How to see Spotify wrapped & Playlist

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    How to see Spotify wrapped & Playlist

    Each year Spotify provides its users with a breakdown of their music preferences this year. They offer your top artists, genres, and songs every time. It will also show the time you’ve spent listening and will curate your most-listened-to songs into playlists just for you.

    But this year, they’ve introduced some new features that truly sum up the year’s mood and provide even greater insight into your preferences in music. 

    What is Spotify Wrapped

    spotify wrapped
    How to see Spotify wrapped & Playlist 5

    This is the annual review conducted by the streaming service they offer for all users who use their application, whether the user is paying for a premium or free. This feature every year displays your listening habits during the last year or so.

    2020 was the first time Spotify began using an Ins carousel-like Instagram that resembles a story to collect your listening habits into one location. The carousel will display the songs you played the most, your favorite artists, and how you spent time listening to the music this past year. There’s a wealth of cool data in this post, but the most loved feature is the playlists curated by Spotify created by Spotify creates. These playlists are available for your most-loved songs, but also the music of the world and in the United States.

    How Spotify Wrapped works

    To enable Spotify to provide a personalized collection of the 2021 tracks and bands required to be a subscriber to this music platform. It uses data taken over the year, combining and making them into an amazing playlist you can listen through. You might feel goosebumps as songs bring back memories of the great and the bad.

    Spotify wrapped release date

    Spotify Wrapped is a popular marketing campaign launched by the streaming service Spotify. It has been released every year in the early months of December since the beginning of 2016; the campaign allows Spotify users to look through the compilation of information about their use of the platform during the previous year. The campaign encourages users to share their information through Facebook and other social platforms.

    Top Spotify Wrapped features.

    Are you still debating whether Spotify Wrapped 2021 will be worth the hype? Here are a few features that you’ll see within the new update.

    Enjoy your playlist in a variety of ways.

    Spotify hasn’t just put some songs together using the data it received. The people responsible for the event put additional effort into making sure that you enjoy the year you’ve enjoyed. Here are some ways you can make the most of the music on your Spotify Wrapped 2021 playlist:

    2021 The Movie: this feature combines your most-loved tracks of 2018 with film scenes

    Acoustic Aura Experts took two of your best moods and projected them into an aura that is accompanied by your playlist of music

    playing cards: Spotify creates an interactive game that collects declarations of your year, based on information that you and your pals will have to figure out which are accurate

    2021 wrapped Blend The reason is because of the brand-new Blend feature Spotify released earlier this year; you can mix your Spotify playlist with peers and see how the mix blends

    Share with your followers

    What’s the point of having a customized Spotify Wrapped 2021 playlist if you cannot share it with others? Similar to the past, you can click the button to share your gift cards via the social media platforms Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, you can upload your photos to TikTok as well.

    The 2021 Wrapped hub

    The wrapped hub is the primary place for various playlists, including your playlists. It comprises carefully selected content, meaning you’ll only get the top playlists and tracks.

    How to see your Spotify wrapped

    If a new version of the Spotify Wrapped update is released in the future, you’ll likely get an announcement of it right after you launch the app. However, if you don’t get it, we’ll show you how to locate your Wrapped.

    1. Open the Spotify app and then tap to open the box that says “Your Wrapped Is Here box.

    spotify wrapped
    how to find Spotify wrapped 2021

    2. Your Wrapped story will start. Wrapped 2021 is 13 sections in length, including your top tracks, your favorite artists, the amount of time you streamed the music, the “Audio Aura,” and more. Click on the share this article choice at any time in the process to send the slides you’re viewing to your friends or on social media.

    3. When you get to the presentation about your top Songs 2021 playlist, click add it to your library. It will create a new playlist of the top 100 songs from the year. You can play your library and enjoy it whenever you want.

    spotify wrapped
    Source – Businessinsider

    4. You’ll also play a game called Two Truths and a Lie tailored to your specific listening preferences. You can also send your personal question to your friends to gauge how well they know you.

    spotify wrapped
    Source – Businessinsider

    5. At the end of the Story, Spotify will give you handy cards with the most important information about your music. Press the Share button to save the image as a photo and text it, or share it on social networks.

    After completing the story of your Wrapped, you’ll be able to access Your Top Songs 2021 playlist within Your Library. It will contain the 100 songs you heard the most this year.

    Methods to “Add Your Top Songs 2021” to your library

    You can include the “Your Top Songs 2021” playlist in your library. These are the top 100 tracks that you heard this year. You’ll be in a position to add the playlist to your library quickly.

    When you go through the Instagram Story-like carousel that we’ve discussed, in the 5 5 stories, you’ll see an image stating that you are entitled to a playlist longer than your skincare routine.

    My 2021 Wrapped Playlist by Spotify

    It will display the playlist as well as the option that says “Add to library.” Click the button then it’ll be added to the library. If you’re not looking to scroll through the carousel, just look up “Your Top Songs 2021,” and it will be one of the results.

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