14 Types Of Social Media Content That can Accelerate Your Business in 2022

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    Success on social networks is largely dependent on the quality of the content you share. However, making efficient, highly-performing content is a source of numerous problems for small-scale companies. It’s time-consuming competitive and must improve your customers’ experience.

    To get over these challenges, Content strategies typically include using a diverse range of content types if you have a diverse selection of these 12 diverse designs in your marketing plan to provide a more enjoyable experience for your customers.

    3 reasons why social media content is essential

    1. Social media can give your brand identity and voice

    Engaging (and diverse) types of content via social networks creates the voice of your company.

    In addition, how do you create the right voice?

    This is CENTRAL for establishing a strong connection to your intended audience.

    Consider the differences between GQ Style and Kylie Cosmetics voiceovers for brands. Each one targets a distinct market, so they alter their voice to suit their clients!

    When your social media communicates in the right way, people will come to you. 75% of those bought something because they saw it advertised on social media!

    They didn’t HAPPEN to locate those products on social media. Instead, they probably saw them being fans of brands that they like the most!

    2. The high-quality content will keep followers engaged

    keep followers engaged

    The right content can keep your website fresh and exciting.

    These are the essential qualities in keeping your followers and followers engaged and loyal. In the words of social media, users scroll because they want to read quality content.

    If you post consistently great content, you’ll be able to earn followers, likes, and even comments. The most important thing is that you’ll be able to earn loyalty.

    People who have loyal supporters are more likely to perform the following:

    • Make repeat purchases
    • Participate in your events
    • Make sure to share your brand’s image with other people
    • It’s crazy, but it’s simply social media, isn’t it?

    However, great Social Media Content is only the first step towards that customer-to-consumer connection.

    3. It drives organic traffic, which could turn into leads

    Do you have the chance to get attention on your website without spending a cent on advertisements?

    Paid advertisements have advantages; however, organic traffic generated by social media is cheaper (especially in the long run). It’s also much more entertaining to your audience!

    Mix fun content with best practices in marketing and BAM. Check your organic traffic to increase with SKYROCKET (and your marketing costs fall)

    The Top 12 Types of Social Media Content to Create

    1. User-generated Content (UGC)

    UGC is content that others have created, and you can republish (while giving the creator’s credit).

    It could be, for instance, posting content of someone else and adding their name to the blog post.

    It’s on Twitter as easy as a Retweet. UGC is a simple and efficient method to boost participation and reach.

    After seeing these posts, current and new followers will be motivated to connect with you. Like you, they may like to grow their following as well!



    quotes are wildly well-liked via social media. They are a great way to motivate and inspire people when they require an additional boost.

    Quotes could be just text, but using images is a game-changer. Facebook, as well as Instagram users, are attracted by images of high quality.

    Utilize a variety of quotes such as:

    • life quotes
    • funny quotes
    • motivational quotes
    • famous quotes

    3. Podcasts


    Podcasts have been gaining huge momentum. Each Generation Zoomer, as well as their momma, also has one of their favorite podcasts. But, in the same way, there are fewer Podcasts to listen to than the social networks.

    Consider launching an audio podcast to gain listeners (and increase brand recognition). Your podcasts provide you with original content to share on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Certain social networks (such as Facebook or Twitter) do not allow direct audio uploads.

    If you have a problem with your account, you have two alternatives:

    • Include the URL of the show in your caption or your post.
    • Create an image with static content, overlay the podcast’s audio on top of the image, and then upload the content in the form of video.

    Even better?

    Cut your podcast into short fragments to share on social media like Chris. In this way, your followers on social media can listen to you without visiting another page.

    The most important thing to do is create an audio podcast and share it with your social media profiles.

    4. Live streams

    live stream
    Live streams

    Live streams allow you to communicate with your followers in real-time.

    It is possible to make material available for viewing at a later time.

    Did you know you could make use of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Live to promote purchases? Promoting products or services in the course of the course. Create incentives for viewers to join at that certain date and time.

    For instance, you can say:

    “I’m releasing a new course next month, and if you pre-order during this live stream or in the next 24 hours, you’ll get 30% off!” It is also a fantastic method to create leads.

    You could, for instance, request that viewers complete a form for access to the service that you’re talking about.

    The most important thing to remember is to use Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or YouTube live streams to market your company and then upload the video to those who missed the live stream.

    5. Articles


    Sharing content is among the most effective ways to provide your customers with something valuable.

    Articles and blogs will keep your followers updated about your business. The most important thing to do is share informative content with your followers

    6. Infographics

    Infographics blend visual appeal with the power of information.

    They are much more likely to take an interest in infographics as opposed to plain text.

    Tools such as Canva offer templates that which you can fill in with the details you’d like to communicate. You can also use Canva inside the Post Planner application!

    Key Takeaway: Create visually appealing informational infographics with Canva or another graphic maker and then upload them to your social media sites.

    7. Webinars


    Make your infographic go to the next step transform it into an online webinar. Webinars can be extremely effective in increasing the size of a company.

    73 %of B2B marketers stated that webinars are the best method to generate leads of high quality.

    What makes webinars such important kinds of content?

    • Webinars present information via video.
    • They are more likely to allow audiences to interact.
    • Speakers may use CTAs throughout the webinar.

    You are also able to broadcast your webinar following the recording has been recorded for a short duration. Upload the webinar recorded on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

    You must ask people to enter an email address to gain access to the link. Therefore, the collection of email addresses is one of the most effective ways of lead generation.

    The ideal webinar should be about 30-40 mins long.

    Advertise until the very last minute — nearly 30 percent of your attendees will not register on the morning of your presentation.

    Key takeaway: Promote webinars and post recordings via social networks (but make sure your followers swap their email addresses in order to access the webinar link! ).

    8. Customer reviews

    Positive customer reviews can help you build trust and build credibility. As a result, a majority of buyers will read reviews before making a purchase.

    Since reviews and testimonials are social proof that proves you’re worth it.

    In reality, your customers make many aspects of what they purchase on other customers are saying about them.

    Consider your most expensive purchase. You can say it was an expensive camera from Amazon.

    Did you hit “buy” without checking the star rating and what other customers had to say?


    You’ve probably scrolled down to the end on the Amazon page to read reviews.

    Increase the quality of your customer reviews to the next level and write down the reviews of your customers.

    Customers can benefit from some direction. However, you must pick someone who truly loves your product.

    Video testimonials can be a compelling and persuasive method of earning confidence.

    9. Audience questions

    Request your followers to share their thoughts. People are prone to sharing thoughts and ideas.

    In addition, asking your audience members questions is an open invitation to engage in a dialogue.

    Follow these guidelines when you formulate the questions you want to ask your viewers.

    • Be sure to keep your questions open by beginning the questions by saying “where,” “what,” “how,” “when,” and “why.”
    • You can ask follow-up questions to the people who have commented
    • Explore the Post Planner’s Content Library to discover inspiration

    The most important thing to remember is to ask open-ended questions to spark interest (use the Post Planner’s library of content to get ideas).

    10. eBooks


    If you’ve written an eBook to target your readers, share it. Free eBooks are an effective lead magnet that to use to swap emails in exchange for downloads.

    Promoting your eBook through paid ads through social media sites such as Facebook as well as Instagram.

    Paid advertisements allow you to select your target viewers by the demographics and interests of your target audience.

    The most important thing to do is create and distribute your eBook via platforms like Facebook and Twitter to give your readers something of value and also collect emails for exchange.

    11. Guides

    People are awestruck by information. This is why guides do pretty well with social media users.

    Create a manual about a topic that your audience is interested in and watch your engagement rate rise. Create the CTA near the bottom of your article to generate leads.

    If someone is reading your book from beginning to end, then you’ve proven the value of your work; a well-placed CTA at the end of your article naturally informs readers what they should do next.

    Sharing a helpful guide on your site is great for SEO. It can increase traffic to your website!

    12. Memes


    Imagine memes as modern-day comics. They’re quick, simple, and hilarious. Also, they are the ideal entertainment for the stressed-out, stressed-out customer.

    Add meme posts to your content calendar. Pick days and times that your followers are likely to be unwinding or relaxing.

    Many social media platforms let users see when their customers are most active. You can use the data to publish your own memes at the correct date and time.

    Key Takeaway: Using memes in your business is an excellent method of providing your clients with much-needed laughter.

    13. Polls

    What’s the EASIEST way to encourage the interaction of your audience?

    Post every now and then while Don’t share boring content

    Make use of polls, quizzes, and quizzes. If you answered either A or B, you might have to read this blog again.

    Polls are wonderful methods for engaging with your audience.

    In addition, they offer you the chance to learn more about what your audience is thinking.

    Create an online poll and let your readers decide!

    It’s a win-win situation for you and your friends. You’ll get information, and the kids get to play (polls aren’t just helpful — they’re fun)!

    The most important thing to remember is using polls to gather data from your followers and increase engagement.

    14. Videos


    YouTube marketing works. The numbers do not lie:

    88% of marketers who employ video claim that it has directly helped to increase sales.

    Videos draw a lot of interest. This is why they ought to be among your most important content goals.

    There are many ways to make videos to share on social media, such as:

    • Videos with long-form (more than 2 minutes)
    • Videos of short-form (less than 2 minutes)
    • Video Stories
    • Instagram reels
    • YouTube Shorts
    • TikTok videos

    Create a mix of long video clips and shorter ones. Take into consideration your social networking platform using when you develop your videos.

    Platforms such as TikTok as well as Instagram are more suited to short videos.

    Facebook, along with YouTube, is perfect for short and long videos. Choose the platform that your intended users are most likely to be using. Create videos that complement the particular platform.

    The most important thing to remember is to increase sales by creating an effective video marketing strategy that is suitable for the ideal platforms.

    15. Educational Content

    Educational Content
    Educational Content

    All kinds of educational content are what make the presence of your Social Media worthwhile because you’re helping people learn!

    A well-written and informative blog will set your business from the less informative competitors well-educated consumer is more beneficial to your company.

    If your followers are informed about your business and industry, they are able to make better choices.

    And if they receive your information from you, they’ll probably choose your brand first for their products!

    You can publish your educational materials in various formats, such as the following:

    • How-to guides
    • Numbered Lists
    • Infographics
    • Steps in the chronology
    • Tutorial videos

    How to find content for your social media channels

    You can find content that you can curate in a variety of ways. You can conduct a Google search and simply search for your company’s name.

    Two of the most effective ways to do this is by following hashtags (so you know what’s being written about you and what is happening on the internet)

    There are apps sites that make it possible to monitor as many as 30 unique hashtags available on Instagram throughout seven days.

    You can also use Facebook Listening, YouTube listening as well as the monitoring of Twitter to find out what’s being reported.


    To help make your brand stand out, reduce time and improve the experience of your customers, make use of every social media platform’s features that connect these various types of content together.

    Be open to trying new ideas and thinking up new ideas. In time, you’ll be able to determine which types of content appeal to your specific target audience. It’s impossible to be able to determine what is the most effective until you’ve tried.

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