Unseen TikTok Stats for 2022 that marketers need to know right now

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    Although there are many well-known social media platforms that you can choose from, it’s always recommended to select one that puts your content noticed by the largest number of users within your desired market. 

    According to TikTok stats, TikTok has sprung up as one of the top-performing social media platforms and isn’t slowing down.

    Suppose you’d like to be successful with any social networks. In that case, it’s beneficial to have a basic understanding of information about the platform itself but finding pertinent TikTok information can be difficult given that the platform hasn’t been made public.

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    TikTok User Statistics

    We’ll take a look at data on how TikTok customers interact on the app. Knowing more about TikTok usage will aid your company in creating custom content that is appealing to your target audience and is in line with their habits of use.

    1. TikTok users are watching 24 hours of video content every month.

    Recent research indicates that users from important market segments (US, UK) spend about 24 hours per month watching videos via TikTok every month. This is more than the average amount of time spent on YouTube, about the 22-hour mark and forty mins per month.

    Because these videos max one minute in length, a significant amount of content is consumed. Therefore, your brand is likely to have lots of opportunities to be featured in the users’ feeds when they scroll.

    2. TikTok stats: average child spends 75 minutes a day watching TikTok videos

    In 2020, children between 4 and 15 spent on average 75 minutes a day worldwide playing TikTok videos. In the US, the figure is even more- 87 minutes. This means that you can easily publish content to audiences smaller than Gen Z. Make sure that it’s what children and their families are drawn to.

    3. 90 % of TikTok users use the app daily

    Differently, as a tribute to the high-engagement user base, 9 in 10 users access TikTok often throughout the day. It’s important to have an active and engaged user on any platform you intend to promote, and TikTok certainly has this to offer.

    TikTok Stats
    tiktok engagement stats

    4. 83 % of TikTok users have shared videos at some point

    TikTok’s creator community differs from other social media platforms in that almost everyone is involved in creating content. The research shows that as much as 83 %  of TikTok customers have created their videos at one point or another. This indicates that most users appreciate creating content as much as they enjoy consumption.

    5. 30 % of Gen Z users would prefer using TikTok to conduct product research

    While millennials and older viewers are more likely to utilize YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for research purposes, 30% of Gen Z social media users prefer TikTok.

    The result is that brands that target young audiences could benefit from regularly practicing listeners’ skills via the social media platform. This includes sharing useful content that leads to purchases and partnering with influencers to increase trust and awareness of the brand.

    6. 1 of 4 top-performing TikTok videos are between 21 and 34 seconds in length

    The shorter videos tend to perform better on TikTok. This is why one in four top-rated videos posted on the platform has a duration between 21 to 34 seconds. Furthermore, these videos have, on average, 1.6 %more views.

    7. 60 % of TikTok users use the app to find funny content.

    People use TikTok vary; however, one of the top reasons on the list is watching humorous or entertaining videos, and 60 % or more of the users visit the application for that reason. To make it on the market, businesses must figure out ways to make and distribute videos appealing to TikTokers and still align with their own brand’s voice.

    8. 43 % of TikTok users will try something different after viewing it.

    The most popular content on TikTok can motivate people to take action. A study conducted by TikTok revealed that 43 % of users decide to go somewhere or attempt things they have never tried before after viewing via the site. For companies, making popular content for TikTok, such as challenges, provides a chance to spur individuals to take action that is unique from their customers.

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    TikTok Age Demographic Stats

    TikTok stats: Demographic Popularity Stats 2022 You are free to share and use with no modifications

    9. TikTok User Stats Suggest UK Prime Demographic is 18-24 of age

    TikTok has a large presence worldwide, and even it is popular in the UK. According to TikTok figures provided by Statista, 18-24-year-olds are the top age group on the video-sharing application, which makes up 26% of the traffic. However, the 25-34-year-old group accounted for only 9% of the traffic. Despite this, House of Marketers TikTok experts run brand marketing campaigns that target Generation Z and millennials on TikTok.

    10. More and more adults are using TikTok

    Statista’s TikTok data show that 32.5 % of US users are between the ages of 10 to 19. On the other hand, Pew research information indicates the following: 48% of those between the ages of 18-29 and 22% of those between the ages of 30 and 49 have utilized TikTok.

    11. Visitors from Asian Countries make up the largest portion of visitors

    A Business of Apps about TikTok estimates that over 198 million users will use TikTok within South Asian countries in 2020. In comparison, the number of users was 100 million in North America and 98 million in Europe in the same period.

    12. TikTok is still most popular in China. According to TikTok Stats

    Looking at how TikTok was founded in China and developed in China, it is natural that it would be the most popular. In the same online report published, there were more than 600 million Douyin users in China.

    13. Between 4 and 15 spend an average of 75 minutes a day on TikTok

    The Qstodio report found that children aged between 4 and 15 were addicted to the TikTok app for more than 75 minutes a day. These kinds of TikTok data on user usage can demonstrate how the app’s effectiveness keeps and retains people’s attention.

    TikTok Stats

    14. A whopping 69% of United States’ Teenagers Use TikTok

    Teenagers constitute a huge majority of the population on the app. In addition, as per TikTok figures, they don’t have to display any signs of wanting to quit the application.

    TikTok Gender Demographic Stats

    15. In 2021,  53.79 % of TikTok users were female.

    As per, 53.79% of users worldwide were female, which means that 46.21 % of males used the app worldwide (2021).

    16. There are more female TikTok users in the US, according to TikTok Statistics

    61 % of users in the US had female users in the year 2021, as per TikTok’s user stats compiled by Statista. However, markets such as India are mostly male.

    TikTok for business statistics   

    17. TikTok is the most popular app for  consumers to spend

    Based on AppAnnie, TikTok is the most popular app to drive consumers to spend more, eclipsing Tinder to take the top spot.

    The amount of money spent by consumers on TikTok was up by a staggering 77 % by 2021. The users used the app to spend 2.3 billion dollars, up from $1.3 billion in the previous year.

    18. TikTok advertisements are seen by 17.9 % of the internet users aged 18 +

    It’s 884.9 million people, which is 15.9 % of the world’s number of people over 18 years old.

    The most popular reach of TikTok is among Gen Z users, reaching 25 % of female users 18-24 and 17.9 % of male users.

    The reach of a country varies by country of origin. For example, a TikTok advertisement could be seen by 50.3 % of the adult population in the United States, or 130,962,500 people. Therefore, countries with the biggest potential audiences for advertising comprise countries like the US, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico.

    TikTok Stats

    19. US ad spent on TikTok up by 500%

    As we said, companies and brands are seeking ways to increase sales and find more customers.

    Social media is among the largest channels to advertise these days since the average user has an account on eight social media platforms.

    TikTok isn’t an exception, and in 2020, the number of businesses using the platform to promote their products grew, with big name brands like Bose, Kate Spade, McDonald and many more joining the fun.

    The number of users enrolled in the program increased significantly and reached 31.1 % from a previous year’s figure of 17.3 % in 2019.

    It is predicted that the platform will hit 39.9 % of users, and this shows that TikTok has a lot of potential for conversion as well as advertising reach today and in the near future.

    In addition, 68 % of TikTok users reported that the advertisements they saw were of interest to their lives in some manner, indicating the overwhelming majority of users who feel a connection with the advertisements they see.

    This is huge and was the largest number of apps.

    20. TikTok is New to Marketing

    TikTok Stats

    21. The popularity of TikTok is increasing in the eyes of marketers.

    When marketers think about the best places to spend their budgets for advertising, TikTok is making big gains. Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Trends Survey revealed an increase of 24% in the %age of marketing professionals who believed TikTok was efficient in achieving their business objectives, which is compared to 3 % in the year prior, which is an increase of 700.

    It’s not well behind the advertising giants in the form of Facebook or Instagram. Both platforms experienced a dramatic decline in the perception of their effectiveness between the years 2020, 2021, and 2020: Facebook dropped by 25%, while Instagram fell 25 % while Instagram saw a drop of 40%. Instagram by 40 %.

    These shifts indicate that the advertising landscape is evolving, and businesses must adapt to meet their clients regardless of platform. TikTok has an expanding community of users to share anything that ranges from books and books to fridge storage. This allows marketers to focus on their target audience by providing appealing specific content.

    22. Collaborating with creators can increase the  view by 193%

    Creators are the official influencers on the TikTok marketplace, among the most valuable advantages for brands using the platform. Brands have the opportunity to partner with more than 100,000 creators on the TikTok Creator Marketplace to produce content that is able to reach their targeted viewers. This is beneficial to users and brands as well: 35% of users learn about brands and products via creators, and 65% are delighted with the creators’ posts about brands and products.

    In the case of one study, the cosmetics company Benefit Cosmetics partnered with creators for the Benefit Brow Challenge to promote their brand new Brow Micro filling Pen. The 22 videos that were created with Gen Z and Millennial creators produced 1.4 million views and more than 3500 hours of viewing.

    23. TikTok transforms shopping with TikTok’s “infinite loop.”

    TikTok content has been able to influence consumers’ purchasing habits. For proof that this is true, take a look at TikTok’s Feta Effect. Up until recently, this influence was indirect. Users were able to learn about a product via the app and after which they would go elsewhere to purchase the item.

    All that changed in August 2021 in the month of August 2021, when TikTok, as well as Shopify, announced the launch of a new integration that will allow shopping in-app.

    However, the change is more than the click-to-buy. TikTok views the shopping process as an endless loop, not a marketing funnel. The experience does not “end” with a purchase loop back around by letting users post about their purchases, give feedback, and then spread the word to their family and acquaintances. After making a purchase, out of four users have created an article about their new product, while one in five has created an instructional video.

    24. 67 % of users claim that TikTok motivates shoppers to buy something, even when they weren’t even planning to shop.

    TikTok users enjoy being able to connect with companies as well, and 73% say they feel more connected to businesses that they interact with on the platform.

    TikTok’s own study into the behavior of users reveals the power of the app’s influence over their users’ shopping behavior. 37 % of people find a product through the app and instantly want to purchase it. In addition, 29% have tried purchasing something through the app only to discover that they were already out of stock; it’s the TikTok Feta Effect to you. So why is it that this hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt racked up 7.4 billion visits in 2021?

    25. The most effective videos are  21-34 seconds long

    Videos that are in this sweet spot will receive a 1.6 % increase in views which is small. However, it’s significant. Read our complete video editing tutorial to enhance your videos to perfection and skill.

    26. The captions can increase the number of impressions by 55.7%

    Incorporating text into your video is more than the best way to create a design that is inclusive. It also has significant advantages in comparison to videos that do not include captions or call-to-actions on the screen.

    Another trend growing on TikTok? Voice effects. The feature of text-to-speech on TikTok allows for an auto-generated voiceover from the written text when videos have the feature activated. Video captions, including #VoiceEffects, received 160 billion views by December 2021.

    Although the voice-to text is an appealing feature that can increase the reach and accessibility of video content, many people dislike their voice. Therefore, it is recommended that companies invest in high-quality captioning and voiceovers to ensure that their videos reach the highest amount of viewers and appeal.


    The reason TikTok was able to generate an enthralling buzz is due to the fact that the app is more of an entertainment platform rather than simply a social media platform. The developers behind the application were very aware of their users right from the start. They created a user-friendly platform that gives every user the opportunity to become an author. The ease of use of the application and its broad audience appeals to many creators across the globe.

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