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Social Media Character Limits in 2022 +Free Character Counter

social media character limits

Social Media Character Limits in 2022 +Free Character Counter

Writing a funny tweet and optimizing your Instagram posts using hashtags or brainstorming content for Facebook advertisements may seem like totally different jobs. However, they all share the same thing: they all have a specific platform character limit.

Additionally, you must determine the best number of characters for your postings on social networks. This will increase your chances of making people interested in or read your content.

To make your work less stressful, We’ve created an extensive guide to the social media character limits and the best lengths for posts. 

Social media character limits for Facebook

Facebook character limit maximum.

In addition to ads and posts, Facebook also has character limitations for users, Page descriptions, and comments.

  • Username limitation on characters – at least 5 characters and as high as 50 characters
  • Page description – 255 Characters
  • Comments on Facebook –8,000 Characters

Facebook ads count characters.

Facebook generally applies the same limit of characters for all ads and ad types, except for carousel advertisements and in-stream video advertisements.

  • Headline 40 characters
  • Text body – 135 characters
  • Descriptions of links 30 words (20 for carousel ads as well as in-stream video ads)

Combine these Facebook advertisement characters with the Facebook dimension guidelines to design the most effective advertisement.

character limit
Facebook post character

Facebook post character limit 2022 on its Facebook pages.

Facebook is the ideal place to publish long-form content as the platform allows up to 33,000 characters on the normal content. This allows you plenty of space to write a long story or elaborate on something.

Ideal Facebook post length

However, just because you can post a long post on Facebook isn’t a guarantee that you should. Shorter posts generally perform better on Facebook.

According to a study by BuzzSumo that the ideal length for Facebook posts is about 50 characters (or less), which tends to attract the highest amount of attention.

However, the content that engages your followers will differ about your industry. Therefore, we suggest testing what works best for you and various Facebook posts to figure out the right number of characters for your needs.

Character limit on Twitter

character limit
limit on Twitter

While Twitter isn’t exactly the most popular social media platform, it has the most well-defined and well-known character limit of the tweet can be 280 characters. In fact, during its early times, Twitter had an even tighter limit of 140 characters before doubling the length of a permissible tweet in 2017.

  • Tweets: 280 characters maximum
  • Direct Messages: Maximum of 10,000 characters
  • Image Upload Size: 5 MB max
  • Resolution: 1500 x 500 pixels

But the fact that you can utilize 280 characters does not mean that you must. Keep in mind that Twitter is all about short, quick messages. Twitter suggests companies adhere to the three C’s of tweeting to be concise, clear, and engaging.

So, you must communicate your message in the shortest way while encouraging interaction and conversation. It will also make your tweet more noticeable to people and increase the chance for engagement (conversation) by including an image, video, GIF, or image. If you add a link to the bottom of the tweet (and you’ve activated Twitter cards through the site where your link will be), Twitter will remove the text of your link from your characters count.

Information obtained from Buddy Media shows that tweets that contain 71 to 100 characters get 17% more engagement than tweets with more characters. Track Social research has also revealed that 100 characters are the best length for tweets.

Twitter recommends to companies not to go overboard with their utilization of hashtags. Many hashtags can clog your message and divert the focus off your site. Although brands have historically used hashtags to increase their visibility, this is less effective in the present. If you’ve got a branded hashtag, possibly adapted to a specific campaign, limit the use of your hashtag to that hashtag.


character limit
Social Media Character Limits in 2022 +Free Character Counter 7

Character count on Instagram

Instagram captions for video or photo photos may be as long as 2200 characters in length, possibly using up to thirty hashtags. Truncation takes place at 125 characters, and this is where the platform determines its maximum length for ads and promotional entries. Instagram is different because research outside of the platform recommends that posts be longer than Instagram’s. In reality, Social Sprout Social found that posts on Instagram with 140-150 characters had the highest amounts of engagement.

character limit

Character limit Instagram

Caption Maximum of 2,20 characters

Bio 150 characters maximum

Username 30 characters maximum

Hashtags: 30 hashtags max

Image Size: 30 MB max

Image Aspect Ratio: 1:91:1 to 16:9

Video Upload: 4 GB max

YouTube Duration 60 seconds maximum

Increase or shorten Instagram posts  

  • To make a post longer Instagram post:
  • Learn more about your content, and add context.
  • Do not rely on the image or video to represent “a thousand words” – try to interpret it for your audience.
  • Make sure you are thorough in your description.
  • You can add as many hashtags as possible, up to 30 hashtags.
  • To shorten an Instagram post:
  • You can use up 30 hashtags; let them speak on your behalf if you need to.
  • Cut lengthy, complicated words and substitute simple language.


TikTok continues to become a global phenomenon. Although TikTok has a 300-character limit on captions for this platform, it’s important to concentrate on the length of your video.

TikTok lets users upload videos of up to 10 minutes long. However, the optimal length for videos on TikTok can be between 21 to 34 seconds. It is important to keep in mind that TikTok continues to grow quickly, and it’s highly likely that the ideal length of video will be evolving in the same way.


character limit
Source- Hootsuite

As a company controlled by Google, Text is a crucial element in the case of YouTube. Since YouTube is effectively a search engine today.

The descriptions on YouTube are restricted to 5,000 characters, with links that point to other sites. Remember that users need to extend the description box to read descriptions that exceed 100 characters.

YouTube Ad Length

The length of a YouTube video ad is dependent on the kind of advertisement.

The length of skippable video ads is 6 minutes at a maximum and can be skipped after 5 seconds.

The length of non-skippable video ads ranges between 12 seconds and 3 minutes. However, less than 30 seconds are suggested by the platform.

The length of a bumper video advertisement is 6 seconds at maximum, which is intended to increase brand awareness. Mid-roll video ad duration of 30 seconds or less.

The most efficient YouTube advertising length for pre-roll can be between 15-30 minutes.

character limit
Source- Hootsuite

YouTube Title Character Limit

YouTube has an upper limit that is 100 characters when it comes to titles. However, it’s suggested that your title is limited to 70 characters because anything that is longer than 70 characters could be cut off in the results of searches.

YouTube Video Description Character Limit

Descriptions of your YouTube video may be up to up to 5,000 characters. YouTube descriptions are another method of increasing the visibility of your video on search results and allowing users to find your video. Make sure to make your description informative and relevant when writing this description. Don’t forget to include links to your site and social profiles to keep your viewers connected to you.

Ideal LinkedIn Post Length & Limits

As a platform for social networking,, LinkedIn is utilized by many professionals in the business world to get important industry information. This is why companies often post long descriptions of their blog, product updates, and case studies.

Sharing the latest findings of your research is wonderful, but it’s not going to inspire users to click and read your content is cut off before you conclude. So here are some great strategies to keep the perfect size of your LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn Post Character Limit

LinkedIn recently raised the character limit for posts to limit from 1300 characters to 3000 characters, including hashtags. The LinkedIn status update can be as long as 700 characters on the LinkedIn company page. While LinkedIn articles do not have an actual limit on characters, some reports suggest that LinkedIn’s blog network will remove posts that exceed 120,000 characters.

LinkedIn will cut down your posts using the “See more” button after the 140-character mark. Therefore, the ideal length for a LinkedIn post is between 100 and 140 characters.

LinkedIn Video Length

LinkedIn was among the platforms that rolled out the option to upload native video in August 2017.

LinkedIn videos should not be shorter than 3 seconds and more than 10 mins. LinkedIn also indicates that most successful videos tend to be those which are shorter than 15 seconds in length.

The ideal length for a video is 30 to 90 seconds for videos designed to fulfill the upper funnel marketing objectives. Make longer videos to communicate your product or brand’s story; however, be mindful of the informal 10-minute cut-off time. LinkedIn allows you to share 20 seconds of maximum length video to your account.

Linkedin message character limit

LinkedIn message limit is up to 200 characters in the subject line and 2,000 characters in your body text. LinkedIn has discovered that messages that are at least 150 words boost your chance of receiving responses, and those over 200 words lower the chances of getting a response.

Free social media character counter

Sprout Social free social media character counter

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