Squarespace Review: Who is Squarespace Best For

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    Squarespace is a builder for websites created to assist webmasters, and creative minds create stunning websites. With Squarespace, you don’t require any programming knowledge at all. All you need is some time, and you’ll have a gorgeous website with features such as integrated eCommerce check-out tools, customized domain names, and SSL certificate security.

    The Squarespace business was established in 2003 in Maryland in the United States. It was initially an unrelated blog hosting solution and eventually transformed into something far more substantial. In 2006, the company had already made one million dollars in revenue.

    Although anyone can utilize the Squarespace platform to create websites, the platform is specifically designed for artists, designers, photographers, and other people working in the creative field.

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    Who is Squarespace Best For?

    It is without a doubt that Squarespace is the top web-based builder for designers, entrepreneurs, and even ecommerce businesses that wish to build stunning websites with amazing visuals without much effort. This makes it an ideal option for small-scale entrepreneurs who want to get an edge visually but don’t have the money or the know-how for everything.

    Because Squarespace can be a hosting service, you don’t need to go through any additional steps to locate an internet connection or install any software. It is possible to create a beautifully constructed website using your browser, all from one location.

    The bottom conclusion? Squarespace is great for users who like working using templates and an editor for a style that allows you to personalize even the tiniest details of your website. However, there are a lot of benefits and cons to be considered.

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    Benefits of Squarespace

    1. It’s easy to set up

    If you’ve already got your domain registered or are planning to purchase an existing domain Squarespace allows you to make it simple to set up and begin using it. It’s simple to do with just a few clicks. There’s no requirement to download anything onto your PC, extract files, or create the “wp-config.php” file. Squarespace is a simple sign-up for the 14-day trial and gets familiar yourself with features. That’s all there is to it. Simple.

    2 No backend fuss or maintenance issues to worry about.

    Squarespace has a team of developers responsible for the maintenance of its backend. They handle all security and performance updates for you. This means you don’t have to be concerned about any security or maintenance issues on your backend or security risks, and you do not have to “update your version.” This also signifies…

    3. No plugins to improve it or harder. It’s just working.

    Themes and plugins require updating when WordPress makes an update. This means that you must be up-to-date with all the plugins available and ensure that they don’t pose any security issues for your site. It is also important to ensure that the developer provides the plugin and keeps it up to date. With Squarespace, it’s not required to install plugins or updates. Instead, you have to create on your own. Everything is managed by Squarespace using an environment that has been tested and proven, which is then pushed onto the website. This allows you to continue doing what you’re most proficient at.

    4. Do not need to be technologically skilled or a coding genius. Drag and drop is all you need.

    Another amazing characteristic that is a great benefit of Squarespace is that it has a drag and drop function on the website. This means that you don’t have to be an expert in programming or programming skills; however, if you want to, you could use it and develop your custom code. With WordPress, it’s not a drag and drop; therefore, there is a greater learning curve to be experienced, and you’ll likely need to examine the code to make minor modifications.

    5 Content and layout are more adaptable

    Similarly, if you go back to the Drag and Drop Squarespace feature, it lets you create new layouts, pages, and content with just a couple of buttons. For WordPress, it is impossible to quickly design the layout you want; you will need to modify or change the template code to create the new layout.

    6 24/7 support is available for Squarespace

    Squarespace Review: Who is Squarespace Best For 8

    The support provided by Squarespace is fantastic. They have a dedicated support team who is always available and has an extensive library that consists of both text and video. There are also open forums, which is fantastic. WordPress, however, in contrast, has an enormous open forum.

    7. Squarespace offers “out of the box” solutions that integrate

    Mailchimp, G Suite, Paypal, Stripe, Acuity Scheduling, and a variety of Social media profiles, Youtube, and so many more integrations that work with Squarespace. As a small-sized proprietor, Squarespace knows everything you’d like and requires to run and manage your business smoothly. They’ve done all the tasks for you. Connecting any of the integrated solutions is easy as you’re completed with just a few clicks.

    Squarespace Plans: Squarespace pricing

    Squarespace Review: Who is Squarespace Best For 9


    At $19 each month (or $14 if paid annually), The Squarespace Personal plan offers unlimited storage and bandwidth SEO functions, as well as full access to Squarespace templates and 24-hour support for customers via chat and email. In addition, the Personal plan comes with basic metrics for websites and up to two contributors.


    For just $33 each month (or $23 if paid annually), The Squarespace Business plan comes with all of the features included in the Personal plan as well as an official email from Google as well as advanced website analytics as well as banners, and promotional pop-ups as well as complete customization using CSS as well as JavaScript. The Business plan also comes with fully integrated e-commerce, with a 3% transaction fee.

    Basic Commerce

    For 36 dollars each month (or $27 annually), The Squarespace Basic Commerce plan includes all the features of the Business plan, points-of-sale, customer accounts, and merchandising. It allows you to connect your products to Instagram to allow you to sell on Instagram, as well. The transaction fees are removed from this plan.

    Advanced Commerce

    For the price of $65 monthly (or $49 if you pay annually) for a month, the Squarespace Advanced Commerce plan includes all Basic Commerce plan features plus abandoned cart recovery, advanced shipping options, advanced discount, and promotion options, as well as the option to offer subscriptions.

    Best Squarespace alternatives

    1. Wix

    squarespace website builder

    One of the most popular web hosts for small companies is Wix. One of the biggest advantages is that it offers a free plan, however it also offers a variety of paid plans you can select from — for both web-based and e-commerce sites. Plans for paid customers begin at just $13 per month, but can reach the amount of $500 per month when it comes to an enterprise-level online store.

    Wix is able to support a range of different sectors and provides a wide range of templates for you to pick from. It’s designed to work with blogs as well as online stores, communities, services creative portfolios, and many more. The templates are mobile-friendly and customizable via an editor that drags and drops.

    Wix offers some unique characteristics, too. It has an artificial intelligence service that will help you to match you with a most suitable website for the type of business you run. It can also assist in the design of logos and SEO. It is possible to set your domain using Wix also.

    Wix is a great choice for companies that are starting their business in the market for the first time, as and also considering updating their site to appear more contemporary.

     2. Shopify


    You’ve probably heard of Shopify for its plug-and play e-commerce platform that is a well-known choice to set up online stores. Shopify has expanded to offer an extensive website solution to small-scale companies. Like you would think, it’s an excellent choice for companies looking to launch online stores. When you select Shopify it also comes with the point-of-sale features from the beginning.

    If you’re looking to integrate Shopify into your existing website or Social Media platform, opt for to go with the Shopify Starter plan at $5 per month. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive Shopify plan, prices start at $29/month and goes up to $299. There’s Shopify Plus if you have requirements for enterprise scale, that starts from $2,000 per year.

    In comparison with Squarespace, Shopify doesn’t support the creation of content as well. You may encounter the editor a bit more difficult to edit.

     3. Duda


    Not as well-known as Squarespace and its rivals, Duda is an extremely powerful web-based builder using a drag-and drop editor, which is among the most simple to use available.

    The most fascinating — and possibly the most significant feature of Duda is its support for different languages. This is crucial for businesses trying to reach international customers. Furthermore, Duda supports dynamic features for various types of customers. This means that certain users can receive customized deals or coupons when they browse your website.

    Duda’s prices are lower than Squarespace’s. However for access to its most effective features, you’ll typically need upgrade to a higher price. The plans are priced between $14 and $44 per month, billed annually.

     4. WordPress


    If you’re looking to concentrate on creating content or develop your own custom-designed web site, WordPress is an industry leading platform. Many of the biggest websites online are constructed on WordPress. The sky is the limit with WordPress websites. You are able to make anything you’d like. But you or someone in your team will require developers’ knowledge to effectively use the platform and the routine maintenance and upkeep will be left on you. As a contrast fully hosted platforms such as Squarespace manage these issues for you.

    WordPress is available for download at no cost this makes it an exceptional choice. But before you start thinking that you’ve found a no-cost Squarespace alternative There are a lot of costs to be considered when building the WordPress website including web hosting, premium plugins and add-ons, in addition to resources for developers

     5. Weebly


    If user-friendliness is a top priority for you and you want to make it easy for your users, then Weebly ought to be a top competitor. In comparison to the other web builders that cater to small companies, Weebly is the simplest and allows you to quickly start working with your website. It also offers a free option, which can be an attractive.

    There are a variety of Weebly templates to choose from which are designed for online stores and e-commerce. It also has a nice SEO integration. If you’re proficient in CSS and HTML, you might be able customize your website to suit your needs. But, if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more sophisticated and bespoke then you may want to consider a different option.

    In general, Weebly is pretty similar to Squarespace. However, it’s less expensive in terms of paid plans, ranging from $6-$26 per month, when you pay annually.

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