10 Best Social Media Management Tools for Amazon Sellers

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    It can be overwhelming to consider all the tasks social media marketers must perform every day, from publishing and creating content to reporting and analytics.

    Many social media management tools can help you. These tools will streamline your workflows and save you time. They can also ensure that your content reaches the right people at the right moment.

    What is social media management?

    A social media management tool (or social media management software) allows you to manage, publish to, and monitor multiple social media networks. It makes it easy to share, schedule, and share content with social media networks from one location. This also makes it easier to reply to customers who comment on what you post or send you a direct message. This can make it easier for groups to collaborate in the management of one or more social channels.

    You can manage many of the most popular social networks using some social media management tools. Buffer Hootsuite, Sprout social all fall under this category.

    Some social media management tools are limited to one network. TwitterDeck is only compatible with Twitter. Facebook Pages Manager only supports Facebook Pages.

    You will find the right social media management tool to fit your business:

    • It is easy to use
    • Offer the flexibility and options you need to manage social media networks
    • fit your budget

    10 best social media management tools for Amazon sellers

    1. Buffer

    Social Media Management

    The platform to manage social media effectively

    Buffer is a simple and intuitive social media management platform that small businesses and individuals trust to drive meaningful engagement on social media.

    Our products include tools for collaboration, publishing, analytics, simple landing pages, and publishing. We have carefully crafted our products to assist social media marketers and their teams in working more efficiently and effectively. We’ve heard that our customers love this tools, its customer service, and the helpful content.


    Social Media Management

    Hootsuite is The most popular social media management tool is used by more than 15 million people as well as 800 Fortune 1000 companies.

    Their success is due to the fact that it’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to curate and schedule content as well as to measure your social ROI and run social media ads.

    Hootsuite is a robust platform that allows users to connect with over 35 social networks and monitor multiple accounts.

    3.Sprout Social

    Social Media Management
    Sprout Social

    Similar to Hootsuite, Sprout Social combines multiple social media tools into a single platform — from monitoring to scheduling, reporting, and monitoring.

    Sprout Social is one social media management tool that offers customer relationship management (CRM). A complete profile of your customers will help you better serve them and build stronger relationships.

    The most frequent praise I have heard about Sprout Social has been its incredible reports. Social media managers loved the reports so much that they downloaded them and sent them to clients or managers.

    4. Agora Pulse

    Social Media Management
    Agora Pulse

     Agorapulse, like the social media management platforms discussed above, is an all-in-one social media platform that includes scheduling, responding, and reporting.

     Agora Pulse is different from the rest. It offers unique features like competitor analysis and Facebook contest apps, all at an affordable price.

    5. Sendible

    Social Media Management

    Sendible social media management tool designed for agencies that have multiple clients. Sendible, in addition to the many features offered by social media management tools, allows you to personalize your dashboard to attract new clients.

    Sendible offers some amazing integrations, such as the Canva graphic editor, royalty-free search, and YouTube search. For those who are looking to automate repetitive tasks, it also offers automation.

    6. eClincher

    Social Media Management

    eClincher lets you schedule posts and respond to messages on social media, as well as analyze and track your performance.

    What makes eClincher stand out from other tools? It allows you to auto-post using smart queues or RSS feeds. It also has a media library where you can store your images and lets you search social media influencers.

    7. Social Pilot

    Social Media Management
    Social Pilot

    A simple and cost-effective social media management system for agencies and teams

    I love how Social Pilot combines many social media management tools, such as scheduling but not monitoring, into a single dashboard. Also offers it at very reasonable prices. It’s great for agencies that work with multiple clients.

    Social Pilot curates content from multiple industries (such as tech, education, and health and fit) and recommends content that you might find useful.

    White-label reports are another valuable feature, especially for agencies.

    8. CoSchedule

    Social Media Management

    CoSchedule Is more than just a social media management tool. It’s also a powerful calendar that can be used to manage many aspects of your marketing.┬áCoSchedule allows you to manage your team and collaborate on creating your social media posts, content, and events.

    CoSchedule can be used by marketers to manage all their projects (social media content, emails, events, etc.). All your projects in one place.

    The ReQueue feature allows you to automatically identify the best posting times and fill in gaps in your social media calendar with your most popular posts.

    9. MavSocial

    Social Media Management

    MavSocial social media management tool that focuses on visual content. MavSocial is also available for higher-priced plans.

    In addition to the standard features (such as monitoring and scheduling), MavSocial also offers a digital library that allows you to manage, use and modify your multimedia content for social media posts. It also has a search engine that lets you browse millions of stock photos.

    MavSocial also allows you to repeat social media posts for a specific duration if you so desire.

    10. Friends+Me

    Social Media Management

    Friends+Me focuses on Google+ but allows you to schedule content for other social media platforms (except Instagram).

    Friends+Me allows scheduling for Google+ profiles and collections, communities, groups, pages, and even GSuite Google+. It also allows you to set automation to re-post Google+ posts to other social media accounts. This is great news for Google+ marketers.

    11. Crowdfire

    Social Media Management

    Price: Free

    Crowdfire is constantly improving its features. It allows you to schedule content and also lets you manage your Twitter account (follow or unfollow), and suggests articles that can be shared.

    Crowdfire is different from other social media management tools because it allows you to connect your blogs, YouTube channels, and online shops. It will also create social media posts for each update on your website.

    12. SocialBee

    Social Media Management

    Description SocialBee promotes to bring you more leads for less effort. It allows users to organize and share content across multiple social media channels. It even integrates with Buffer.

    One of SocialBee’s most beloved features is the ability to reuse evergreen content and keep it fresh with post variations. SocialBee can be used to post consistently while maintaining a balanced mix of content across all categories. SocialBee is also known for its quality support.

    Final words

    We live in an impulse-driven society, with artificial intelligence at the forefront of technology innovation. The same applies to social media management services. You will need to determine which social media platform is best for your business, your budget, and your preferences.

    There are many price points available and tons of features among social media management tools. We recommend that you find a partner that will help you and your team save time and money on social media marketing automation, collaboration workflows, and actionable insights.

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