Spotify Stats – How to Check Your Spotify Stats using Different Ways in 2022

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    Music statistics can be a fascinating method to discover your preferences in music and your preferences for listening.

    It’s unnecessary to wait until Spotify wraps up at the end of the year to check your statistics. This article will teach you how to make use of Spotify and other apps from third parties to view your Spotify stats.

    Check your Spotify Stats in 2022

    Check Spotify Stats on PC

    1. Open Spotify on desktop or the web or mobile and select your user name in the upper right corner. Click on “Profile” to open your Spotify profile from the dropdown that pops up.

    2. If your profile page shows, you can scroll down, and you’ll be able to see the top artists and the top tracks from the current month. There you will find a total of 100 artists and 50 tracks on the list.

    3. To see the entire listing of the top 50 tracks of the month, click the “See All” button next to the “Top tracks this month” header. Now you can browse through the tracks you’ve been swooning over for the past month.

    spotify stats
    Spotify personal stats

    Get Spotify Statistics on mobile (Android and iOS)

    In contrast to the desktop version, Spotify doesn’t show the mobile application’s most popular tracks and artists. However, you’ll be able to look up your recent artists on the app. Here’s how you can check:

    1. Launch the Spotify app on your smartphone and click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of your screen. Continue scrolling down to see the “Recently played artists” toggle within the “Social” settings and ensure it’s enabled. You’ll need to turn on this toggle to show your most recently played artists.

    Notification: Turning on the toggle makes your recent playlists visible to the world, so make sure that you disable it later if you don’t want other people to know who they’re playing.

    2. After turning your toggle, move the scroll bar upwards and tap the username you use to access your profile. Now, you will see the artists you have recently watched in a separate section.

    3. Click “See All”  to see the full list of the most played music on Spotify.

    How to Check Your Favourite Artists on Spotify

    To see your most-loved artists on Spotify, sign in to your account using the Spotify web application, and then go through the following steps:

    • If you’re not on the homepage, click the Home button on the left-hand side of the page.
    spotify stats
    Spotify Stats - How to Check Your Spotify Stats using Different Ways in 2022 5
    • Continue scrolling down to find the favorite artists section. Scroll down until you see your favorite artists.
    • Click on your favorite artist or See All on the right.
    spotify stats
    Spotify genre stats
    • You’ll find the list of all your favorite artists all in one spot.

    Spotify user Stats

    Based on information shared in the latest Spotify shareholder letter to shareholders, Spotify predicts that it will be home to 400 to 470 million per month active customers at the end of 2021.

    Europe and North America combined make up the majority (58 percent) of Spotify’s users, with 211.7 million active monthly users.

    34 percent of Spotify’s active monthly users reside in Europe. This is more than 124.1 million active monthly users within the EU.

    Spotify claims that its streaming service is predicted to be home to around 177-180 million Premium users at 2021’s end. A year-long increase of at minimum 14.19 percent (assuming the lowest figure in the range of forecasted numbers).

    69 % of Spotify Premium subscribers are located within Europe or North America.

    Spotify Wrapped

    Each year Spotify provides users with a customized Spotify Wrapped report of their year’s listening activities. Spotify Wrapped includes one piece of information unique to all available options listed in this article: numbers.

    Artists can view and share details like the number of streams they have accumulated and the number of listeners they’ve had throughout the entire year, how many hours of their music was played and how many countries listen to the music they released.

    Subscribers of Spotify will be able to see:

    • Minutes Listened
    • Top Song
    • Audio Aura
    • Top Genres
    • Top Podcast
    • Top Artists.

    5 best websites to check your Spotify stats

    spotify stats
    Spotify listening history stats

    1. Stats for Spotify

    Stats of Spotify can be your traditional Spotify analysis tool. It displays your top artists, tracks, and genres, sorted by the last four weeks, six months, as well as all-time. It also lets you know how your top tracks, genres, and artists have changed from your last visit to utilizing Stats on Spotify.

    2. Chosic

    Chosic is a different helpful, and free site to check your Spotify stats. With Chosic you cannot only look up your most popular songs and artists; however, you can also look up your top genre, sub-genres or decade, mood, and listening habits. You can also analyze these data against three-time intervals, including one monthly, six-month, and the entire time.

    3. How bad is your Spotify

    How bad is your Spotify can be described as artificial intelligence which evaluates your musical taste? It gained a lot of attention in the month of December 2020 for its snarky mocking of the listening habits of its users.

    4., which is often referred to as Spot stats, is a completely free site that offers deep analysis as well as Spotify statistics. The beautiful interface is easy to look at and user-friendly. provides information on the top genres, artists, tracks, popular albums, most recently streamed tracks, and stream durations. You can also alter the settings to uncover hundreds of albums and tracks and 150 artists, making this one of the top Spotify websites to discover new songs and playlists that you already know you’ll like.

    5. Obscurify

    Obscurify will show you the degree to which the music you are listening to is in comparison to other users of Obscurify. One of the best features is displaying the five most obscure artists. The program also ranks the music’s danceability, happiness, and energy and examines your music’s performance against that of other users. One of the best features of Obscurify is that it will show you the best songs from each decade.

    6. Zodiac Affinity

    If you’re an astrology enthusiast, You’ll love Zodiac Affinity. It determines the five most popular songs are aligned with various star signs, and we’re not sure what the criteria are here.

    7. Discover Quickly

    Discover quickly filters your playlists, top songs, and most popular artists according to various criteria, including their music’s popularity and danceability. It includes all of Spotify’s bizarre particular genres, including deep metalcore, acid house, and burning death. When you select the genre, it will give a playlist of the songs from the same genre. You can also choose “random genre,” and it will create a playlist of songs from the random genre.

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