10 Best TikTok Management App That Will Reduce Marketing Efforts

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    TikTok is consistently breaking the new ground. It is estimated that it now has over a billion customers globally, with greater becoming a member of the social media platform daily.

    While these numbers are staggering, businesses, influencers, and entrepreneurs appear to be at the back of the curve when adopting TikTok.

    It would appear that a lot of human beings sincerely don’t have the time to develop any other social media account; however, with TikTok developing at the fee that it is, it is a platform that you can’t manage to pay to omit, and you’ll want all the assist you can get; TikTok management apps.

    Why TikTok is best for Influencers and Marketers in 2022

    One of the main reasons influencers and brands are drawn to TikTok is its potential to be viral. Although the TikTok algorithm isn’t exactly difficult to grasp, it’s evident that it’s much simpler to watch your content become viral on TikTok than similar to other Social media sites like Instagram. If you think that TikTok can be just another substitute for a Vine, look at a deeper review of what TikTok provides.


    TikTok offers an extensive database of sounds, including those shared by other users. These can be accessed before filming and play when you’re recording.


    The algorithms of TikTok are an unanswered question; however, we are aware that it employs AI to recommend video content that you’ve seen and enjoyed earlier. Then, it displays the recommended videos on a “For You” page for quick access.

    Easy to Use Interface

    TikTok comes with a surprisingly extensive range of recording and pre-recording tools that allow users to record and edit their videos in the app.


    Using the Duets function, TikTok can share screen time and record responses to content posted by other users. For those who want to get started on TikTok, we have a step-by-step guide for TikTok advertising for novices.

    Top 10 Best tiktok management app

    1. TikTok Analytics

    Review campaigns using a marketing tool designed for TikTok known as TikTok Analytics. It’s an excellent tool for any social marketer to look for social insight on the popular online video-sharing platform. It’s single yet cross-platform and has various KPIs, including benchmarks and benchmarks.


    • Users need a TikTok Pro account to gain access to TikTok Analytics.
    • All relevant information regarding content performance and its public is accessible on the website.
    • TikTok Analytics dashboard displays the TikTok Analytics dashboard shows the profile overviewFollower Insights, and Content Insights.
    • It assists in creating an effective content strategy after studying these elements.

    2. Later (best TikTok scheduler)

    TikTok Management App
    TikTok auto-post

    While Later claims to be the most popular Instagram advertising platform, the service allows you to schedule and plan TikTok posts ahead of time using TikTok scheduling. When it’s time to post, they inform your smartphone application that holds your TikTok-ready post and the caption. All you have to do is start TikTok and then post.

    Later lets you plan and share your content on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Additionally, you can post content to all your social accounts and look at everything you’re working on one platform. Furthermore, the platform will help you determine what’s working for your company and offers the user unique tips to improve your social media strategy.

    3. Vista Social (TikTok Direct Publishing)

    TikTok Management App
    TikTok Management App

    Reminders in the mobile app are a nightmare because they require users (and your customer if having an agency) to install a customized application. Vista Social is the world’s first fully approved, from TikTok, official TikTok integration. This means that it is possible to manage TikTok profiles using direct video publishing and analytics capabilities without app installation and no reminders that you need to manage. Additionally, this platform allows you to make sure that your content is posted only when you determine it is most suitable for your business.

    Making content plans Engaging your followers, working in a team, and evaluating your efforts on one platform are achievable using Vista Social.

    4. Loomly

    TikTok Management App

    Loomly is an online social media publishing or scheduling application that lets you manage all your social media posts, which includes ads and organic posts, all from one place. In addition, Loomly gives you ideas for your next blog post in line with social media best practices, the most popular subjects, feeds from RSS, and date-related events.

    Price for the Loom: Loomly pricing starts at $25 per month.

    5. SocialPilot

    TikTok Management App
    TikTok Management App

    SocialPilot is a complete social marketing tool for media. It assists teams, professionals, and businesses in automating their management of social media. For example, this was the very first management tool to provide TikTok reminders to schedule.

    SocialPilot provides the tools required to create social media posts and evaluate their performance.

    SocialPilot Price: SocialPilot pricing starts at $30 per month ($25/month for a year-long payment).

    6. TikTok Scheduler (free TikTok scheduler)

    TikTok Management App
    TikTok Scheduler

    TikTok Scheduler is an app for managing social media specifically designed for scheduling the posting of your TikTok posts. It allows you to post and manage TikTok posts through the application.

    TikTok Scheduler Price:TikTok Scheduler is free.

    7. Buffer (schedule TikTok posts mobile)

    Using the Buffer mobile app, you can schedule and plan your TikTok videos along with the rest of your social media content. It’s as easy as uploading your video, adding a caption, and setting a publishing time. Then, when the time is right, we’ll email you an email to tell you when to post your video to TikTok.

    TikTok Management App

    TikTok is a mobile-first platform with most content flowing directly from the creator’s smartphone. Therefore, when it was time to schedule, Buffer decided to build TikTok Reminders into its mobile apps, to begin with.

    8. Melody Socials

    TikTok Management App
     Melody Socials

    Melody Socials is a social media analytics tool specifically designed to be used with TikTok profiles. The site’s founders describe it as a “boutique service. The boutique is the word that does come to mind when I read the pricing; plans begin from $299 per month. It is targeted at labels, agencies, and top influencers; the tool provides complete reports that are updated in real-time. There is no more up-to-date information than this.

    Users have commented on how simple Melody Socials is to use and also how much they enjoy the live updates. However, if you’re thinking of trying this out, you must be willing to pay for it. There’s no trial for free, but the company provides a 30-day refund guarantee, so you have no risk in checking the software.

    Melody Socials is a social media platform that allows users to search for hashtags; with Melody Socials, you can search using hashtags, discover like-minded profiles and then filter according to the location. Through Melody Socials’ Platform Package, you are able to include sound search and unlimited exports of contacts to their service.

    9. Crowdfire

    TikTok Management App

    Crowdfire is a management tool for social media apps that allows you to discover and schedule content and also manage your social media accounts all from one location.

    It allows publishing, content creation, statistics, and mentions.

    Price of Crowdfire: Crowdfire offers a free plan. Paid plans begin at $9.99/month ($7.48/month when billed annually).

    10. Upfluence

    TikTok Management App

    Upfluence is the sole Influencer Marketing platform that allows agencies and brands around the world to transform their own customers into influencers that drive sales with Live Capture. Upfluence’s platform allows users to identify influencers by different criteria and filters around the globe and across seven different websites for social networking. It allows users to contact them at scale with an integrated CRM tool. It also provides an improved management system with the ability to run multiple campaigns and automatizes the administrative aspects like payments to influencers from around the world.

    Advanced analysis of KPIs for any hashtags or campaigns via Social Listening allows for greater report-writing and understanding of the campaign. The program is completely independent of social media platforms, which keeps it away from interruptions to service. It is an all-in-one program.


    Previously, the promotion of social media money owed required consistent involvement and monitoring of results; however, the scenario has been modified with the introduction of auto-posting services. Any human elements are excluded when the use of a greater prepared and much less labor-intensive approach: mixing up, skipping, or forgetting to put up something turns into tons greater difficulty. Scheduling TikTok posts is no exception. You simply want to pick out your preferred scheduling device and end up gazing at the clock.

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