Social Media Content Calendar with Free templates 2022

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    A social media content calendar can help you in visualizing all your deliberate posts for the subsequent weeks or months ahead. And on a pinnacle of that, it will assist you in crafting your posts for improvement so that you constantly have something prepared to share.

    Create A Content Calendar From Scratch [Social Media Calendar Template!]

    What is a content calendar?

    A content calendar(also regarded as an “editorial calendar”) is a written timetable of when and where you design to put up upcoming content. Content calendars generally consist of upcoming pieces, fame updates, deliberate promotional activity, partnerships, and updates to current content.

    Benefits of having a social media content calendar

    By developing and managing a social media content calendar, you can liberate new attainable for your social media team. You can carry approach and metrics into your social planning to deliver your debts to new life with a calendar. Additionally, a social media content calendar can assist you:

    Maintain a steady posting schedule

    Without a centralized social media calendar, it can be tough to precisely visualize when you post on each of your accounts. So without difficulty, make positive every account is getting the proper quantity of love and attention; you want a calendar of every upcoming and previous post. Plus, via visualizing your posts beforehand of time, you can make sure there are no upcoming insurance gaps or design for new posts in these home windows if want be.

    Timely posting

    Content Calendar
    Timely posting

    A lot of work and notion goes into every social post. But except for the first-rate layout in the area to share and enlarge these posts, they can, without problems, get misplaced in the newsfeed—and your target market may not get to see the splendid content material you’ve got created simply for them. With a social calendar, you can prepare all of your posts in advance and format when to fine put them up to snag your audience’s attention.

    Centralize content planning

    Depending on the place and what you are posting, you are planning to consist of an image, hyperlink to a weblog post, share a new video, or doubtlessly encompass a purchaser quote. A social media content calendar can assist you in determining what you want and supply these substances from throughout your advertising team—not to point out, make certain they’re top prepared and connected to the right post.

    Prevent mistakes

    Make certain the entirety you put up is copyedited and error-free. View all upcoming posts to keep away from spelling mistakes, make certain you are constantly using the proper hyperlinks and images, and forestall large errors earlier than they happen.

    Increase cross-functional visibility

    Content Calendar
    Increase cross-functional visibility

    Not all group individuals have to get the right of entry to your social planning and posting tool, so barring a centralized supply of truth, cross-functional crew contributors do not have a proper experience of what you are posting when. By preserving a social content calendar plan, in a device anyone can use and has to get entry to, you can make it convenient for your group contributors to re-share, like, and make your posts bigger. That way, you are now not solely maintaining the song of your social posts for yourself—you’re additionally offering a handy supply of facts for any involved crew members.

    How to create a social media calendar

    1. Audit your social networks and content

    Content Calendar

    Before you begin constructing your social media posting calendar, you want to have a clear image of your present social media accounts.

    Use a social media audit template to create a precise, up to date report of:

    •Impostor bills and out of date profiles

    •Account safety and passwords

    •Goals and KPIs for every branded account by using a platform

    •Your audience, their demographics, and personas

    •Who’s in charge of what works on your team

    •Your most profitable posts, campaigns, and tactics

    •Gaps, underwhelming results, and possibilities for improvement

    •Key metrics for measuring future success on every platform

    As a section of your audit, make a word of how frequently you’re posting on every social network. Also, look at the analytics for any clues about how your posting frequency or time of posting influences engagement and conversions.

    2. Choose your social channels and content material mix

    Deciding what types of content material to publish is a key section of your social media method — and a necessary step in constructing a social media calendar. There is a couple of widespread content material combined formulation you can use to get started:

    The social media rule of thirds

    •One-third of your posts promote your enterprise or power conversions.

    •One-third of your posts share curated content material from enterprise notion leaders.

    •One-third of your social posts contain a non-public interplay with your followers.

    The 80-20 rule

    •80 % of your posts are designed to inform, educate, or entertain

    •20 % of your posts immediately promote your commercial enterprise or power conversions

    You’ll additionally want to decide which social channels to use for which sorts of content and which ones may also no longer be critical for you at all.

    Don’t overlook to plan in user-generated content material and curated content material, so you don’t get overwhelmed developing the whole thing yourself.

    3. Decide what your social media calendar must include

    Your social media calendar won’t seem precisely like everybody else’s. For example, a small enterprise proprietor doing their social posting will probably have a much less complicated calendar than a giant manufacturer with a full social team.

    Content Calendar

    To get the most out of your content calendar, look at the data and performance that’s most essential to you.

    It’s typically a desirable concept, to begin with, with primary details, like:

    • •Platform
    • •Date
    • •Time (and time zone)
    • •Copy
    • •Visuals (e.g., photo, video, illustration, infographic, gif, etc.)
    • •Link to assets
    • •Link to posted post, together with any monitoring data (like UTM parameters)
    • You can also add extra details, like:
    • •Platform-specific layout (feed post, Story, Reel, poll, stay stream, ad, shoppable post, etc.)
    • •The related vertical or marketing campaign (product launch, contest, etc.)
    • •Geo-targeting (global, North America, Europe, etc.)
    • •Paid or organic? (If paid, then extra finances small print may be helpful)
    • •Has it been approved?

    You can get started with an easy spreadsheet. But on occasion, a spreadsheet is no longer enough, so we encompass our preferred calendar equipment at the quiet of this post.

    4. Ask your team to review, and use their advice to improve


    Your calendar is most positive when it makes feel to anyone who has to use it in their work. Ask for comments and thoughts from stakeholders and your group to make positive it serves everyone’s needs.

    As you begin to work with your social media content calendar, consider how it feels to you, and ask the group to grant ongoing feedback. For example, if it feels hard and demanding, possibly you favor dialing some of the detail again. Or perhaps it’s no longer sufficient, and you want to add a few columns.

    At the give up of this step, you need to have an airtight record that even the most modern group member can understand.

    Types of Calendars

    There are unique methods you can organize your social media calendar, relying on your desires and preferences.

    Monthly View

    Having a month-to-month view for your calendar is, without a doubt, a tremendous way to no longer solely be in a position to visualize your content for the subsequent few weeks; however, it additionally helps spotlight some of the large occasions coming up that you may want to center of attention on.

    A month-to-month view can work for busy or mild schedules. However, for a busy schedule, I would endorse possibly the use of it to spotlight the most necessary posts so that it doesn’t experience being too crowded.

    Here is an instance of a month-to-month social media calendar  from Solo PR Pro:

    Weekly/Daily View

    The weekly/daily view is the place the bulk of your work will go. The fine way to be high quality with your social media calendar is to have each and every single submission for every day of the week already written out (or at least every single one you can get to).

    I would advise you to do this as early as feasible, and I assume that beginning the week with the whole thing already deliberate out will most probable put off a lot of stress from you.

    Top 6 content calendar software

    1. Falcon

    Content Calendar

    Falcon offers social media gurus admission to a structured set of elements that assist you in listening, engaging, measuring, and posting content. It helps Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

    2. Sendible

    Content Calendar

    Sendible is a social media monitoring device with an effective scheduling and calendar feature. It lets you timetable posts personally or in bulk, which makes social media administration plenty extra simplified. It even lets you queue your evergreen content material to power extra visibility and engagements.

    3. Loomly

    Loomly is a social media content material administration device that lets you organize your posting timetable efficaciously in the shape of calendars. The device is easy to use and is an outstanding choice if you’re new to social media marketing. It integrates with the principal social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest so you can manipulate the entirety in one place.

    4. Iconosquare

    Although Iconosquare is, in particular, an in-depth social analytics tool, you can also use it to agenda your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts, as properly as monitor mentions on Facebook and Instagram. Although you can’t see the timetable of your LinkedIn posts yet, you can connect your LinkedIn account to find out precious analytics.

    5. AgoraPulse

    Content Calendar

    Agorapulse is a full-featured social media administration device used by way of agencies and advertising agencies. Its built-in calendar approves all customers to see what scheduled and queued posts are equipped to be posted at a later time, what posted posts have already long passed live, and what posts are nonetheless pending approval.

    6. Google Sheets

    Sure, Google Sheets is no longer fancy. But this free, cloud-based spreadsheet device absolutely makes lifestyles easier. An easy Google Sheet is an accurate domestic for your social media calendar.

    It’s free, it’s effortless to share with crew contributors and stakeholders, and it works.

    Free social media content calendar templates

    Social Media Calendar Ideas

    • Discount or promotion
    • Ask a question to your audience
    • Inspirational quote
    • Share what you are reading
    • Share a tip or trick
    • A day in the life post
    • Testimonial quote
    • Answer a customer’s question
    • Highlight a new product or service
    • Infographic
    • Long post or story
    • Share a free resource
    • Contest or giveaway
    • Breaking news
    • Beyond the scenes photo
    • Take a poll
    • Highlight a biz friends page
    • Quick video training
    • Fun fact
    • Industry article
    • Comic or meme
    • Share an eye-catching photo
    • Highlight post
    • Share an interesting statistics
    • This or that question to get followers’ input
    • Recommend a helpful tool
    • Weekly round-up of interesting articles
    • Share a family photo
    • Product pics
    • Thank your fans

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