3 tips to Leverage A+ Content to beat your competitors

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    A+ Content is a front-running way of crafting a visual storyboard that can help boost your sales and increase your brand awareness and brand trust. If you’re looking for ways to take your Amazon sales to the next level, you must think “big picture” about your brand and products. To succeed on Amazon and earn sales, you must avoid falling into the trap of stock products, keyword stuffing, and mundane branding that doesn’t set your brand apart from the thousands of other options on the Amazon marketplace.

    If you’re familiar with selling on the platform, you already know that Amazon is gearing its marketplace to established brands. This means that brand registered sellers can access many features and benefits that non-brand registered sellers cannot.

    Benefits of the Brand Registry Program on Amazon

    1. Diverse ad options.
    2. Access to A+ Content and Brand Analytics.
    3. Ability to fight counterfeiters claiming access to your listing.
    4. A robust support network that can adequately and promptly address your concerns.
    5. Ability to monitor your brand using Brand Registry tools.
    6. Option to create Amazon Storefronts.

    What is Brand Registry & A+ Content on Amazon?

    For any newbies reading this, here’s a quick explanation of exactly what Brand Registry is and also its respective A+ Content:

    Brand Registry unlocks a suite of tools designed to help you build and protect your brand, creating a better customer experience.

    Brand Registry is only available to those sellers who have a trademarked brand. It was initially formulated to help protect sellers from the wide range of counterfeit selling, which has unfortunately been gaining a firm grasp within the platform.

    While not perfect, Brand Registry is a viable option for sellers to protect themselves while also taking advantage of exclusive benefits.

    A+ Content, on the other hand, is a unique option to level-up your product descriptions and details with vivid video content, enhanced images, and copywriting, alongside user guides, comparison charts, and more. This option can only be accessed once a seller is enrolled in the Brand Registry program.

    Sellers who are not trademarked, and therefore not a part of the brand registry program, cannot create A+ Content.

    A+ Content
    3 tips to Leverage A+ Content to beat your competitors 4

    Top 3 ways to leverage your A+ content

    So now you’ve secured your brand trademark, and you’re enrolled in Brand Registry. Congratulations are in order because we know as Amazon sellers that these are the milestones indicating potential success in the private label world!

    Example of A+ Content Modules

    getida a plus content
    3 tips to Leverage A+ Content to beat your competitors 5

    #1 Live Streaming

    In 2020 alone, over 213 million visitors frequented Amazon sites, and those numbers are forecasted to rise into early 2021 and beyond.

    What does that stat tell us?

    People trust Amazon.

    89% of consumers say they are more likely to buy products on Amazon than any other online site. Trust is a massive factor in consumer behavior, and to gain trust as a smaller player just starting on Amazon, you need high-quality content.

    A+ Content not only builds brand awareness but it can also:

    • Lower return rates
    • Increase conversions
    • Help lower ACoS

    With e-commerce booming, many significant marketing experts such as Neil Patel predict live streaming should be the focus in 2021, alongside high-quality video content.

    Amazon recently launched its live-streaming creator app, and while it may not be well-known in the space just yet, it’s the way of the future and should not be overlooked too quickly.

    “Brands and influencers can livestream and reach customers on Live Streaming allows you to showcase products and interact with shoppers in real-time.”

    So how can you access this type of content on the platform? That’s right, you need to be brand registered.

    Simple Steps to Creating Great Live Streaming Content on Amazon

    1. Download the Amazon Creator app in the Apple App Store. (not available on Google Play)
    2. Decide on the type of device to stream from (phone, laptop, etc.).
    3. Dedicate a name to the live streaming event (you want to capture attention and keep it, so you’ll need a solid content headline).
    4. Good lighting is a must! Whether you’re doing an impromptu live event or something more rehearsed, good lighting is essential to highlight your products and your feature presenter.
    5. Have fun! Influencers are engineered for this type of content, and their enthusiasm should be natural yet confident. If you’re the live streaming person, that’s okay. Just focus on relaying positive, reliable information, and have a little fun while doing so!

    #2 Video Content is King in 2021

    If you’re still unsure about the emergence of live streaming on Amazon, that’s okay too. But don’t miss out on the opportunity to create vivid video content for your Amazon Store and advertising campaigns.

    If you’re starting to panic at the assumed cost of video content, relax, we’ve got you covered there too. It doesn’t have to be as intimidating or as costly as you may think, and all you need is excellent video creator software.

    We highly recommend You can sign up for one month, or you can purchase a year’s worth of access, whatever makes sense for your business.

    The software is very user-friendly, and in roughly 20 mins you can have stunning video content for all your Brand Registry needs on Amazon.

    If your budget is up to the big league, there are great high-quality video production companies for Amazon sellers.

    Here are some basic Amazon video guidelines for Ad Creation:

    1. Sizing & Resolution – Be sure to view the guidelines for correct sizing and resolution.
    2. Content Appropriateness – Amazon has guidelines on what is acceptable to display in video content, be sure to follow these rules to ensure your video does not violate terms of service.
    3. Useful Product Details – Understand what your buyers need to see to relay proper benefits and specifications.

    #3 Clear & Compelling Copy

    Gone are the days of keyword stuffing in any section of the listing, but also gone are the days of writing miles-long wordy copy in the A+ area.

    It’s true, we are visual beings, and with that in mind, your A+ imagery should be on point. It should captivate your audience, encouraging them to do a double-take and scroll down to the bottom of the A+ section. 

    Following fantastic imagery, the copywriting in the A+ section is starting to trend a little shorter and certainly more clear.

    Organic copy that is engaging and pulls on some basic physiological tactics will benefit brands in the A+ Section.

    getida amazon copyright
    3 tips to Leverage A+ Content to beat your competitors 6

    Tips for Great A+ Copywriting

    1. Identify your product USP (Unique Selling Proposition) within the first module of your content.
    2. Keep the copy clear and concise and avoid repetitive statements.
    3. Establish a meaningful connection with your audience by creating a narrative they can relate to.
    4. Use Power words to call attention to main benefits (examples: Ultimate, Secret, Amplify, Captivate, etc.).
    5. Address pain points through language that is easy to understand and meaningful.

    Options to Consider When Writing Your A+ Copy

    • Mission Statements
    • Values
    • Addressing Frequently Asked Questions
    • Use of Power words to drive home main benefits

    What to Avoid in A+ Copy

    • Repetitive Words and Phrases
    • Convoluted or Confusing Wording
    • Poor Grammar
    • Clickbait
    • Ambiguous Statements

    Use infographics that point out the main features of your products, and be mindful that the headlines you create should not only attract attention but should also be relatively the same length for each module. Copy needs to read well, yet it needs to be visually easy to digest too.

    2021 is off to a big start, and brands will have to dig deep and find ways to mitigate some of the uncontrollable factors we saw emerge with the beginning of the global pandemic, such as inventory restrictions.

    Notwithstanding that, brands will have to think about building trust, connecting, and engaging with their shoppers on a whole new level. A+ Content is another means to do just that, and if you’re a brand that’s seeing steady success on the platform, it’s time to kick it up a notch and enter the Brand Registry program and begin creating stunning content with fury.

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