TikTok Analytics: Why Every Marketer Should Use it in 2022

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    With greater than 1 billion monthly activities and more than 1 billion active monthly users, you are making it an absolute necessity for any company that wants to be successful online.

    The TikTok platform for marketing campaigns can be extremely effective and help your company’s brand gain more exposure quickly.

    If you’re using TikTok to advertise your business, be aware that to determine if what you are doing is correct or requires improvement, you should regularly use the TikTok analytics.

    When you’re putting together a TikTok plan of marketing, ensure that you look at some of the TikTok metrics that can be an excellent indicator of the content’s performance.

    What is TikTok Analytics?

    TikTok Analytics is a special tool designed to assist creators and businesses monitor the performance of their content. It provides insight into important information such as the changes in the number of followers and profile overviews, and video analysis.

    You can monitor how your videos do compare to your competitors or the many followers you gained following the release of your latest video. TikTok analytics is an indispensable tool for marketers and anyone looking to have an impact on the social media platform.

    How to check your TikTok analytics

    Follow these simple steps, and the doors to TikTok stats and analytics will be open:

    1. Go to your profile page, and hit the three horizontal lines located in the lower right-hand corner. This will open the settings page.

    TikTok Analytics

    2. Click on “Manage Your Account. 

    TikTok Analytics

    3. Click or tap on “Switch to Business Account.”

    TikTok Analytics

    4. Follow the steps and select the option that best suits your content.

    5. Verify your email address to complete the upgrade. If you’re unable to access your email or don’t have access to it, select to select the “Use phone” option to receive an SMS instead.

    Categories of TikTok analytics

    TikTok analytics is divided into four main categories:

    • Overview,
    • Content,
    • Followers and
    • LIVE

    Overview of analytics

    In the overview tab, you will look at the analytics of the past month, week, or two months, or you can pick a customized date timeframe. Are you curious about your account’s performance when you shared that super-simple All I Have at Christmas Is You lip sync for 2020? This is where you should look.

    Content analytics

    This tab displays which videos you have uploaded were the most popular for the specified time frame. It also offers information on every post, including statistics like views, comments, likes, comments, and shares.

    Analytics for Followers

    Its follower tab gives you information about your followers, such as an analysis of gender and the region of the globe they’re viewing from. It also lets you know which of your followers is the most active in the app.

    If you’re seeking guidance about how you can gain more (real) customers, we’ve got your back.

    Live analytics

    This tab provides insights into live-streamed videos you’ve held in the past month or week (7 (or 28) days). These statistics include followers count, the amount of time you’ve been live in the last week, and the number of Diamonds you’ve received.

    How to use TikTok analytics to grow your account  

    TikTok analytics can assist you in gaining a greater understanding of your account’s followers, making it simpler to make high-quality and engaging content.

    When you consider your analytics while creating new TikTok content, You can make sure that all your TikTok videos are in line with your audience’s preferences.

    This means that there are more chances for success over the long term on TikTok!

    Best TikTok Analytics Tools for 2022

    If you’re not happy with the inbuilt analytics tool, here is the list of other tools that can do the same for you.

    1. Analisa

    Although Analisa is still fairly new (it was only launched in the year 2019), It is helping brands across more than 57 countries. Based on artificial intelligence, it’s targeted at influencers, brand marketers, media publishers, and agencies. With Analisa, it is possible to gain access to raw data, such as the number of people who like your posts and analysis (an analysis of the unstructured data).

    Although Analisa offers a free plan, it, unfortunately, isn’t able to provide any statistics or data for TikTok. If you’d like to use TikTok, it is necessary to join one of the three paid plans. The lowest plan costs just $69 per month. However, it provides very little information on TikTok. Therefore, it is recommended to sign up for The Plus option ($149 monthly) and the Professional package ($239 monthly).


    • Follower audience demographics
    • Campaign report
    • Analysis of content

    2. Popsters

    Popsters allow you to analyze and compare the efficacy that you have made of TikTok posts. For instance, you can determine which types of posts are most popular with your intended users or look at performance indicators like the length of posting and hashtags used.

    The pricing works differently than other tools. Instead of determining its price based on the features included and the features it offers, the pricing of its plans depends on the time of historical data available. Popsters give you access to 30 days of content for just $9.99. For one year of access, you must pay a one-time special cost of $89.99. The plans are available limited to one user and only one social network.


    • Sorting posts
    • Filtering of posts
    • Exporting to XLSX, PPTX, PDF
    • Statisticians of activity graphs

    3. Brand24

    While Brand24 isn’t a complete TikTok analytical tool, you could utilize it to monitor the popularity of hashtags you have on TikTok and other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. It’s a great method to track your product or brand online. It also functions as an instrument to measure the popularity of your brand, product, or even a keyword.

    With the Brand24 hashtag Analytics tool, you’ll find the number of hashtag mentions and their reach on social media, their sentiment, and the most influential people who use hashtags. It’s an all-in-one hashtag analysis tool. It lets you monitor your volume graph to observe how your hashtags are trending. You can then use hashtag analytics to determine the social media reach they bring to social media platforms and other sources. Brand24 sends you notifications immediately regarding changes in the performance of hashtags to let you’ll know when your hashtags are going viral.


    • Monitoring the reach of your hashtags
    • Find influencers with your hashtags
    • Find the most active accounts with your hashtags

    4. Iconosquare

    Iconosquare is an analysis and administration platform that recently integrated TikTok as a social media network in addition to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They think their product can complement the native analytics of TikTok.

    Iconosquare offers the essential analysis to assist influencers and brands in determining whether they’re in a direction to achieve their goals and can make informed choices based on accurate information.

    There are three levels of pricing that include Pro (targeting small-sized businesses as well as professional marketers), Advanced (targeting marketing teams) along with Enterprise (best in larger agencies or social media departments). Pro starts at $49/month if it is billed annually.


    • Engagement and performance measurement
    • Individual video analytics for each video
    • Most engaging videos
    • When is the best time to publish
    • History of views / Likes history Comment history Shares history histories and density.
    • Media’s lifespan
    • Chart export

    5. TrendTok

    The TrendTok app allows influencers to monitor, recognize and predict TikTok trends according to location, category, and even location. This information will allow you to take advantage of trends coming up earlier to create viral videos and ultimately gain more followers naturally. With the help of AI, trends are also personalized to your needs. It is then possible to save your top trends so you can keep an eye on how they perform.


    • Analysis of new, rising, and falling trends
    • Predicting trends with its AI
    • Personalized trend recommendations


    Using TikTok analytics is a fantastic method of determining what videos are performing best to make the type of content that your customers want to view. It doesn’t matter if you’re posting tips for photography on TikTok or humorous sketches of your day-to-day life; you’ll put your videos to the right people.

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