Social Media Analytics: Free tools to get more followers in 2022

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    Marketing and social media Analytics tools are similar to peanut butter and jelly. One cannot function without the other in the field of digital marketing. Analytics can help you see what you’re doing effectively and, more importantly, what you do not work on, so you know how to fix it and enhance it. In my view, I compiled 12 items that are the top tools to analyze social media in 2022.

    What’s a Social Media Analytics tool?

    Social Media Analytics tools offers the capability to collect and report on information related to the social networks you use. These products are utilized by marketing, social media, and communications teams who utilize tools for social analytics to discover the most effective methods, identify demographics and evaluate the behavior of consumers in real-time. Researchers and data scientists may employ tools for social media analytics to collect data on the practices of different regions and trends. Social media analytics tools enable companies to better understand their customers’ needs and their responsiveness.

    The tools aim to boost businesses by analyzing the performance of social media-related campaigns. As a result, teams can plan more efficient campaigns with greater awareness of consumer attitudes and business practices while increasing customer satisfaction and brand visibility. In addition, social analytics software often provides data that can benefit monitoring tools for social media. Monitoring capabilities can be found in social media tools for management as an option and/or Social media software as an element or standalone.

    To be considered to be included within the Social Media Analytics category, products must be capable of:

    • Develop business objectives that can be measured using data indicators
    • Share and track data
    • Assess the size of your audience, their engagement, as well as demographics
    • Aggregate social media statistics
    • Compare the data from different posts, campaigns, or web pages

    6 free social media analytics tools and dashboards of the social media platforms

    The major social media platforms offer built-in analytics and dashboards that give you a wealth of information about your activities. This is how you can access the metrics and data provided by social media networks.

    1. Facebook Insights

    Social Media Analytics
    Facebook Insights

    For all Page administrators, Facebook Insights provides you with the complete statistics of your posts, followers, and reach. Furthermore, under the Insights tab, you can make a list of Pages to Follow and get details on the performance of the other Facebook pages.

    Access: Select the “Insights tab on the menu bar located across the top of your Facebook page.

    2. Instagram Insights

    Social Media Analytics
    Instagram Insights

    If you’re a user of an Instagram Business Profile, you’ll get the option of Instagram Insights -the native analytics in-app for Instagram. It gives you a broad range of information on your profile, posts, stories, and advertisements. It also provides comprehensive information on your followers, including their most active hours and days.

    How to get access: If you have an account for yourself on your Instagram profile, you’ll have to change it to an account for business. First, visit your profile page in the mobile app. Next, tap the menu icon in the upper right corner and select Insights.

    3. Twitter Analytics

    Social Media Analytics
    3. Twitter Analytics

    Twitter gives you a report for 28 days of your profile. It will show you how it’s performed based on visits to your profile and follower growth, and tweets’ impressions and mentions. The site also analyzes the number of impressions your tweets get along with specifics on engagement, i.e., mentions, retweets, and clicks. The ability to download all the information and run some impressive reports for yourself.

    How to access: Log in to your Twitter account and go to

    4. Pinterest Analytics

    Social Media Analytics
    social media analytics tools

    One of the most reliable sources for Pinterest analytics is Pinterest itself. The dashboard displays an increase in followers and impressions and audience stats, and even engagement on the website. In addition, it is possible to view more detailed reports for each of these areas and find out which boards and posts are performing the best.

    How do I gain access to: The analytics on Pinterest are only accessible to businesses with accounts for businesses. Therefore, you must first change your account into a business account (for no cost). Then make sure you’re logged in to Pinterest and go to

    5. LinkedIn Analytics

    Social Media Analytics
    social media analytics tools

    If your organization or business owns your page, You can monitor your updates’ engagement and view different metrics regarding your visitors and followers. If you’ve upgraded your page with LinkedIn career pages, you’ll also have the ability to access Talent Brand stats.

    How to access: To gain access to LinkedIn Page Analytics, Log in to your Page administrator center, then click the Analytics tab from the menu, and then select Updates Followers, Visitors, or Updates from the dropdown menu.

    6. YouTube Analytics

    Social Media Analytics
    YouTube Analytics

    YouTube Analytics is a comprehensive method for monitoring the performances of the channel and your videos. It provides a variety of metrics like estimates of traffic sources, view time views, revenue, ad performance, the retention of viewers, and subscribers.

    Top 10 social media analytics tools

    1. Google Analytics

    Social Media Analytics

    The main benefit is: See how much traffic and leads flow through your website through the social channels you use

    Free tool

    Ideal for: anyone working in social media must be acquainted with Google Analytics, especially those working for a business that relies on the internet.

    You’ve probably heard about Google Analytics already. This is because it’s among the top tools that you can use to analyze your site’s visitors. If you’re a social marketer that likes driving visitors to your site, this is a valuable tool to keep in your pocket.

    Although it’s not a media report tool, you can make use of it to create reports that can help you:

    • Find out which social media platforms bring you the most traffic
    • Check out the content that drives the most leads and traffic to social media platforms.
    • Find out who your customers are by analyzing demographics
    • Find out the return on investment of your social media marketing campaigns

    By analyzing these data points that you have, you’ll be able to maximize the value of your online social media efforts and effectively plan for the near future. A social media strategy is not comprehensive without Google analytics.

    2. UTM parameters

    Benefits You can see the amount of online traffic and conversions the social media platforms and your campaigns are generating (to be used in conjunction with an online analytics platform such as Google Analytics).

    Free tool

    UTM parameters aren’t an independent tool for social media analytics, but they are crucial to help you set up Google Analytics (or another web analytics platform) to determine the best way to gauge social media performance.

    Simply put, UTM parameters are shortcodes added to links you post via social networks. They precisely tell how many people are interacting with your posts and then eventually end up on your site.

    In the image in the screenshot above, the UTM parameter refers to everything after that question mark.

    UTM parameters aren’t necessary when you’re just interested in reports on social media performance in terms of followers, engagement, and so on. But if you’re planning to take your social media reporting to the higher step, UTM parameters + Google Analytics will provide more precise information about which social media posts and channels generate traffic and converts.

    3. Keyhole

    Social Media Analytics

    Keyhole is an analytics tool for social media that automatically collects social media data and creates the reports you need. Keyhole excels in four important factors:

    • Insights into the minds of your clients.
    • Simpler reporting to make it easy to communicate your results to your team.
    • Third, showing you what draws your customers’ attention.
    • This will save you a significant amount of time — since you don’t need to scour various social networks looking for the right analytics for your social media.

    These are the most important elements to consider when conducting social media analytics software comparisons.

    The tool lets you know when your customers are most active, allowing you to view your audience’s highest engagement time and days.

    A keyhole is a tool that you can use to track your influencers. For example, keyhole the application, you can locate your influencers, track them, and contact your influencers.

    You could also do a thorough and detailed analysis of the sentiment of the social network content over the course of time:

    With keyhole, the user can observe the number of views, impressions, posts, and engagements specific hashtags or accounts receivable. Additionally, you can find the top influencers with the highest engagement levels and the number of followers they have in particular industries. You can then get in touch with them right through a keyhole.

    Suppose you’d ever like to understand the demographics of your hashtag’s users, account interactors, as well as followers. In that case, the keyhole provides those in addition to the proportion of negative and positive opinions of your followers.

    Additionally, Keyhole customers can create and create an unlimited amount of posts every month on every account included in their plans. You can manage between 3 and unlimited accounts based on your needs of yours.

    4. Oktopost

    Social Media Analytics

    Oktopost It is a platform that helps B2B companies control, monitor, and evaluate every aspect of their social media marketing activities on the same platform.

    Do you have international social media teams? Manage social media teams in multiple countries on one platform.

    Social media management and social employee advocacy, and social media marketing are just a few of Oktopost’s most popular features.

    You can assess the effectiveness of your social media marketing and adjust your strategies in line with your results.

    5. Agorapulse

    Social Media Analytics
    Social Media Analytics: Free tools to get more followers in 2022 16

    AgoraPulse It is among the best tools for social media analytics that can help you find your most effective content and understand what people want from you. We all are aware that social media consumes time like a bug… However, AgoraPulse can be a good remedy for it.

    This tool is a major time saver for social media marketers. It allows you to manage all of your social media activities from one spot.

    Pros: The user will surely be amazed by the Twitter reporting capabilities of Agorapulse. It generates reports specific for your tweets mentions, retweets and mentions, favorite tweets, and also other engagement metrics. This allows the process of listening to social media quite simple for you.

    You can also share or schedule content on all of your profiles at the same time. The tool’s Chrome plugin lets you accomplish all of this in one go and saves you time.

    Cons: Agorapulse’s listening is only available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, if you’re looking to track LinkedIn as well as Pinterest, you’ll need to use an alternative tool.

    6. Brandwatch

    Social Media Analytics

    Data is a big topic these days, and the brandwatch is focused on the subject. They will provide you with the correct industry information to make the right marketing choices.

    Tracking your brand’s online presence was never simpler. BrandWatch gives you in-depth information about your customers’ thoughts at any given time that makes it easy to market to them.

    Pros: It is possible to search on the internet to find specific discussions related to your company, then segment the conversations into categories and analyze them to pick important details. In addition, they offer the ability to analyze images that will find logos.

    Pro: Brandwatch can be extremely technical for those who are new to tools for monitoring brands, and the structure of the query could be quite tedious. For those with little to no expertise, it is among the most effective tools to track online brand names.

    7. BrandMentions

    Social Media Analytics
    paid social media analytics tools

    BrandMentions is yet another effective tool to evaluate the effectiveness of social media marketing.

    From monitoring brand reputation, brand monitoring managing, corporate intelligence, and spying on competitors, the tool will provide you with pertinent data about the performance of your branding awareness campaigns.

    BrandMentions also sends real-time alerts, and you will be notified when your website receives an additional backlink or gets featured in important places on the internet.

    Pros: BrandMentions makes an excellent choice for even small-sized businesses. It is simple to use, even for newcomers to the field.

    Cons: Be sure to include or exclude mentions that are based on keywords, or else you’ll end up with results that contain spammy websites as well as results that are general.

    Price: $99 – $499 USD per month.

    8. Meltwater

    Social Media Analytics

    Meltwater can be the most popular social media tool for those who are looking to concentrate on brand engagement and also monitor what’s being said about your business and you on social media.

    This tool for social media analytics will also assist you in connecting with influential individuals and quantifying the impact of your PR.

    One of the most effective methods to increase engagement is through the use of influencers. Meltwater helps you find and select influencers to promote your company. It is also a great tool for managing relationships with influencers and evaluating their impact on ROI.

    9. BuzzSumo

    Social Media Analytics

    Another, but this time it’s paid social media analytics software that I personally really, really like is BuzzSumo.

    It’s a tool to analyze content with a range of functions like monitoring brands, social listening, or competitor analysis; it also offers social media analytics.

    • Content discovery: Find the most popular content on social media sites. This is a great feature for content creators!
    • Content analysis: Discover information on social media related to a specific topic of interest, such as content type, top shared domains, top social media platforms, etc.
    • Influencer marketing: Find the top influencers within a specific field or sector by analyzing the reach on social media or their engagement.


    • Free trial available.
    • Updated content on popular topics. Helps you find the latest topics to share with your social networks.
    • It is simple to use.


    • A bit expensive if you want the complete version.
    • This is not a social media tool for management. You’ll need other tools to manage the features.

    10. Brand24

    Social Media Analytics

    Brand24 is an online tool to analyze social media, beginning at $49 a month. It offers a no-cost trial of two weeks (no card needed).

    The tool provides web monitoring of social media and analysis across many channels. You can track keywords that relate to your business, such as company name, address of website and company hashtags, or advertising campaign hashtag or name, and find out the way they perform on social media channels, in terms of engagement, reach on social media and the number of mentions important sources of mention and more.

    • Analyze the performance of your social media accounts: Study your keywords’ performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and YouTube, including the number of mentions, reach on social media, and an analysis of the mood of your keyword.
    • Engagement metrics: Monitor the level of engagement that posts on social media, the marketing campaigns, and other content created.
    • Influence metrics are great for influencer marketing since you can gauge the influence of authors on social media who are discussing your business or any other topic.
    • Trending hashtags: Discover the most popular hashtags on Instagram for any search term
    • Hashtag analytics: Find out how often the hashtag was used on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


    • Tracks the mentions of brands across social media platforms.
    • It is possible to create reports on social media analytics.
    • Ability to test the sentiments of positive or negative based on the keywords you have tracked.


    • Doesn’t provide a social media management platform.

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