjects such as Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics. Furthermore, you can tailor your child’s curriculum according to their needs and abilities using the app.

    1. Khan Academy Kids

    The ever popular and one of the pioneers, Khan Academy has another app for toddlers, called Khan Academy Kids. The app has more than 60 books and offers beginners some reading activities. Furthermore, your kid can trace letters, copy words and, read along to their favorite stories. All of this can help your child’s understanding of the ABCs and especially the phonics. It has foundational reading skills for kids that help them understand and read words such as labels. This app also includes illustrations and research-proven learning methods.

    1. FarFaria

    It is another reading app for your children with a perfect layout where readers can discover stories on any topic by exploring the different lands in the magical world of FarFaria. The readers have all the control over the content, they can decide the lesson they want, since there are no structured lessons or game plans. A professional can read the books aloud.

    You have the option of choosing between a free and paid plan. If you are a free user, you get one story per day, and paid users get unlimited stories and access to offline reading. The monthly subscription is $5 and the yearly one is $50.

    1. Relay Reader

    Relay Reader is one of few reading tools that engage children in a full-length novel reading rather than short exercises for practice. The Educational Testing Service brimgs this service to you. In addition to reading out loud every other page, a skilled narrator helps students prepare for when it’s their turn to read aloud. 

    The app includes an assessment after the end of the book that will measure how well the reader understood the story. It is also possible for children to record themselves reading the book so that they can listen back to their performance and improve their pronunciation.

    1. Read with phonics

    If your child struggles with phonics, then it is time to download a phonic-centric app. Children can learn phonics while having fun and rewarding gaming experiences with this application. They can play and earn points while learning phonics and reading. This game is great for keeping your child motivated and learning the sounds and letters of the alphabet.

    1. Hoopla

    Did you know that access to a free digital library is available through your local library? Hoopla is a great resource for comics, movies, audiobooks, and TV shows. You can either download the title or read it right away. It also offers a special kid’s mode that will ensure that your child is able to choose the right option for them. This app will appeal to kids who love graphic comics and novels. A Hoopla is a great option if a library is not in your reach conviniently.


    In short, the above-mentioned apps can help your toddler read using the latest tech with game-style lessons. Moreover, they can do it from home and can enjoy fun activities. Although there are many apps available, a handful stands out from the rest.

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