TikTok Ads: How To Run a Successful Ad on TikTok in 2022

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    With more than 1 billion monthly active users spread across 150 countries, TikTok is the new marketing guru’s desire. It’s also the seventh-largest social media platform worldwide. So if you want to increase sales of your products or services or get specific traffic toward your site, TikTok advertising campaigns can bring you a decent return on your advertisement budget.

    TikTok ads can help you reach a youthful, energetic audience who loves good content. TikTok ads platform is a comprehensive platform that allows both large and small companies to reach millions of users around the globe.

    Who should advertise on TikTok in 2022?

    Anyone targeting a younger demographic could and should use TikTok ads.

    However, TikTok isn’t just for teenagers anymore. Here are TikTok’s primary demographics:

    Twenty-five percent of users in the US are between the ages of 10-and 19, and 22.4 percent are between 20 and 29. Only 11 percent of users are 50.

    Most people in most demographics are awestruck by TikTok, even if they don’t have active accounts.

    Women comprise more than 60 percent of all monthly online internet users within the US.

    TikTok is utilized all over the globe and is one of the most well-known social media network websites.

    Types of tiktok ads

    TikTok Ads
    Source- HootSuite

    1. In-Feed Ads

    TikTok ads are displayed when users browse the “For You Page” (FYP).

    In-feed advertisements can be as long as 60 seconds (although videos that last between 9 and 15 seconds are thought to constitute an ideal “sweet spot”). TikTok can interact with these ads via comments, likes (sometimes), or shares. However, the ads can also be accessible to skip.

    The brands that make this kind of TikTok ads can also include an action-oriented button that connects to an online landing page. If you aim to increase sales or traffic through TikTok, In-Feed ads could be effective.

    TikTok Ads

    These types of ads are ideal in…

    • Brands who wish for their advertisements to blend into the native content stream (versus being completely out-of-character).
    • Brands from CPG or any other company that sells physical products These ads are ideal for showcasing the products on display.
    • Anyone who wants to dip their toes in TikTok advertising (since it is the most popular advertisement format and one of the easiest formats to create).

    2. Spark Ads

    Spark ads enable brands to use the existing TikTok content and user-generated videos rather than making videos by scratch.

    Similar to In-Feed ads, advertisements appear and appear as natural content. This is because they appear within the feed without interfering with scrolling.

    However, unlike the In-Feed ads, Spark ads can be linked to an actual TikTok account rather than just the landing page. Since these ads belong to a real TikTok account, users can visit the original poster directly.

    Every single video view and comment and share, likes, and shares gained from the course of a Spark promotion are linked to the original post. This is true whether it’s the company’s or the creator’s piece of content. Furthermore, the additional analytics included in Spark ads makes it simple to evaluate the campaign’s return on investment.

    However, Spark ads could contain the CTA button that takes users to a landing page rather than an account’s webpage. Users can also tap on the music icon of the ad to open the page with audio for the track (and utilize it on the future TikToks).

    These types of ads are perfect to use…

    • Brands that have online content which could be used as a TikTok advertisement.
    • Companies want to build the power of social proof by working with a brand with an established, larger audience than their own.
    • Brands are interested in increasing their reach and brand recognition over direct sales.

    3. TopView Ads

    TikTok Ads
    Source- HootSuite

    They are “video-first format” ads that are 60 seconds long and show right after users open the TikTok application.

    The ads are unique since they’re full-screen and auto-playing with audio. In addition, advertisers may include a call-to-action button inside the advertisement. These ads are a “must-see” since they take all of your screens.

    If you’re seeking seamless ads that feel natural, TopView ads probably aren’t the best option. This is because they might be disruptive to your user’s experience. Along with the length of their videos, TopView ranks among the more “traditional” of TikTok’s video advertisements because they feel like commercials.

    But that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from them from being successful. Actually, 71% of TikTokers claim that TopView advertisements grab their focus. The platform also states that CPG firms saw an increase of 67% in sales efficiency with these TikTok advertisements. What a coincidence!

    Find out the ways Experian makes use of this format to advertise their app and bring users to their FICO Score landing pages:

    These kinds of ads are perfect to use…

    • Brands with ads and creatives they wish to reuse.
    • Businesses with large budgets for advertising, because of the blatant nature of these ads, can increase the cost (hint: 7.4 million impressions will cost you $65,000 per day by 2020 for TopView advertisements).
    • Brands with experience in other kinds of TikTok advertisements (or recognize that their presence on the platform is worth the advertising spend).

    4. Brand Takeover Ads

    The full-screen ads are displayed on the FYP shortly after opening TikTok. They are created with three to five seconds of video (or images that are 3 seconds long) and direct users to the Hashtag Challenge or landing page. Brands may choose to use either based on the purpose of their campaign.

    TikTok can only view only one Branded Takeover ad per day. This means that there is less advertising space, but they are quite expensive.

    These kinds of ads are ideal to use for

    • Brands who want to generate buzz around events or to get TikTok hashtags popular (like Guess’ #InMyDenim campaign).
    • Brand launches attempt to create a massive single-time surge in traffic.
    • Brands with large budgets are looking to increase their ad publicity (with lesser competition).

    5. Branded Hashtag Challenge Ads

    TikTok Ads

    These challenges sponsored by hashtags appear on the TikTok Discover Page. This type of advertisement increases involvement (on average 8.5 percent) and encourages users to create content.

    Here’s a quick overview of how these kinds of TikTok ads function:

    • First, a user clicks on the challenge with the hashtag branded on the right at the very top of the Discover Page.
    • They’re directed to the Brand Challenge page containing a description of the contest and the rules and the logo of the sponsoring brand, and an address on the website of their sponsor.
    • TikTok makes its content based on the challenge and uses the hashtags of the brand for advertising its content.

    These kinds of ads are ideal to use…

    • Brands who want to promote the creation of content from users.
    • Companies with previous experience in advertising hashtags in other countries (or companies with long-standing popular hashtags).
    • Brands that focus on increasing awareness and increasing engagement with TikTokers.

    6. Branded Effects

    TikTok Ads
    Source- HootSuite

    Think Snapchat and Instagram! Similar to the other platforms mentioned, Branded Effects allow brands to create shareable stickers, filters, and other effects for TikTok to promote themselves. The majority of brands will combine this type of format with other TikTok advertisements.

    The advantage? The benefits? Filters and special effects are typically noisy and flashy, which makes them ideal for the users of TikTok. As a result, these kinds of ads are great to increase engagement as well as generate more UGC.

    For instance, PUMA created a Branded Effect (along with hashtag challenges) to advertise the Future Flash collection under the hashtag #FlashOfFuture. The campaign received 587.5 million views as of the time.

    These types of ads are perfect in…

    • Brands that want to establish an aesthetic or brand identity through TikTok.
    • Businesses with a talent for creativity have the necessary skills and knowledge to develop digital effects.
    • Brands seeking to maximize the visibility that they can get from a TikTok promotion.

    How to create tiktok ads

    TikTok advertising is constantly evolving as the platform develops. Before the launch of the new TikTok business services in June of 2020, businesses are required to reach out to their company in person to determine whether they could be eligible to advertise. Although new features and additional advancements could be added to the paid advertising solutions offered by the platform, The first step is straightforward: begin by registering an account on TikTok’s Ads Manager. TTK Ads Manager.

    Select your billing region or country, and then select whether you’re using your account for personal or business. Finally, click on “Next.”

    TikTok will ask users to input basic information, such as an email address as well as a password. You’ll also need to enter a verification code which will be sent to your email address. If you decide to sign-up using your telephone number, you’ll require the verification code delivered to your phone.

    If you confirm that you accept the conditions and terms, then click “Sign Up.”

    After your brand has been approved, log into your dashboard, and complete the initial setup of your account in accordance with the directions. You can then follow the steps listed below to create TikTok advertisements:

    TikTok Ads
    Source- HootSuite

    1. Design a new campaign

    Start by creating an advertisement campaign by clicking on the “Campaigns” tab and clicking on the “Create” button.

    It gives you the chance to choose your campaign’s goal, which includes whether you’d like to boost conversions, traffic, or even app installations.

    Give your campaign a title and establish the campaign’s minimum budget. You can establish an annual budget that will allow you to get your message to the maximum number of people; if you decide to set the budget for each day, you are able to gradually and gradually reach out to your desired public.

    2: Choose your locations and targeted audience

    TikTok Ads

    After that then, you can begin making an ad group for your campaign. That’s where you determine your advertising group’s location and targeting. Your selection of the ad’s placement will determine how your ads will appear on TikTok as well as its other partner platforms.

    You can choose to either select the automatic placement option or manually choose your target’s placement. Automated placement will ensure that your advertisements are visible across all TikTok partner applications. It’s a good option to think about if you don’t have a particular placement in your mind. When you select”Select Placement,” which is the “Select Placement” option, you can choose which apps from the list of partners you would like your ads to be displayed on.

    You can further customize your targeting after that and be able to choose to target users by the demographics. This could include gender, location, age group, age range, and interest group.

    3: Create a new ad

    After you have set the ad group, you want to join. You are now able to set up your first advertisement. TikTok offers you the choice to upload an image or video file to create your ad’s creative. To ensure the best result, be sure to follow the suggested ad specifications. This will ensure that your advertisement appears great on TikTok as well as on all partner platforms.

    When you’ve created an ad that’s according to your preferences, You’ll be able to test it out to get an idea of what it will look like for TikTok users. In this article, you’ll be able to figure out if your ad requires some adjustments before submitting it to be reviewed.

    You can further personalize your advertisement by naming it so that it is easier to differentiate between ads that belong to the same grouping of ads. Enter your text using 12 to 100 characters to communicate your message in a more effective manner. The text will be displayed above the advertisement.

    Then, you’ll be able to select among a variety of calls to action according to the kind of thing you want your audience members to do. You can also ask people to.”

    • Sign Up,
    • Download Now,
    • Contact Us,
    • Book Now,
    • Shop Now,
    • Apply Now
    • or Learn More.

    Click on “Submit” to finish creating your advertisement.

    4. Measure the performance of your advertisement

    It’s not done when the launch of your advertisement; you must also evaluate the performance to assess whether your advertising campaign is yielding results. TikTok offers native analytics that will provide you with information on how your advertisement performs in terms of clicks, impressions as well as conversions. You can also evaluate and compare the effectiveness of various ad designs and locations to determine what is the most effective option for you.

    How Much do TikTok Ads Cost?

    TikTok Ads
    TikTok Ads: How To Run a Successful Ad on TikTok in 2022 9

    TikTok Ads are new to the market. Brands and businesses are still playing using the platform; therefore, understanding the average cost and return-on-investment (ROI) isn’t easy.

    If you’re a small-scale business and would like to try TikTok ads, Do not let the unknown put you off, and spending a lot of money for TikTok doesn’t mean you’re the only method to get your message out on the application.

    You can sign up for an account for free TikTok Ads account and make In-Feed ads using your own budget and timetable. At present, the minimum budget for campaigns is $500, while the minimum group budget for ads is $50.

    However, it has been said that the price for advertising on TikTok could range from $50,000 to $120,000depending on the kind of content and length of the advertisement.

    If these numbers are accurate, it will be understandable as to why we haven’t seen smaller companies advertising on TikTok at this point.

    As more companies begin to take part in and utilize TikTok ads and other advertising platforms, it will be more apparent if TikTok will be following the same format as Instagram as well as Facebook ads, where (no budgets are too low) or if they’ll continue to maintain certain types of ads such as hashtag contests with branded hashtags as premium budgets.

    TikTok ads specifications

    We’ll concentrate on advertisements that appear on TikTok as a whole and not the TikTok family of TikTok news apps.

    TikTok video ads specifications

    • Aspect ratio 9:16, 1:1 or 16:9. Videos that are vertical and have a 9/16 ratio are the most effective.
    • Minimum resolution minimum resolution: 540 x 960 pixels or 640 x 64 px. Videos that have resolutions of 720 pixels work best.
    • Types of files include MP4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp or .avi
    • Duration: 5-60 seconds. TikTok recommends recommends 21-34 seconds to get the best performance.
    • Maximum file size 500MB
    • Profile image Square image with less than 50 KB
    • Brand name or App name (app) or 4-40 characters (app) or 2-20 characters (brand)
    • Ad description: 1-100 characters, no emojis

    Spark Ads specs

    • Aspect ratio: Any
    • minimum Resolution: Any
    • Duration: Any
    • Maximum file size: Any
    • Emojis and account mentions are allowed
    • Display name and text originate from the original organic post

    Are TikTok advertisements suitable for all types of business?

    TikTok is suitable for a majority of businesses, but not every business will achieve the success they desire using it. It is designed specifically for companies seeking a large and active audience. Its most popular engagement rates were 17.99 percent in 2020. It might also be interesting to be aware that 90 percent of TikTok users use the app more than once per day while they are spending an average of 68 minutes a day using the application (usage daily within the USA). This is what makes TikTok the ideal platform for engaging with users.

    If you run an enterprise that caters to younger buyers is likely to succeed by using TikTok advertising. This is because 50percent of the TikTok world’s audience is younger than 34, and 26% of them are between 18-and 24 years of age. Yet, there are opportunities to connect with various age categories.

    If you are an enterprise that is international in its market, the TikTok advert is the ideal option for you. It is because TikTok is accessible in more than 150 countries, with 70 languages around the globe.

    If your customers fall into the categories mentioned above and your company is in the above categories, you will earn an amazing return on advertising.

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