TikTok Video Editing: 10 Most Popular Apps in 2022

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    Looking to Use TikTok’s Built-in Video Editing Tools?

    The built-in TikTok Video editing App isn’t very sophisticated; However, it doesn’t mean that they’re not capable enough to enhance the 15-60 second videos you can make using TikTok. To make the video you want to create, press the plus symbol found on the bottom of the home screen of the application:

    Next, press the “Record”. This is how simple it is to design your designs on Tiktok. Are you looking to add a song and audio effects to your recording? Then, click on the sounds in the middle of the screen for recording:

    You can also alter the video’s playback speed and apply filters or effects. Once you’ve made you’ve recorded your TikTok video, you’ll be able to add stickers filters, audio or sound sounds, effects, or text layers. But it doesn’t stop there.

    The built-in TikTok Video editing App reduces the length of the video or alters how loud the video’s original music or sound is. These tools alone are enough for most TikTok users.

    To create the most entertaining TikTok videos, there is the option of using the additional TikTok video editing app to make the TikTok video that has a little more polished or production value. After you’ve edited your TikTok video modified to your taste, it’s easy to put it on the platform.

    Click on the Upload button that is located in the lower right corner of TikTok’s video shooting page: The upload feature lets you connect to the outside TikTok video editing application, which offers more sophisticated tools. After uploading and editing, you can continue adding the video’s description, offer your followers the choice to create duets, or allow comments and reactions.

    Top 10 most effective TikTok video editing apps in 2022

    1. Adobe Rush

    TikTok Video editing
    Adobe Rush

    Adobe Rush gives users an amazing amount to control their videos. Rush is a cool TikTok Video editing App by Adobe Inc. that could make fascinating TikTok videos. The interface for Adobe Rush is similar to other professional video editing applications. If you’ve used one of them previously, you shouldn’t have any issues making the transition to the interface of Adobe Rush.

    Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

    Key Features:

    • Trim videos and alter the sequence of clips;
    • Video color correction;
    • Filters;
    • Text overlays.

    2. Filmora Video Editor

    TikTok Video editing
    Filmora Video Editor

    Filmora Video Editor and Filmora Video Editor on Mac Combine the power of simplicity and speed in a warm and uplifting manner. It’s well-suited for all kinds of videos, from the basic nature of the typical TikTok videos to the latest technology-driven videos.

    Filmora Video Editor – Best TikTok Video editing App

    • It’s a fast, simple, easy-to-use, and powerful video application that’s been around the film industry for quite some time.
    • Basic editing tools that allow you to cut, trim and combine video.
    • It is easy to create multiple visual effects, like Picture-in-Picture or Tilt-shift effects, Green Screen, Reverse effect, etc.[

    How can you edit videos using Filmora Video Editor

    Step 1. Upload the video to edit

    Drag the clip you’ve saved from your manager to our main page. It’s possible to select “Import” to select files manually if you’re confident with this.

    Step 2. Drag and drop the imported clip(s) onto the timeline.

    Drag the clip you’ve saved from your manager to your main screen. It’s possible to select “Import” to select files manually if you’re at ease with that.

    You can move the timeline closer to the center for more relaxed and precise editing. This will allow for more precise text placement, stickers, sound effects, etc.

    Step 3. Modify your YouTube clip.

    Filmora is packed with inventive video editing options to spark your creativity. It’s just a few clicks away from making an appealing, captivating video that will impress your viewers.

    3. CapCut

    TikTok Video editing

    CapCut is another great video editing software, specifically designed for TikTok videos. The same developers designed CapCut as TikTok, which means you can expect most features to be planned and designed to work with the standard TikTok video. There’s a plethora of several FX and animations to make the convectional TikTok videos more appealing in a compelling way. CapCut comes with a large collection of music and effects and other editing options like speed control and reverse video.

    Platforms: iOS, Android.

    Key Features:

    • Texts and stickers
    • The library is huge;
    • Tons of innovative video effects
    • Animations.

    4. Music Video Maker

    TikTok Video editing
    Music Video Maker

    Music Video Maker’s strength lies in the music component. The app lets you discover a wealth of songs to use in making your TikTok videos. Of course, there are many other functions for editing videos, including effects and transitions. Video Maker Video Maker makes video editing simple in a unique manner. The majority of users are done with the entire video editing process in a matter of minutes.

    Platforms: Android.

    Key Features:

    • Large song library;
    • Effects and video effects;
    • The text and the subtitles.

    5. BeeCut

    TikTok Video editing

    You can make amazing TikTok videos in a matter of minutes with BeeCut regardless of the platform or operating device you’re running. BeeCut comes with many cutting-edge video editing tools that will benefit the TikTok videos you create. In addition to supporting all the major operating systems, it’s also completely functional and accessible via the internet.

    Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web.

    Key Features:

    • Split videos;
    • Trim;
    • Videos that merge;
    • Multi-clip layers.

    6. VEED Video Editor

    TikTok Video editing
    VEED Video Editor

    VEED is a distinctive online video editor that bizarrely places a high priority on renewable energy. It claims that renewable energy sources power 100 % of its facilities. You can observe the reflection of their passion for green energy in the VEED interface! The application is a simple and beautiful video editor that will finish your job quickly without the need to sign up for an account for the platform. Another benefit of the VEED app is that you do not have to install any additional apps on your devices: VEED can be used on the internet so long as you have an internet connection, regardless of your device’s type.

    Platforms: Web.

    Key Features:

    • Draw on video
    • Podcast to video;
    • Subtitles and video filters;
    • Add a progress bar to the video.

    7. Videoshop

    TikTok Video editing

    Videoshop is a common mobile video editing program that is ideal for TikTok videos. It can be used to create sounds, including explosions, animal sounds, applause, and farts.

    Platforms: iOS, Android.

    Key Features:

    • Slow-motion
    • Video trimming
    • Combiner
    • Subtitles

    8. HitFilm Express

    TikTok Video editing
    HitFilm Express

    HitFilm Express is a forever-free application for editing your videos. HitFilm gives you these professional tools completely free! If you want to edit the creation of your TikTok content, HitFilm Express will do well; after all, standard TikTok videos are quite basic.

    Platforms: Windows, Mac.

    Key Features:

    • More than 400 effects for video and pre-sets
    • Unlimited changes;
    • Professional-grade video editor;
    • Tutorials, projects, and free tutorials.

    9. EaseUS Video Editor

    TikTok Video editing
    EaseUS Video Editor

    The EaseUS video editor is a name that is familiar to every video editor. It’s among the most popular editing tools available and has received international applause. The variety of features it has is impressive. From distinct effects to the fact that the program supports various formats, This is a great tool to edit TikTok videos!

    Platforms: Windows.

    Key Features:

    • Cut, cut, and combine;
    • Mix video clips
    • Use stylish video effects
    • Over 50 transition and visual effects.

    10. iMovie

    TikTok Video editing

    iMovie is an excellent tiktok video editing app for iphone that comes from Apple Inc. Numerous video editing options in iMovie cover everything from enhancing color, shaky stabilization of video, rotation, and crop, to transitions and video speed adjustments. Although HD videos aren’t an important factor in TikTok films, iMovie handles high-definition videos very well. Pro and amateur filmmakers feel comfortable.

    Platforms: Mac, iOS, iPad.

    Key Features:

    • Crop and rotate
    • Video stabilization;
    • Adjusting speed;
    • Enhance and correct color.

    Does TikTok have video editing?

    Yes, TikTok have its own built in video editing app. You can use TikTok’s video editing feature to trim video length, or adjust the volume of the original video sound or soundtrack. 

    What is the best video editing app for TikTok?

    Top 3 best tiktok video editing app are:
    1. Adobe Rush
    2. Filmora Video Editor
    3. iMovie for iPhone users


    TikTok has become one of the top platforms for those who love video. Online video viewers are growing by the day — and their zealousness too! Therefore, it is essential to make use of the top available applications for editing TikTok videos, making these videos more engaging than ever before.

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