How To Create Profitable Snapchat Ads in 2023: A Beginners Guide

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    Snapchat ads are simple to operate and produce effective results regardless of whether you’re trying to boost sales, downloads of apps, or connect with potential customers. And to top it all off, Snapchat Ad Manager is simple enough to use to get the hang of it in no time.

    If you’re interested in advertising with Snapchat but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve provided you with the information you need! There’s plenty of information on the internet, but it’s often difficult to find all the information in one location. This guide was put together to help you understand all the information you require about Snap advertisements unlike ever before.

    The benefits of Snapchat ads

    snapchat ads
    How To Create Profitable Snapchat Ads in 2023: A Beginners Guide 14

    A distinct audience, effective targeted advertising, and an immersive experience. Snap Ads provides a thrilling yet untapped marketing channel for marketers.

    Here are three benefits that make Snapchat Ads appealing:

    • Active users: The 166 million Snapchatters who utilize the app daily, on average, stay more than 30 minutes using the app. They also open the app more than 18 times per day.
    • Unique target audience A huge percentage of Snapchat’s daily U.S. users cannot be reached via Facebook (35 %), Instagram (46 %), Twitter (81 %), as well as other social networks, According to the App Annie. Similar trends were also observed in the U.K.
    • Powerful targeting: With Snapchat’s data that includes information from the Oracle Data Cloud, you can target Snapchatters according to their demographics, as well as their internet and (even) offline preferences and behavior. You can also use your data to target your customers and other Snapchatters through Snapchat.

    Types of snapchat ads

    Snapchat offers six types of ads companies can employ to interact with Snapchat users:

    1. Snap Ads
    2. Story Ads
    3. Collection Ads
    4. Commercial Ads
    5. Filters
    6. Lens AR Experiences

    1.Snap Ads

    snapchat ads
    How To Create Profitable Snapchat Ads in 2023: A Beginners Guide 15

    Snap advertisements appear between Publisher content in “Discover the Stories of Friends. This is an excellent option to raise awareness. Snap ads could be static or video.

    2.Story Ads

    snapchat ads

    Story ads appear in the “Discover. In addition, users can click on the Story Ad to view up to 20 Snap ads. This is a great choice for companies looking to increase their awareness and engagement.

    3.Collection Ads

    snapchat ads

    Brands have two choices using Collection ads.

    A typical collection ad displays a video showcasing four items in tiles that can be tappable. The products that are featured are SKUs chosen from the advertisers. A Dynamic Collection ad operates the same as a typical collection ad, except that the feed for products is generated automatically by the catalog based on a specific set of products.

    Both appear between Friends’ stories and Publisher’s stories.

    4.Commercial Ads

    snapchat ads

    Similar to Collection Ads, Advertisers have two options regarding commercials.

    Standard commercials aren’t skippable up to commercials lasting 3-6 seconds, and extended Play Commercials can run anywhere between 3 and 180 seconds. However, only the first six seconds cannot be skipped.

    Commercial advertisements are featured in “Shows” and “Games’.


    snapchat ads

    Filters are fun overlays that can be placed on users’ Snaps.

    The user can see what’s available when a Snap has been taken. In addition, filters can be used to apply creative effects, show Bitmojis and venue details, and much more.

    6.Lens AR Experiences

    snapchat ads

    In one of Snapchat’s Global reports, on average, 200 million users interact using AR daily. It also noted that 94% of users plan to use AR to shop the same way or greater in 2022.

    Lenses are excellent ad formats because they increase engagement and allow users to connect with brands in new and effective ways. The brands can also design shopping Lenses that allow users to experience and purchase items.

    How do you create Snapchat ads in just five steps?

    Creating ads on Snapchat can be done the same way as other social networks. Here’s how to start.

    Step 1: Create a business account

    Register for an account on Snapchat. Once you have a Snapchat account, log into Snapchat Business Manager. If your account doesn’t have one for business, click Create Business Account at the top of the screen and complete the short form.

    snapchat ads
    Source how to use snapchat ads

    Select the + New Account button and fill in the required information.

    After you’ve created an advertising account and connected it, you must join it with the Snapchat username. Then, you can click the Business button on the left side to open the menu. Click on Advertising Accounts.

    snapchat ads

    Click on the new advertisements account. Scroll to Public Profiles. Click on the textbox, and you will be able to locate all of your Snapchat accounts, then select the correct one to connect to the account that you are using for ads and select Connect Profile. 

    Step 2: Select your ad type inside the Snapchat Ads Manager

    Now is the time to create ads. Open the menu on the left side and click Make Ads.

    snapchat ads

    Advanced Create lets you create complex campaigns while controlling each aspect of the campaign process, including a budget, targeting, bid strategies, and much more.

    If you’re using Advanced Create mode, install Snap Pixel to monitor the user’s behavior on your site and increase the chances of conversion.

    Step 3: Pick the goal you want to achieve.

    In this article, we’ll pick Instant Create. Choose a goal for your advertisement:

    snapchat ads
    Source are snapchat ads worth it
    • Visits to the website
    • Local promotion
    • Inviting leads to reach you
    • App installation (conversions)
    • App visits (awareness)

    Follow the simple steps for the goal you choose.

    The Instant mode allows you to preview your advertisement as you design it.

    Step 4: Set your budget

    Choose your target and budget options, click publish and you’re ready to go.

    The instant mode does a great way of keeping it easy and still allowing a good range of targeting options. By default, you can choose to target Snapchatters according to gender, age, and even the location of their residence.

    snapchat ads

    Simply click to show Advanced Targeting to further focus on users according to their specific interests or device type with specific phone models.

    Select a budget you are at ease with, complete your address, and click to publish. Done!

    Step 5: Try Advanced mode.

    To get more options, such as greater control over targeting and custom audiences, check out using the Advanced Create mode next time. In addition, you can access Collection, Lens, Filter, and Commercial ads, as well as the capability to build a campaign using several ad groups.

    7 Creative snapchat ads strategy to earn more

    A highly-effective Snapchat advertisement campaign can transform your company. However, creating ads and branding that strike the perfect chord with your targeted customers and generate more sales is difficult.

    Knowing the basics of Snapchat innovative best techniques will give a new look to your ads’ creatives and produce the results you’re hoping to get. So, let’s jump into it.

    1. Have a clear objective

    The first step to posting your Snapchat advertisement is deciding on the goal you’d like to achieve with this advertisement, whether it’s promoting brand recognition or increasing the likelihood of purchasing and establishing a user base, or engaging your target audience.

    If you establish this goal before conceiving the advertisement, you will be able to achieve high-quality outputs and also meet your business objectives.

    Start creating ads with thorough brainstorming sessions to establish the main objectives for your Snapchat advertising campaigns. After you’ve narrowed down the goals and your target audience, consider the perspective of your target audience to create your creative and engaging content.

    Determining your goals will aid in determining the best perfect ad format and Snapchat size for your ad. This is crucial for optimizing your creativity and ensuring that you comply with Snapchat’s advertising policies.

    2. Optimize Ads for Mobile Users

    Snapchat is certainly one of the platforms that are mobile-first. If your ads aren’t designed specifically for smartphones, you’ll be short of your desired outcomes.

    Therefore, keep the specifications of mobile ads in mind when creating and posting your creative ads. To ensure that you’re providing users with the best experience when they view your ads, ensure that the text stays in your Snapchat safety zone and leaves the buffer unoccupied.

    Removing this buffer zone of 175px between the top and bottom will eliminate overlap and give you the most enjoyable viewing experience.

    snapchat ads
    Image Source

    3. Go for Clear and Authentic Messaging

    Your ads have a higher chance of generating returns by creating engaging and distinctive content. Get rid of the typical ad storylines and create a unique angle to promote your business.

    Consider the kind of content your ideal client wants to see, and then create ads that don’t feel like advertisements. In the end, if you don’t interrupt the flow of the user as they browse through their feed, you’ll get them to be interested in your advertisement and act. In addition, authentic content lets you display your brand’s persona and control your customer’s perceptions in the best way.

    4. Pay attention to the audio

    It’s no surprise that–unlike other social media platforms–Snapchatters like to consume content with sound on, which is important because users view 64% of ads with audio. So this is your opportunity to create Snapchat advertisements that stand out with perfectly aligned music and enhance the content’s value.

    Check your ads using audio so you can post only the best-optimized videos. Whether your ad is three seconds long or 30 seconds long, include the appropriate audio effects to enhance the appeal of your ad.

    Furthermore, the selection of music can represent your brand’s values and what you would like the customer to feel. For instance, you could use punk rock if you’re a company like Harley Davidson. However, you’ll likely employ a more sophisticated and subtle sound when you’re associated with a brand such as Tiffany’s.

    Use music that matches your brand’s personality and content.

    5. Simplify Your Stories

    Many advertisers overmake Snapchat advertisements by adding unnecessary information in their stories, such as insignificant music, excessive text, and long captions. Be careful not to overload your ads with too much detail, which could confuse the user.

    Select your goals and develop campaigns that are aligned with your purpose. Create on-brand visuals that communicate how you intend to communicate. Make headlines, captions, and CTAs that draw the attention of your viewers without being too insistent. Be sure to keep it simple. will allow viewers to comprehend your message and take action.

    However, simply boring. Therefore, focus on developing an innovative idea that resonates with your target audience and creates an immediate impact.

    6. Recycle and Repurpose

    Who says you must devote hours to creating a new advertising campaign each time? Instead, find inspiration from the work you’ve already created, such as blog posts, social media posts, case studies, etc. And then convert your existing material into Snapchat ads.

    Analyze which of your posts were the most effective for your needs in terms of engagement, and make these posts available as ads to increase ROAS.

    7. Conduct Creative Testing to Optimize performance

    Once you’ve finished publishing and creating your Snapchat advertisements, finish the final part of the process: reviewing and optimizing.

    Check your designs to see the ones that resonate with your target audience. This can assist you in increasing your performance and improving your approach moving forward. Make use of Analytics on Audience to better understand how your followers react to your Snapchat advertisements and content to improve your strategy based on these findings.

    Be aware of the type of people interacting with your advertisements while looking at the reach of every advertisement. This will allow you to segment your target audience into smaller groups and target those with specific ads to achieve greater results.

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