20 Side Hustle Ideas That Help To Pay Your Rent

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    20 Side Hustle Ideas That Help To Pay Your Rent

    What is a side hustles?

    A side hustle is a job you can do “to the side” of your main job. It’s a method of bringing additional cash, stretching your creativity, and much more.

    If you’re a person who works 9-5, an alternative to a side job could include driving for Lyft, managing the Etsy business, or working as a freelancer on Fiverr.

    If you’re in high school or college, a side job could be your main source of income during your time at school. Some good side hustles for teens and college students might include driving for Instacart and making Ikea furniture for others with Taskrabbit Babysitting, and many more.

    How to Start a Side Hustle

    • Determine the reason you’d like to begin a side hustle.
    • Find out what your skills & available resources
    • Find side hustle jobs near you for your skills.

    Things to consider before starting a side hustle

    1. Does the idea match your timetable

    You’ll be committing time and energy to this side hustle, and time should be a part of your work schedule. However, a side business should be something you can work on outside your work schedule and shouldn’t hinder or prevent you from working.

    It is normal for things to happen in your job. For example, on certain days, you might be required to take on an additional shift, work extra hours to finish a task, or attend gatherings and team-building activities. If you’re planning to make sure that you are putting the time and effort into your side hustle, it is important to pick an option that is easy to change. Some side jobs like dog walking or babysitting could be appealing, but keep in mind that these are more difficult to coordinate with your job.

    2. Does the concept align with your interests and passions?

    The fact that you work 40 hours per week can drain a lot of people’s creativity by the time the day is over. After a day spent with family, friends, and other responsibilities, it’s clear how difficult it can be to tackle a secondary project. It’s the time hidden away in the margins of life, which is the most productive time to perform the work focused on creating something. After the day’s work is done, the weekend is just a few weeks away. And because you’ve seen all the documentaries about true crime on Netflix and have a completely open schedule.

    However, no matter how hard you can, there are times when you’ll find yourself not wanting to go back to work. This is why it’s best if your side business is closely linked with your passions regardless of the product itself. This could mean a certain aspect of managing things behind the scenes, or perhaps it’s simply a way to immerse yourself in a brand-new subject or interest. Whatever the reason, the best test is to determine if you’re attracted to the task while putting off other things. That little bit of enthusiasm could go a long way.

    3. Does the idea have a chance to be financially viable?

    While there are times when a hobby should be weighed down by the necessity of earning money, according to the definition we use of a side hustle, it is clear that we are trying to generate some sort of profit from the time spent. 

    So, your side hustle must be viable financially and, in the long run, stable. Unfortunately, many side hustles fail immediately since your main objective is to improve your product or service and figure out how to market to your first clients or customers. Therefore, it is important to keep your costs at a minimum in the beginning and focus on ” ringing the cash register” or testing your concept by making a sale, so you can determine how the numbers will look.

    List of side hustle ideas that can make you rich

    1. Create a blog

    the best side hustle

    A blog is an ideal side hustle since you can choose every interest or hobby you’re interested in and start blogs on that subject. In addition, bloggers who attract a following can take advantage of numerous opportunities to make their presence into earnings.

    • One of the most popular ways that bloggers earn money is:
    • Advertising banners on their websites
    • Promoting affiliates and receiving a percentage
    • Offering an online course within their field of expertise
    • Being a one-on-one coach for readers who require more assistance

    2. Sell Information Products

    If you’re looking for lucrative side jobs that can earn money, then selling information products might be the ideal solution. This business requires study, time, effort, and marketing expertise to succeed. Are there any topics that are gaining popularity currently that you already know you’re knowledgeable about? Did you discover a hot subject on which you don’t have enough information? Make money from these opportunities by writing material around the topic. You can create books on Amazon or offer courses to earn money.

    What is the maximum amount you can earn from selling products that provide information? It depends on your niche, the marketing strategy you employ, and a myriad of other variables. However, a side hustle like this could earn you several thousand dollars monthly. It is important to create various kinds of information (ebooks or courses, etc.) that continue to generate recurring revenue for you.

    3. Resell items that you have found thrifty.

    This option requires money upfront. However, it’s an alternative for those who enjoy shopping and know the market worth of items. The principle is straightforward Buy low and then sell it higher.

    Visit your local thrift shops, garage sales, and flea markets to look for bargains. Check out the latest trends and prices items are available on the internet. You may find an important vintage item under the bushes. Maybe there’s something you can repair and sell at a higher price?

    The easiest way to do this is to resell on sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, Thredup, and GameStop, to list some. However, here’s the thing: Don’t go into debt to do this. Borrowing money will put you a ten-step back. You don’t want to be with an entire basement filled with things you are still owed money for and cannot even sell. Take one thing at a time, and then pay cash for everything since cash is the most valuable thing!

    4. Earn Passive Income as an Instagram Influencer

    highest paying side hustle

    When they grow up, the majority of people want to be famous. However that not everyone has the talent to be a singer or perform. Establishing a reputation for your talents is still possible based on what you can accomplish. Maybe you have a fashionable style or make a fantastic cake. On Instagram, you can begin an extra income as an influencer if you’re not interested in being in the spotlight. You could develop your Instagram followers with your pet or your photos. You can make money from the value of your Instagram account in various ways, such as paid posts, Instagram takeovers, and selling products through your website.

    Are you an influencer and have an excellent side job? The average influencer costs between $200-$400 per post. It can differ depending on the size of your audience; therefore, feel free to research influencers’ rates.

    5. Give music lessons.

    If you’ve not played alto saxophone in 20 years, then you don’t need to dust it off to attempt to teach children how to be Kenny G. But if you’re a musician who has the passion of a teacher, offering music lessons can be a lucrative side business. You can set your own rates and schedule your own hours. For example, you may offer classes in your own home, lease a studio location, or cost an additional fee for travel to the client’s location.

    The initial costs for starting up can be zero when you own an area to yourself and your equipment. After that, it’s just a matter of providing your time, skills, and expertise. Enjoy the harmonious process of training the next generation of music lovers and increasing your income.

    6. Rent your car

    Rent your car
    Rent your car

    One of the newest and most innovative ways to generate passive income is by renting your car. If you own a vehicle that you don’t frequently use, or maybe you’re at the school system or working from home – you could let it out to other people! In fact, I have a good friend who purchased three vehicles to rent out through these services. He returns his deposit plus more each month.

    These services let you offer your car to rent on your own terms. You can set the price and the availability. So you don’t have to fret when you’re looking to drive the car. They provide insurance too.

    7. Let your home or spare room through Airbnb.

    side hustle ideas
    passive side hustle

    If you have an additional bedroom or garage, you could consider renting out your space on Airbnb. As an example, suppose you decide to lease your bathroom and guest room with 2 guests. If you’re located in the Nashville region, you could make upwards of $4,221 every month. This is an amazing way to generate money that is passive!

    What are the dangers of opening the doors of your house to visitors? It’s a legitimate concern. However, Airbnb gives host damage protection on your home, which can be as high as $1 million in protection.  They also provide host liability insurance in the event that a guest is injured while staying on your property.

    Although Airbnb does not screen every visitor, they allow guests and hosts to evaluate each other. This way, you’ll be more comfortable in the presence of guests at your home.

    8. Create stuff to sell

    Perhaps you’re not interested in scouring for products for sale; however, you possess the knowledge to design and create items to sell. If you do, you’ll be able to offer your own items on the internet.

    From designing gifts and stationary from household items to stationary to printables and downloadables, the possibilities of selling your own items are endless. The best part with printables is that you’re just creating a document, and then you’re paid when users download the document!

    9. Put your money into the stock market

    stock market
    stock market

    The stock market could provide you with a greater earning potential than simply putting your money in a savings account. Investing your funds in accounts such as employers’ 401(k) plans or even an account with a brokerage is possible.

    Be aware that there are no assurances when you put your money into the market for stocks. That means that you could be unable to make money if there’s an economic recession or a stock market crash. Before investing, paying off any high-interest debt and having an emergency fund are recommended. When you’re in a position to invest, you should consider your future financial goals.

    10. Participate in Paid Surveys

    Engaging in surveys online is among the most simple side hustles online to make during your spare time. Companies and research institutes, through survey sites, pay respondents to give feedback about the products or services they offer.

    A few survey sites we suggest include Swagbucks or the Branded Surveys. To avoid scams, stay away from survey websites that don’t have valid privacy policies or offer untrue rewards.

    While this side hustle may not generate a huge profit, you could earn extra money if you do it regularly.

    11. Become a mobile notary

    There’s a huge market for those who need documents notarized. From bank forms to loans, people require things notarized. So they’re willing to pay to visit them.

    Being a mobile notary, the simplest way to be paid is to sign documents and time. If you’re looking to step it up to the next level, you could become a loan signer and help customers sign all the documents needed by lenders.

    The most amazing part is that you can be paid anywhere from $75 to $200 an hour working in this field after you’ve gained experience.

    12. Sell stock images or music

    side hustle ideas
    creative side hustle

    Begin earning money through your music and photography hobby by selling your work on microstock websites. While it’s not the fastest way to earn money, it could generate an income that is steady in the long run.

    Some of the most notable websites that pay royalty-free stock images include Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Unsplash.

    You’ll have to be committed and consistent in order to make it in the music or stock photography business. Learn the basics of stock photography and music making and pay attention to current music and stock photo trends.

    Because microstock websites do not exclusively purchase rights to your work, we recommend selling your work on several platforms to increase your earnings.

    13. Dropshipping

    Dropshipping is among the most profitable side hustles; however, it’s also a challenge. First, let’s look at the process. Setting up your online store without having to stock in advance of the time at the physical store is necessary. It is only necessary to display the available items and purchase them from a third-party vendor only when a client wants to purchase them. The third-party vendor will send the order to you you.

    Drop shipping comes with its own pros and pros. The main challenge with drop shipping is finding an established supplier who can guarantee prompt delivery and top customer service. However, it has an advantage in that it allows you to be an entrepreneur without spending a dime. It is also possible to earn an excellent amount of side earnings through drop shipping. 

    Many people interested in this business begin by selling their products through Shopify as well. Shopify also provides customers with information on how to start. This is an excellent option for those looking to keep the investment and risk to a minimum while running a business of their own.

    14. Get paid to review books

    Book reviewers are paid to express their professional views about books. The job of a book reviewer is one of the most lucrative side hustle jobs you can do from home.

    A variety of websites allow you to review books, including Online Book Club, Kirkus Media, and Women’s Review of Books. Alternatively, you can be a blogger for books to earn additional dollars through sponsorships.

    15. Managing Social Media and Digital Operations for small businesses

    Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) depend heavily on outsourcing to manage the majority of their digital processes. They often require assistance in different areas of their businesses. For example, they could outsource their management of social media or seek out a content writer to create their website, or require an analyst for data to analyze crucial data.

    16. Driving for Uber

    One of the highest-paying side hustles that you can begin now is driving for Uber. The prerequisites for becoming an Uber driver are incredibly easy. If you own a mobile with high-speed internet, a driver’s license, and a car in good condition, You can be an Uber driver.

    17. Become a niche photographer.

    niche photographer.

    Your passion for photography can be turned into a new source of income. To get the best results, you should create an area of focus for your photography (e.g., cosplay, pin-up, sports, etc.) instead of merely marketing yourself as a general-purpose photographer. It’s fine to be a general photographer; however, establishing yourself to be an authority in a particular market will make your image stand out.

    18. Tailor-made clothes

    Many people are unaware that clothes don’t have to be perfectly sized from the rack, and usually, they don’t. A tailor will adjust the fit by reducing the length or fitting an extra waist to get the perfect fit. Tailors can also design entirely new clothing. Sewing is a rare talent. But, if you’re able to master it correctly, you could make extra money as a tailor.

    19. Poker online

    If this is your first time being told of this method, we would not suggest this method. The average skill level of internet-based players has risen so dramatically in recent years that it’s nearly certain that anyone new is likely to lose money in the long haul. But Ben, one of DollarSprout’s co-founders, earned more than six numbers while playing online college. We had to write about it.

    20. Offer custom-designed T-shirts

    side hustle ideas
    custom-designed T-shirts

    I just discovered an amazing website called, which allows you to design T-shirts to sell online. If you are able to make some creative designs and utilize Facebook ads to reach potential buyers, you could surely earn some extra money from this side hustle entrepreneurial.

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