Swarovski Launches Dedicated Amazon Brand Store

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    On 5th February 2020, Swarovski will expand its reach within the U.S. market via the launch of its Amazon brand store in the U.S. The launch follows the success of its existing partnerships with Amazon globally, with brand stores already active in key European markets and Japan.

    This collaboration is part of Swarovski’s approach to ensuring customers are always placed at the very heart of its business and retail strategies. While its physical stores will continue to play a fundamental role for the business, one of Swarovski’s key priorities for 2020 is to further grow its online presence and e-commerce efforts. Marking the start of a special year for Swarovski, the online store will serve as a new destination for Swarovski products and style inspiration in the U.S., launching with its Spring/Summer 2020 Collection.

    Robert Buchbauer, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO Consumer Goods Business at Swarovski, commented, “I am delighted to announce Swarovski’s collaboration with Amazon Fashion – one of the world’s leading fashion destinations. This partnership is a very important moment for our brand and kicks off a special year for Swarovski, as we celebrate our 125th anniversary. Working collaboratively with Amazon Fashion will pave the way for a variety of new and exciting opportunities for us in 2020 and beyond.”

    Swarovski’s strategic relationship with Amazon U.S. – a key global player in the digital fashion industry will form a core part of the brand’s global omnichannel retail strategy, to develop its digital presence and deliver an enhanced customer experience across all digital touchpoints. The new brand store will enable Swarovski to scale-up its operations across the U.S., helping the brand to expand its reach.

    Amazon Brand Store

    “By leveraging the efficiency of Amazon’s global logistical network, we will be able to meet the needs and expectations of our consumers. In the current digital age, we must show them agility and passion and I am confident that this partnership will allow us to do that,” continued Robert Buchbauer.

    Michele Molon, EVP Omnichannel and Commercial Operations at Swarovski, added, “The digital sphere is constantly growing, and as such, we are always on the lookout for fresh and daring ways to connect with our consumers. Amazon is a leading global authority in e-commerce and by leveraging its extensive expertise, combined with our unique brand proposition, we are excited to see what this new collaboration will bring. Based on the success of our existing brand stores in Amazon’s other markets, we strongly believe that we’re in a great position to extend our reach across the U.S.”

    Swarovski will offer Amazon customers a diverse range of products, a testament to the brand’s craftsmanship, expertise and cutting-edge techniques, as well as a seamless online experience. In turn, Amazon will help take Swarovski to the next level via an expanded digital footprint.

    Founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895, this year Swarovski is celebrating its 125th anniversary and its legacy of exquisite craftsmanship, mastery and innovative design. As a tribute to this milestone, the brand has launched an exclusive 125th Anniversary Collection, which sees best-selling Swarovski creations reimagined in its signature blue. The Collection, which showcases Swarovski’s imitable style and sparkle will also be available to Amazon U.S.’s costumers.

    The Swarovski brand store will be available on Amazon U.S. from February 2020.

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