TikTok and Instagram: Using Both Platforms for Ultimate Success 

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    How is somebody able to use TikTok and Instagram together and still be successful? They are both set up in a very different way, they both have very different users and user groups, and much of the content you create doesn’t translate very well from one to the other. Here are a few tips on how to use both platforms and still get a successful outcome.

    Get Attention However You Can

    Do this within reason. Despite the claims of over privileged celebrities, there is such a thing as bad press. However, there are a lot of people telling you that you should grow your channels the right way, and all that means is that your profile grows slowly and at great expense. Instead, use a marketplace like Fameswap and buy other people’s social media profiles. Promote to those audiences and have them visit your current TikTok and Instagram profiles. Most people will just assume it is your second channel. You can buy as many different profiles as you wish, which gives you an unlimited supply of new followers for your primary Instagram and TikTok accounts.

    Give Instagram Your Byproducts

    Focus all your energy on creating amazing content for TikTok, and then use your byproduct content for Instagram. For example, if you were recording a fashion show for TikTok videos, then take a few of the best screenshots, edit them, and post them to Instagram. If you were shooting a portion of the show, and you got some great content, but somebody messed up your shot, you can still post the good portion of your video as an Instagram story. Even if you are creating animation for TikTok, you can show your rough drawings or your storyboard on Instagram.

    Build TikTok Content Around Your Instagram Content

    Very rarely are you able to create Instagram-ready content and give the byproducts to TikTok. However, you can build TikTok content while making your Instagram content. For example, if you are creating art for Instagram, then record videos of you creating your sketches and building up the image. Speed up the videos, edit them, and put them on TikTok so people can see how you make your art. If you are taking photos of new cars for your Instagram posts, then make videos showing your best and worst work (similar to those Instagram Vs Reality posts that went viral). By showing your best and worst images side-by-side, you could show the people in TikTok how difficult it is to take genuinely good photographs.

    Work on Two Projects Using The Same Assets

    Your TikTok videos will not do well on Instagram, even if you remove the music, effects and logos. Your Instagram content that is successful will not be as successful on TikTok. Yet, you may be able to save some time and money by using the same assets to create very different content.

    For example, you may be promoting tight-fitting leggings, like those “Butt Sculpting” ones that Cosmopolitan helped to popularize. You may run some very good photo shoots showing them off. After editing, the images are perfect for Instagram and you are quite successful. However, the images and even the modeling shoot videos don’t do too well on Instagram. 

    The solution is to use the same assets and setup to create TikTok content at the same time. While conducting the photo shoot for Instagram, run a few trending TikTok features. For example, run the “Why aren’t you in uniform?” routine where you show the model in her regular clothes and then the leggings. Or, the trend where you have the model stand and then edit in the music “What you gunna do with that big fat butt?” Then have her bend and wiggle for the “Wiggle Wiggle” sound bite. The great thing is that between each shoot, you can run a few of these trending video features and have them all set up for TikTok with very little editing required (since TikTok gives you the trending music and such).

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