7 Easy Steps to Create a Facebook Page That Gets Closer to Your Business Goals

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    Many businesses are now using Facebook as a way to not only connect with their customers but to get closer to their business goals. A Facebook page can also be an amazing way to showcase your products and services. Creating a good Facebook page can seem like a daunting task, but it’s not as scary as it seems. There are 7 steps that you can take to make sure that you set up your business page in the best possible way.

    What is a Facebook Business Page?

    Facebook Pages are a type of account that Facebook Page uses can be described as a publicly accessible Facebook account utilized by organizations, brands, artists, and public figures. Businesses can use Pages to communicate details about themselves, share updates, post information, announce releases and events and, possibly most importantly, interact with their Facebook fans.

    Pages can be linked to Facebook advertising accounts as well as Facebook Shops.

    How to create a Facebook Page for business

    Follow these steps to figure out how to set up an effective Facebook company page.

    1. Register for a Facebook Business Page

    Create a Facebook Page
    Source- Entrepreneur

    Facebook business pages can be created with the personal Facebook account, which means you’ll have to sign into Facebook to create your Facebook account. Then, to the right of your blue bar, locate and click the “Create” “Create” button.

    Create a Facebook Page
    Source- Entrepreneur

    Click “Page” from the Menu

    A drop-down menu will be displayed when you click “Create.” Select the first option, “Page,” to create your Facebook Business Page.

    Create a Facebook Page
    Source- Entrepreneur

    Choose a Page Category

    You can choose between two categories on the page “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure.” For most businesses with a profit motive, you’ll opt for Brand or Business.

    2. Enter Your Business Information

    Create a Facebook Page
    Source- Entrepreneur

    You must tell Facebook what you’d like the name of the account to have. This should be the exact same as the name of your business. Next, select an area that best represents what your business provides. For instance, you might select “Clothing,” for a clothing line, which will be pre-populated with similar options to select from.

    3. Upload Your Profile Picture & Cover Photo

    Create a Facebook Page
    Source- Entrepreneur

    Choose a picture to use as your business page’s profile image. The majority of businesses utilize their logos as a profile image; however, you can use any photo that represents your company and your brand. Be sure that the image is clear and not cut off.

    Consider uploading a cover picture. Cover photos are the images displayed at the top of the Facebook Business Page, like the private Facebook account. Your cover image needs to be very appealing & reflect your business. The cover image should be at a minimum of 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels high. We have a collection of Facebook page templates for small-sized companies.

    Create a Facebook Page
    Source- Entrepreneur

    4. Invite Friends to Like Your Page

    Create a Facebook Page
    Source- Entrepreneur

    Facebook will ask you to invite current Facebook friends on your personal Facebook account to join the new Page for your business. Your existing Facebook friends can serve as an ideal starting point of followers for a brand newly created Facebook Business Page, so it is recommended that you take the initiative to invite them. You can either click on the pop-up message or invite friends to the “…” button on your Page on your business, as illustrated below.

    5. Include Additional Business Details

    On the left-hand side, Find and click “About.” This is where you’ll enter the details that inform readers about your company and how to get in touch with you about the products on your menu. Input all relevant details, including your website’s address, hours, and contact information.

    Create a Facebook Page
    Source- Entrepreneur

    It’s not unusual to see a company’s Facebook page be ranked higher on organic searches than their website due to the authority of Facebook’s domain. In this regard, it is essential to fill in all details since it could be a potential customer’s first point of contact to your business.

    6. Add a Button to Your Page

    Create a Facebook Page
    Source- Entrepreneur

    After you’ve input all the important details in the Facebook account for your business, you’ll need to include a link to your Page. This button will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of your Page, below your cover image. It acts as your Page’s call-to-action (CTA), which is completely free to utilize. Making sure that the CTA is relevant to your company can create leads and, consequently, increase sales. For this to be done, just click the “blue “+ Add a Button” option on the left part of your Page just below the cover image.

    Create a Facebook Page
    Source- Entrepreneur

    You can select one of the following buttons: Book with You, Contact You Shop, Learn More, or download. Choose the one which best fits your needs. For example, a salon or hair salon might choose the Book with You option, while a company that sells products will consider the Shop option to be more appropriate.

    7. Market Your Facebook Business Page by Being Active on Facebook

    The creation of the Facebook business page is just the first step towards using Facebook to market in your company. Next, you must actively participate on Facebook to promote your Page and build an audience. For instance, you’ll not just want to keep posting regularly to your Facebook page, but you’ll be able to participate in relevant groups in which your viewers are likely to spend their time.

    How to optimize your Facebook Business Page

    Add a pinned post  

    Do you have important information that you’d like visitors to your Page to know? An offer that you don’t want them to miss? A highly-performing piece of content that you’d like to display? Pin it to a blog post.

    A pinned post is located on the highest point of your Facebook Business Page and is located just below your cover photo. It’s an excellent place to showcase a thing that draws your viewers in and encourages them to stay.

    Begin by creating an article or scrolling through your feed until you come across an existing post that you would like for you to save to your Page. Next, click on the three dots at the top right corner of the post, and then click “Pin to Top of Page.

    After you’ve pinned the post, it’ll appear underneath the title “PINNED POST on the right side of your webpage. This is just to show your internal view. For visitors, it will show in the top row in Posts with the blue thumbtack to indicate that it’s been pinged.

    Make the best use of tabs and templates.

    Tabs are the various areas of your Facebook page, such as tabs for the about section as well as photos. You can select the tabs you wish to add and the order they appear on the top left menu. Manage your Pages menu.

    If you’re not certain what tabs you should include, look over Facebook’s different templates.

    Each template comes with a set of tabs and buttons specifically designed for specific different types of business. For instance, this template for Restaurants & Cafes template includes tabs for menus as well as reviews, offers, and menus.

    To access tabs and templates to access templates and tabs, select Settings within the Manage Page menu and then Templates and Tabs.

    Like other Pages  

    Because Facebook is, in essence, a social platform, it’s an excellent idea to make use of your Page to create the community of your business.

    One way to create community is to join Pages on other websites that are relevant to your company.

    For example, you own a business in a highly-rated shopping district such as a mall or shopping center, then you may be able to join with other shops in the same region. Consider it as an internet-based version of the local business group (or chamber of Commerce).

    Visit their Facebook page and click the additional symbol (three dots) beneath the cover image to follow other companies. Then, click Like as Your Page. If there are multiple Facebook Business Page Choose which you’d like to join the other one and press “Submit.”

    Pages will be notified that you have liked them. They might visit your Page or provide a Like in exchange.

    Your business page is an RSS feed that is separate from your profile. This means you are able to interact with all businesses you follow via your profile for business. To view all the posts from Pages that you’ve liked as your Page, you just need to choose your Page and then click the News Feed on the menu left. If you’re not a fan of any Page at this point, Facebook will provide an array of ideas to help you get going.

    Join Groups as your Page

    Facebook Groups provide an opportunity for organically reaching millions of people who are interested in a particular area without the need to pay for advertising. Joining and posting to the relevant Group as a Page on Facebook can help anyone interested in your post click through to your company page instead of the personal Page of your profile. This is a short guide on the steps to sign up as a Page (it isn’t easy!)

      Check your settings  

    The Facebook Page settings let you access a lot of details about who can manage the Page and which posts you can post and what words are banned from the Page and other such details. You can also view those and Pages that are fans of your profile, set the settings for notification settings, as well as many more.

    Consider your Setting tab as your in-the-middle console to adjust every parameter that is available to you. Spend a few minutes to look over every setting and make sure that it’s set up for the way you’d like to manage your Page and the way you’d like your users be interacting with you


    Then, to change your settings, simply select the Settings at the end of the Manage Page menu.

    Be sure to review your settings often. Your preferences and needs may alter as your company’s social network grows.

    Learn from Page Insights  

    The more you know regarding your audience, the greater the content you can make to meet your audience’s needs.

    Facebook Page Insights allows you to collect data on how your fans interact on the Page along with the information you post. To gain access to Insights for your Page, click the Manage tab. To access Insights, Click Insights under the Manage Page menu.

    Insights provide you with information on the overall performance of your Page and provide some information about the demographics of your audience and how they interact. You can track the metrics of your posts to determine the number of people you are reaching.

    It will also show how many reactions and comments are gathered from particular posts, data that can help you plan the content you’ll post in the future.

    Backlinks boost the authority on Your Facebook Business Page and may assist in improving the ranking of your website in search engines. They can also assist in directing new users towards your Facebook page.

    Include an ad for your Facebook page at the end of your blog posts and, where appropriate, on your site. Encourage other bloggers and companies to follow suit when you work together.


    Congratulations on taking the time to learn about how to use Facebook for business. Now you have the tools you need to build a successful Facebook page, using Facebook as a marketing tool to help you reach your business goals. We hope you found the information interesting and useful, and that you will continue to visit our blog for more of our informative articles.

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