Sprout Social Reviews 2023: Who Can Use It, Pricing, Benefits

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    Sprout Social is a social media management tool; however, it’s an integrated suite of social media management tools. It’s a mobile and online application divided into several tools to manage your social media timeline mentions, inbox, mentions, and analytics.

    Regarding social media in general apps, the app is compatible with Instagram accounts for business, Twitter, Facebook pages, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If you create a profile, you’ll also see the option to join Google My Business, Google Analytics, Tripadvisor, and Glassdoor accounts.

    Who is Sprout Social for?

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    sprout social free trial

    Sprout Social is perfect for large and mid-sized companies with multiple social media users.

    It has a wide range of enlightening templates for reporting, team workflow tools, and more advanced features like chatbot creation.

    Regarding its basic capability, it’s simple to suggest Sprout Social for businesses of any size. In the end, it’s an excellent platform to publish and monitor content on multiple social media platforms, including market-leading tools to manage customer communication. This sounds fantastic, isn’t it?

    It’s great. However, all these capabilities are not without cost.

    Regarding what it provides for its Standard package, other alternatives are less expensive than the monthly fee of $99 per user. The price is affordable for single users; however, for small-scale businesses with multiple users, the cost can be quite high.

    This is the best choice for users wishing their social media applications to serve as a strategy aid and efficient toolbox.

    If you have a budget for spare funds, Sprout Social is a highly appealing option.

    Sprout Social features

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    sprout social reviews

    A Feature-Rich Social Media Dashboard

    Whatever location you’re in inside your Sprout Social app, the navigation menu makes it easy to find the features you need. There are numerous options, including a social CRM, to help you better understand and interact with your followers more effectively.

    In addition to tools to publish content, listen to social media, and engage the people you follow, Sprout Social allows you to conduct surveys about customer satisfaction via Twitter. Additionally, you can enhance Facebook posts using the app.

    Social Inbox and Engagement

    Sprout Social’s Smart Inbox is a bit different than the interfaces of other monitoring tools for social media. Particularly if you’re used to viewing social media streams alongside each other similar to Hootsuite or in a separate manner from Buffer.

    Once familiar with it, you’ll probably wonder how you’ve lived without it. It was how I felt, at the very least!

    Social Inbox Social Inbox shows all your messages and includes the handy icon that shows the website they’re on. It allows you to interact with every message the way you do on the web. You can also save tweets, like Facebook messages, retweet, share, and retweet, and utilize private messaging via the social networks you use.

    Social Listening

    We’ve got you covered if you’re considering using Social Sprout as a Twitter hashtag tracker.

    Its Sprout Monitoring of social media function allows you to create an easy Twitter search using the dashboard and observe what’s happening on the relevant topics for your brand or business.

    Check the stream for any issues and then follow, like, retweet, or even email the content and even mark certain content as spam (which could be equally valuable). Additionally, you can create multiple Twitter searches using various hashtags and keywords.

    Publishing and Scheduling Posts

    If you visit your publishing dashboard, Sprout Social works like the other tools for managing social media. Select one of your accounts on the social network, enter your URL, and receive an instant glimpse of what will appear in the pane on the right side of your screen.

    This is great with Twitter and Facebook; however, it is not so great with Instagram or Pinterest.

    As with other calendars for social media, the calendar of Sprout Social isn’t a drag-and-drop. You must take an additional step when changing your schedule since you’ll need to manually alter the send time. I believe calendars that drag and drop in tools such as Hootsuite and Sendible perform better as post planners for social media.

    Team Features

    Sprout Social includes several features that make it simple for teams and large corporations to handle social media schedules effectively.

    It is possible to assign tasks to your team members to respond to any message with the pushpin. Team members are also able to comment on assignments. You can also join social media accounts to make it easier to manage and report.

    It’s simple to invite and join team members and assign permissions for their actions on each account or group on social media. This lets teams establish an approval process with little effort.


    Sprout Social has another neat feature to publish. The app will automatically publish your content when it is likely to get the highest engagement using ViralPost. ViralPost feature.

    This requires some effort to locate. Once you’ve set the post times on each media network, go to the queue’s settings and select ViralPost. Decide how often you’d like posts to be published, and then let Sprout Social do its work.

    Pricing for Sprout Social

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    Sprout Social has four plans, and the lowest plan has a restriction on social profiles.

    Standard $249/month It includes five social profiles and access to features like review management Keyword and location monitoring tools for social CRM and mobile applications.

    Professional 399$/month The plan expands the number of social profiles available to unlimited. It also includes all Standard plan features, competition reporting, workflows, social commerce integrations, and more.

    Advanced $49/month This plan expands the features you get access to. It comes with all the Standard and Professional plan features and access to their content and digital library chatbots, chatbots, automated link tracking, and more.

    Enterprise Custom pricing Contact Sprout Social directly to get an estimate. Additional features include 24/5 prioritized customer support, consultation services, and premium analytics.

    Sprout Social Review: Pros and Cons

    Pros of Sprout Social –

    • Inbox Streamlined to handle all your social engagement.
    • Simple to use and user-friendly dashboard.
    • Tools for publishing that are out of the box.
    • Create workflows for approval of content.
    • Automated tracking of links.
    • Automated features that are powerful and enhance the experience for customers.
    • 360-degree assessment of your entire Social Media Management System.
    • Make sure you are tracking your workflow properly.
    • Social channels for teams and group members to ensure effective collaboration.


    • It’s expensive, making it an unpopular choice for companies just beginning.
    • It can be expensive quickly if you have many employees who need access to the software.
    • There’s a bit of a learning curve. You’ll have to utilize the resources for learning to maximize the use of the features and user interface.

    Alternatives to sprout social


    sprout social
    sprout social alternatives

    Hootsuite is a powerful and expandable technology that lets our company manage various social media accounts from various departments and platforms. Hootsuite includes social marketing management as well as customer interaction features. It assists in every aspect of social marketing, from customer support to lead generation, and lets us analyze, publish and analyze social media to engage with our customers in unique ways. Hootsuite lets us create.


    sprout social
    sprout social integrations

    SocialPilot is among the top software for managing social media that is trusted by more than 115,000 marketers worldwide. It offers all the features of the top brands with unbeatable pricing. It was designed with small digital marketing companies and companies in mind.

    With SocialPilot, You can make personalized content for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and VK. You can add CTAs, Emojis, GIFs, videos, images, and more to boost your content and gain the shares and likes you want.

    Adobe Social (Legacy)

    sprout social
    Adobe Social

    Adobe Social tool used by our team as an analytical tool on social media for gathering important data or conducting research. We publish digital surveys on various platforms. We use this platform to publish every piece of content to various platforms, making it simple. We can track how well our content is performing, get detailed statistics from it, and use them to develop future strategies.


    Sendible is a complete social media management tool designed for all businesses. It includes all standard features such as scheduling, planning, analytics, and publishing.

    This tool offers a useful dashboard that displays every Social Media platform’s overall performance, the most recent comments, and user engagement reports. In addition, with the Sendible visual calendar, it is easy to organize all your posts and other activities.

    Sprinklr Social Engagement & Sales

    sprout social

    Sprinklr Social Core helps us manage our social media followers, and sending out promotional messages and events was a breeze. We’re creating and implementing our webinars and marketing campaigns through Sprinklr Social Care’s platform. Sprinklr Social Care. We can manage upcoming events and programs through Sprinklr Social Care, which has allowed us to easily manage various social media marketing campaigns and promotions.

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