Spotify Premium: How to get Spotify Premium for FREE in 2022

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    Spotify is among the most used music streaming apps that lets you enjoy millions of tracks and provides you with the possibility of creating your playlists for podcasts, music, and even songs.

    Spotify Premium is among the most beneficial music subscription services on the market. It is a great service to use. Spotify Premium, users can download music onto their devices, listen offline and listen to as much music as they like, stay clear of advertisements, etc. Let’s talk about the cost of Spotify Premium and how it compares against other services in the same field.

    What Is Spotify Premium?

    spotify premium
    The premium account

    Spotify Premium is the general term used for paid-for Spotify subscriptions. The premium account lets you access all the features offered by the music streaming service and eliminates advertisements. Playback restrictions are eliminated. In addition, you can download as many as 10,000 tracks that you can listen to offline.

    The audio bitrate has also been raised to 320kbps. If you’re considering paying for Spotify, read our blog post on how the price justifies Spotify Premium’s value.

    There are a variety of Spotify Premium subscription plans with various prices and uses. In addition, many plans allow you to save money by combining multiple users in a single subscription.

    Advantages of Spotify Premium

    There’s no more shuffle-only mode.

    The primary reason to upgrade when you use Spotify’s paid application on your phone is the capability to play any song you like… upon demand. In it’s free; however, you’re obliged to listen to music in shuffle mode and playlists you have selected, like Daily Mixes. So when you install Spotify Premium on your phone, it’s possible to end the night with the Weeknd’s Out of Time and Drake’s Fountains without the power ballads of The Cats soundtrack changing the experience.

    (Spotify’s Free service will not make it impossible to use shuffle-only mode. This is important to note for those using the tablet or desktop apps.)

    Listen offline

    Are you looking to play some music on your morning commute when you’re squeezed in a subway car in the middle of a tunnel without mobile service? Spotify Premium allows you to download as many as 10,000 tracks to listen to even when you’re not connected to the internet or need to reduce the amount of data you use. You can also do this with up to five devices.

    Are you planning a long trip without internet? For downloading an album, playlist, or podcast from your smartphone or tablet, just click on the download icon. It appears as an upward arrow. There’s a green downward arrow beside every song once it’s finished downloading.

    Be aware that you’re not capable of downloading all the content in your library in one go. For example, each podcast or playlist must be downloaded on its own. In addition, Spotify will remove downloads when you’ve not been online for at least 30 days and start using the device you’ve not been using the most recently.

    Listen to the entire album.

    If your favorite artist releases new music, You’ll need to listen to each track in sequence and then click repeat, or at the 30-second mark, re-start the album.

    Spotify Free members cannot play all albums using the application using the mobile phone. It’s the standard model and mode, while other features such as rewind and repeat are not available when listening to tablets or browsers. If you have a Premium account, you can listen to an entire album from start to finish regardless of your device.

    Limitless skips, replays, and repeats

    You can skip many songs while listening to a shuffled music collection with Spotify’s no-cost service. In particular, you can only get six skips in an hour. With Premium, you can skip any number of songs you think important. Additionally, mobile users can set a song to repeat or press the back button as frequently as possible.

    Increased audio quality

    spotify premium
    audio quality

    Spotify Free lets you listen to music in normal (96 kbps) or high-quality (160 Kbps), but you cannot change the bitrate over the limit. Spotify Premium includes Very High-Quality streaming at 320 kbps, which will result in higher and more accurate audio quality when you’re using premium speakers or headphones. Adjust the settings for listening via mobile, desktop, or tablet devices by clicking the Audio Quality tab Under the Settings.

    This feature does not apply to podcasts with a bitrate of the same for all devices other than the internet player (which defaults to 128 Kbps).).

    How much does Spotify premium cost?

    spotify premium
    Spotify premium payment

    The Spotify Individual -$9.99 per month

    If you’re not a student and don’t intend to share with others, You’ll likely consider a $9.99 Spotify Individual plan. It’s also known in the form of Spotify Premium, the basic plan for solo users, offers ad-free streaming, downloading songs to play in offline listening, and the ability to playback music on-demand.

    Spotify Duo – $12.99 monthly

    If you live with someone in your room which also uses Spotify, You might be interested in using Spotify’s Duo plan. For $12.99 per month, two people get access to their account on Spotify Premium. Imagine the two Spotify Individual subscriptions for the cost of $12.99.

    Spotify can also create a “Duo Mix” for both of you. It’s constantly updated with songs you both love, according to the algorithm of Spotify.

    The only caveat is that both individuals who buy into the Duo Duo plan must be within the same household. The accounts will be accessible even if they aren’t living in the same place. However, Spotify will need you both to confirm that you have the same address for your home. After that, Duo’s plans are not valid. The duo option will then be canceled when you’re found to live independently.

    The Spotify Family-$15.99 per month

    If you’re a home-based user with your family members and all use Spotify and have a family member who uses it, you should consider giving the Spotify Family plan a thorough look. For $15.99 per month, six members of the family receive their own accounts on Spotify Premium.

    Spotify provides you with a “Family Mix,” which is, just like that of the Duo Mix, a playlist Spotify curates using the data it has collected by its algorithm. Songs that are deemed that everyone will appreciate will appear on this playlist. The Spotify Kids app is available for children and younger family members.

    Like the Duo plan, all members have to verify whether they live in the same house.

    Spotify Student – $4.99 per month. 

    Spotify provides all the advantages of its top-quality service but at reduced prices for students at universities and colleges. The same is true for the Spotify Individual plan, just at $4.99 per month instead of. If you reside within the United States, you also have access to the Hulu (ad-supported) plan as well as the Showtime.

    However, our Spotify Student article pointed out that Spotify Student discounts aren’t forever; Spotify Student discounts don’t last for long. You can sign up for the premium Spotify Student service for up to four years of study. After the four-year limit, it is not a matter of whether you decide to continue your studies; you’ll automatically be reverted to a regular Spotify Premium subscription unless and until you decide to cancel.

    How do I cancel Spotify premium?

    The first thing to note is that you can’t change your Spotify subscription via any of the apps available that run on iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows. Instead, you’ll have to connect to your Spotify account via an internet browser on your tablet, smartphone, or personal computer. Here’s how:

    1. Visit and sign in to your account.

    2. In the Account Overview, Scroll down to Your plan, then select Change plan.

    3. Then, scroll to the Available plans and click Cancel Premium.

    4. Then, click Yes for canceling to complete your cancellation.

    This won’t delete your Spotify account, but rather you can cancel your paid subscription and reduce you to the free tier, which allows you to stream music without ads.

    How to get Spotify premium for free 

    spotify premium
    Spotify Premium forĀ freeĀ 

    Using Multiple 90-days Premium Trial Accounts (Easiest Spotify Hack)

    The most straightforward Spotify Premium trick is to sign up for the 90-day or three-month free trial provided by Spotify for those who are new to the service. (Previously, it was for 30-days).

    This method allows you to take advantage of the premium features like offline listening at no cost. The only drawback is that you’ll have to set up an email address new along with a fresh Spotify account with a different username every 90 days.


    The process of deciding the Spotify subscription is the best one for you requires a thorough examination of the many options available and selecting the one that fits your requirements the most. If you’d like to enjoy the full Spotify experience, you’ll be paying for it, and it’s an issue to save as much as you can.

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