TikTok Live: How to Go Live on TikTok with only 1000 followers

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    TikTok Live allows you to live stream on your social media channels and, so it is your chance to interact with your audience live. Live streams offer opportunities to showcase your talents and build your brand, whether you are hosting a series or having a conversation, sharing tutorials, or performing live.

    TikTok’s unique feature is that viewers can send virtual gifts to you if you are over 18 years of age. You can then exchange them for cash. This feature can also be used to raise funds for charity. However, the exchange rate is not great.

    How many followers do you need to go live on TikTok?  

    All accounts are not automatically eligible for the TikTok live streaming function. To enable this feature, TikTok users must be at least 16 years of age.

    TikTok has also limited the Live feature to accounts that have 1,000 followers. However, there are rumors of a way to bypass accounts with fewer followers. It didn’t work for everyone, but perhaps you’ll be able to do it better. Continue reading for more information!

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    How to go live on TikTok with less than 1000 followers

    1. These steps can also be helpful if you have 1000 TikTok followers but cannot go live until 2021. Let’s take it to step by step.
    2. Open the TikTok App from your phone.
    3. Tap the Profile icon symbolized as Me to the bottom right of the screen.
    4. To explore settings, tap the three dots menu.
    5. Scroll down, and then tap on Report a Problem in the Support Section.
    6. Find Live/Payment/Rewards
    7. Select a Topic screen. Click Live Host.
    8. Next, tap I can’t start a live.
    9. You’ve to choose. No, for the question, Is your problem resolved?

    TikTok Privacy Policy states that the Live option is not available to all users. You can read the community guidelines on TikTok.

    Write a report if you’re good at convincing people and ask them to Enable Live. You can also seek out help from someone who is better at writing.

    You just need to tell them that Live isn’t available on your account. Also, mention that fans have requested you go live.

    Next, you will need to enter an active Email address so that TikTok can contact you with the answer.

    They may not respond for up to 2 days.

    Finally, tap Send in the upper-right corner.

    tiktok live
    TikTok Live: How to Go Live on TikTok with only 1000 followers 5

    11 mistakes beginners should avoid when doing TikTok Live

    Although live videos can be cut and uncut, it takes planning and time to create memorable streams. These rookie mistakes are avoidable

    1: Going live whenever you feel like it  

    A live stream is a great surprise for your followers. However, to maximize the number of people tuning in to your live stream, you should aim to go live when most people are online and actively scrolling. This is your best chance to land on their For You page.

    2: Broadcasting for Too Long

    TikTok recommends that live sessions should not exceed 60 minutes. However, TikTok recommends that you aim for a maximum of 30 minutes. TikTok live streams are shorter than usual.

    3: Going live without warning

    A TikTok video is a smart way to promote your stream. Any user who views your video will see a special icon that informs them that you are streaming. They can access your stream from their For You feed and check out the action by clicking on this icon.

    4: Bad lighting

    Poor lighting can make it difficult for viewers to see what is going on. This is a problem for visual media.

    Before you go live, make sure that your lighting is good. You can find a space that is well-lit and has plenty of natural light or grab a ring light.

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    5: Broadcasting in a Noisy Setting

    Background noise can distract from your broadcast and cause disruptions. Make sure you find a quiet spot for your stream.

    6 – Putting up with poor wifi

    A slow internet connection can make it difficult to manage a stream that is successful. It’s difficult for your audience not to engage if you are constantly cutting in and out.

    Before you go live, make sure to test your connection. If your signal is weak or slow, it may be worth upgrading to a faster speed.

    7: Shaky camera angles

    Live streaming can be energized by a little movement or action, but too much shaking or motion can cause dizziness. For the best angle, try to keep your camera in a stable position. You can prop up your phone with a tripod or use a tripod.

    8: Winging It

    Live streaming is all about the spontaneity and possibility of anything happening. If things get too rambling or unfocused, viewers might wonder what they are doing.

    You can keep your viewers on the right track by creating a general plan of attack (or a rough outline of it) that will help you stay on target and on message.

    9: Forgetting to interact with your viewers  

    TikTok Live’s uniqueness is its interactive nature. You can interact with your audience right now, answering questions or responding to queries in real-time.

    Keep an eye on what’s going on in chat, so you don’t miss a chance to build a relationship with your fans.

    10 – Getting harassed

    This is not a case of victim-blaming. It’s just a mistake not to use the moderation tools TikTok offers for live streams.

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    Creators have the ability to filter comments and block or mute viewers, if necessary. You can also designate moderators to deal with trolls so that you can focus on creating great content.

    11: Not crunching numbers

    We know that we are obsessed with metrics over at Hootsuite HQ. So we’re delighted to see that TikTok now offers Live analytics in addition to its other Analytics. You can review your broadcast data to determine how it went quantitatively so that you can adjust, iterate, and improve the next time.


    If you’re not able to go live then be calm and focus on creating good content. You have to be different. You have to have a way to get people to remember your video. You have to be yourself. Just make your video how you would normally make it. Don’t think about other people. Definitely, your followers will increase, and then you can go live.

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