Become Shopify Partner in 5 Simple Steps in 2023

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    Many retailers are turning toward Shopify as their platform for eCommerce of choice. Shopify users like you can benefit by contributing to its growth. You could be paid, in addition to the normal Shopify agency program, for doing so.

    So how do you jump onto the Shopify train and benefit from the success of Shopify? Join the Shopify Partner program.

    The Shopify Partner program provides everything you require to increase your expertise, earn passive income, and increase the size of your online business in an industry that is experiencing rapid growth.

    Here’s everything you need to be aware of.

    What Are Shopify Partners?

    Shopify Partners are active participants in the Shopify Partner program. This program lets entrepreneurs make money by recommending Shopify to other people, by creating designs and applications, or by posting Affiliate links to their site.

    You can join this program. Shopify Partner Program as one of the following:

    • Freelancer
    • Marketer
    • Photographer
    • Developer
    • Coder
    • Designer
    • Influencer

    “Partner” or “Partner” status comes from concluding a formal contract with Shopify and is reviewed annually.

    Your earnings will depend on the work you’ll engage in as a Shopify Partner.

    shopify partners
    shopify fulfillment partners

    What is the Shopify partners plus program?

    Shopify Plus Partner Programme assists Shopify merchants in growing their businesses through world-class service and solutions. This program is open for Shopify Partners, who fulfill the high standards of Shopify Plus merchants in terms of service quality, product quality, and performance, as well as privacy and support.

    Shopify often works with these organizations as part of this program:

    • Design and development companies
    • Digital marketing companies
    • Integrators of systems
    • Business consultants

    What are the advantages of becoming a Shopify partner?

    Shopify is a cloud-based platform that includes an online shopping cart and an online store. It allows businesses to create the Online Store fast and easily. Shopify is now an international brand for All-in-one e-commerce solutions, with more than one million companies using the platform across 100 countries. Shopify is the perfect solution for many E-Commerce companies that want to save on beginning costs as well as a simple user interface.

    Since one of three Shopify sellers uses Shopify Partners, There’s an excellent chance that you’ll be able to increase your profits when you sign up for the program. In addition, partners can access free learning tools and rewards along with the possibility of having extra cash that they can deposit into their bank accounts.

    shopify partners
    Become Shopify Partner in 5 Simple Steps in 2023 6
    • FAQs
    • Live Chat, How-to Articles,
    • as well as the Shopify Academy

    Additionally, you’ll have access to unlimited merchants in the agreement, which means you can try new products to your heart’s desire. You’ll get exclusive access to special offers on services that can assist you in running and developing your business as a Shopify Partner. Choose your “Partner Perks” section and then choose the “Claim perk” option after setting your Dashboard (more on this in the future).

    Furthermore, becoming a Shopify Partner opens numerous opportunities to develop your business. Participating in Shopify Partner Program Shopify Partner Program is an excellent way to grow your capabilities and customer base, whether you’re an established company or a person who is looking to grow their skills and customer base.

    How to create a Partner account on Shopify?  

    A variety of platforms in the digital age let you earn a steady passive income. One can be that of the Shopify Partner Program, but you’ll need to put your time and effort into this.

    You can make a lucrative income stream using your knowledge as a freelancer web designer, Web designer, theme designer, or even an influencer.

    To establish a Partner account for Shopify, follow the steps below: Shopify simply follows these steps below:

    Step 1: Visit the Shopify Partner Program Website

    The landing page is where you’ll be able to connect to Shopify Partners. 

    If Shopify Meetups are planned in your region, helpful guides, articles, webinars, and the Events Tab will become available.

    Click on the Docs tab and then gain access to the list of features.

    2. Type your email id and click the “Join Now” button

    You’ll see the “Create an account” screen, then enter your username and choose a password that is strong instead of one that includes numerals, letters, and symbols. After that, verify your password and press”Create Account” button “Create Account” button.

    Step 3: Verify Your Email Address

    shopify partners

    Once you’ve created your account, After registering, an email with a link for you to verify that you are the owner of your account will be delivered to you. Be sure to verify your email within the next 24 hours, or otherwise, the link will expire.

    Click the blue button to confirm that you are registered then you’ll be taken to the Shopify account screen. Select “Shopify Partners” and then click to “Create new partner account.”

    Step 4: Complete Your Details

    shopify partners

    You must then complete a brief form describing your company’s information. Each section must be filled out, except for those that are “optional” ones. After that, scroll toward the “Business goals” section and select the option you want.

    When you scroll further to the bottom, an array of eCommerce platforms will appear. From this list, you can identify which platform you currently use. In this way, Shopify develops custom tools and resources to work with you.

    Once you’ve completed the process after that, you can click the embedded link at the lower right on the page to go through the Partner Program Agreement. Next, click the checkbox to the left and agree to the agreement’s terms before clicking the “View your dashboard” button “View your dashboard” button.

    Step 5: Go To Your Shopify Dashboard

    shopify partners

    Within the “Get started” section, you can sign up for the different Shopify Partner programs listed there.

    Choose only those which are appropriate for you. Then, click “Apply now.” To specify the reason for which you wish to be admitted to the program, you’ll be required to fill out an easy form.

    How much do Shopify Partners earn?

    Shopify Partners earn money from their participation in the Shopify ecosystem and the Partner program. Earnings can vary and are contingent upon the location of their offices and the location of the clients they collaborate with.

    Here’s a breakdown of possible payments based on your actions:

    • Developmental store: Partners receive a commission of recurring commission of 20 percent of the monthly subscription fees for as long as the business remains with Shopify and is an active Shopify Partner.
    • Affiliate referrals: The commission equals the merchant’s fee for subscription for the initial two months, less any credits or discounts. Affiliates with Shopify make an average of $58 per referrer who sign-ups to a paid plan.
    • Shopify apps: Partners reap 80 percent of their total profits from the one-time purchase price or subscription fees, as well as any purchases or upgrades to their apps made through the Shopify App Store. Shopify App Store.
    • Shopify themes here are two possible payment options to sell customized Shopify themes. One option is that partners get 70% of each theme sold, but they are accountable for any bugs that need to be fixed and queries regarding support for merchants.

    However, they’re permitted to market the theme on their website. The second option is that partners receive 50% of every theme sold but only have responsibility for bug fixes. Shopify will assist with merchant concerns. Be aware that you cannot sell your themes via private channels using this option.

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