How to Start a Business on Amazon Handmade in 2022: A step by step Guide

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    Are you looking for a way to get millions of customers to purchase your unique products? Amazon provides a unique art-based platform that allows artisans to increase their customer base and reach Amazon’s vast reach while still pursuing their desire to follow theirs.

    We’ll give you the details concerning Amazon Handmade, explore the requirements to become a handmade seller, analyze Amazon’s Handmade vs. Etsy, etc.

    What is Amazon Handmade?

    Amazon’s Handmade is an exclusive community for artisans on Amazon where craftsmen and artists can sell their unique, exclusive items to buyers around the globe.

    Amazon Handmade accounts differ from the regular Amazon seller accounts. Additionally, the business model is distinct from other ways of selling products via Amazon.

    Everything sold on Handmade must be handcrafted, modified by hand, or assembled. Products made in mass production are allowed to be sold on the market.

    Some examples of items that are available on Amazon Handmade are:

    • Handmade cutting boards
    • Abstract art
    • Pottery
    • Crochet handbags
    • Bead bracelets
    • Soap
    • Bath bombs
    • Pillowcases
    • And more!

    How to join amazon handmade

    Amazon Handmade
    How to join

    If your company already has a handcrafted product or another handmade item that you want to offer through Amazon Handmade, we’ll walk you through the steps to set up your account. (And even if you don’t have one, however, but you’re interested in selling on Amazon Handmade, We can assist you in identifying product opportunities below.)

    The process of applying to sell your products on Amazon’s Handmade is thorough. Amazon is keen to make sure they are creating a store that is genuinely handcrafted products; therefore, they must ensure that they do not block any attempts to introduce mass-produced items for sale on their Handmade platform.

    By Amazon’s definition, Handmade means:

    • Handcrafted: Produced entirely by hand
    • Hand-altered: Product that is changed or modified to create a new style like an old denim jacket that you can apply paint or drawings.
    • Handmade custom: If you’re making the product by hand, you’re eligible to sell the product on Amazon Handmade. For instance, if you create jewelry and the initials of your customers on them according to the buyer’s request.

    During the process of applying, Amazon will ask you many questions about your company.

    In the beginning, Amazon will want to know about your company and the business you run.

    1. Which kind of artist are you?

    • Maker working on their own
    • A maker with under 20 workers
    • Collaborative maker group
    • Other

    2. We would like to hear about your work 

    Choose the one which best represents your work.

    • My products are handmade.
    • My products are made by hand.
    • I don’t design my own products; I design each one to the needs of the purchaser.
    • I purchase products made by hand from Makers and then sell them.

    3. What is the best way to describe the production process?

    • I design and manufacture my own products.
    • I create and design my own products; however, some of the work is completed by an outside firm or group of people.
    • I design my own products and then send them out to be produced
    • I don’t make or design my own products.

    4. What proportion of your manufacturing process is handled by you or your employees?

    • 75-100%
    • 50-74%
    • 25-49%
    • 1-24%
    • None

    5. We would like to know more about your processes and products

    raw material
    know more about your processes and products

    Here’s where you will offer Amazon a detailed step-by-step explanation of the process and what materials you are using to create your unique products.

    • What are the materials in the mix?
    • What tools and techniques are you using?
    • How long will each procedure require?

    6. Send us what you have created (images must be included)

    Upload pictures of your handmade items as well as your manufacturing procedure. Display Amazon as detailed as you can so that you don’t face any issues during an approvals process.

    7. Choose the category of your product

    Select from the dropdown menu the category that you want to sell into.

    When filling out the application form, ensure that you complete your responses. This form aims to eliminate businesses or sellers that don’t sell handcrafted goods.

    In the photo section, I’d like to include photos of your manufacturing procedure if it is possible. Let Amazon know that Amazon that you and your business are handcrafting your items.

    It’s also recommended to read your Amazon Handmade Terms and Conditions before submitting your application to ensure that you comply with their regulations and rules.

    How to Set Up a Successful Storefront in 6 Steps

    Selling your unique products on Amazon begins by creating an online storefront that is appealing, professional, and optimized for search engines. Then, when you’re ready to ensure your sales increase, it is possible to employ effective marketing techniques to be noticed by your intended audience and earn profits faster.

    Here are six important strategies to become a successful amazon handmade sellers :

    1. Apply to Sell on Amazon Handmade

    2. Build Your Artisan Profile

    3. List Your Products

    4. Share on Social Media

    5. Use Amazon Sponsored Ads

    6. Ask for Reviews

    Amazon Handmade
    An example of amazon handmade shop

    How to find Amazon Handmade Products

    Here are some suggestions on how to research to find products made by hand:

    Search through each Handmade category on Amazon and Etsy  

    If you browse through the results for every category of handmade, it will show the most popular items in the principal category. Handmade will also recognize the top-selling items with the ” Best Seller” badge, much like the other categories on Amazon.

    One of the best indicators of a product that is selling well is the number of reviews. On average, just 2 of every 100 customers leave an online review. Therefore, if you come across items with a high reviews number, it is likely the product has a good sales record.

    Another way to determine the consistency of sales for a particular item is to go to the review section of a list and filter it down to “Most recent.” This will give you a greater comprehension of how frequently or recently the buyer purchased. For example, in the event that the latest review came made two years ago, this product may not be selling at all as often.

    Verify the demand for existing products you design

    If you’re interested in selling your products on Amazon Handmade, it’s likely that you’re already making your own products and items. Here are some ways that you can gauge the popularity of your product:

    1. Search in Google Trends

    Amazon Handmade
    Google Trends

    Do a keyword search on Google Trends on the products you have already created to check out the latest trends. Examine the last 12 months and the past 5 years to see if the particular product has seen a rise in popularity over time.

    2. Search on Amazon Handmade and Etsy

    Another method of determining the market demand for the product you are currently creating is to look up the item in Amazon Handmade and Etsy. If you can see similar items selling with reviews, it’s an indication the product is in the market for the product.

    Find ways to make your products stand out compared to the currently on sale products. Do you have more distinctive options for customization? or build your products using premium materials? These are the things to think about when designing unique, one-of-a-kind items.

    Take the time to create and build products.

    A seasoned craftsperson or artist should be aware of the amount of time needed to finish a particular item.

    If you’re just beginning to establish your own handmade business, make sure you have established the right timeframes so that customers are aware of what to expect when placing an order. I would suggest starting with items that you have experience with and are able to complete quickly when you receive a request from a customer. The worst thing that could happen is receiving an order and not being able to fulfill the order in time.

    Once you have started receiving orders and receive orders, you will have an idea of how much inventory you will need in advance.

    Another tip is to stock with shipping supplies so that you are able to quickly wrap and mail your order when it’s all set to go—packaging tape, boxes and shipping tags, bubble wrap, etc.

    Find the demand for your products

    1. Use Google Trends

    Keywords were relevant to the product that you created to your product in Google Trends section. First, review the results from the last year, and then look at the results five years ago to determine how popular it is.

    2. Similar products are available similar to yours on Amazon Handmade and Etsy

    Find the item you create to find the item you create on Amazon Handmade as well as Etsy. Similar products that have reviews can be a good gauge of consumer demand.

    Amazon Handmade Pros and Cons

    We present a comparative analysis of the two platforms so that you are aware of the general principles that you can expect from each:


    • Amazon’s reach. The largest marketplace of its kind in the U.S. is worth considering if you are looking to increase your customers. Amazon gets 3.1 billion visits each month. So it’s an easy decision.
    • It’s inexpensive and affordable: It is true that you must pay a referral fee, and you’ll require an exact breakdown of your fees in the Manage Inventory dashboard, but it’s still affordable in comparison to the revenue you could earn.
    • Only for artists and artisans. We have already mentioned that you must complete an application to ensure your items are handcrafted. Also, buyers can be assured of receiving an high-quality and handcrafted item. Being unique means that you will not be competing with mass-produced products, which means your platform will be more targeted towards a specific customer base that is more likely to purchase from your company.
    • Make customers aware of your brand: As a seller on Amazon Handmade, you’ll be able to build your own shop profile to display all your products. Additionally, you can create an artist profile that will tell your story or whatever else you’d like to talk about your craft. Also, your items can be customized too.
    • FBA and Amazon Prime: When you choose to utilize Amazon FBA, Amazon fulfills and delivers your items. You also can obtain an Amazon Prime badge to your listing. It’s a bonus of selling through Handmade and the ability to complete your orders yourself.
    • Listings do not expire. It’s not required to possess UPC codes for selling.


    Complex dashboard
    • Complex dashboard: Amazon’s Handmade biggest rival is Etsy, and, in a glimpse, Etsy has a more user-friendly dashboard. If you’re new to Amazon Seller Central, you might want to take some time to get familiar with the various components.
    • Application procedure: You have to be precise in your responses. Amazon is looking to verify that you do not manufacture the products, and therefore it can take a while to complete the application, and it could take 2 weeks to be approved and begin selling.
    • Process of payment The payment after your order is marked and shipped, and then wait for the funds to reach your account.
    • Customer engagement The fact is that Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to access customer information, which may hinder your marketing campaigns and your customers’ engagement with your company, as there aren’t many details to develop better marketing campaigns and products.

    Final Thoughts

    A brand-new and exclusive sales channel designed specifically for artisans and artists on the internet like Amazon Handmade is always a major benefit.

    The best part about it is that there is no need to wait for your customers to discover your site, and you don’t have to think about logistics for shipping your order.

    We suggest looking at the products available on Amazon Handmade currently and deciding whether your product is an ideal fit. Then, of course, based on the product you produce, your demand, and the margins of your sales, you’ll be able to decide the best option for you. Amazon Handmade is the platform that you’ll need to increase your sales.

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