How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace: The Ultimate Guide for 2022

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    Walmart Marketplace receives an average of 410 million monthly unique visitors, which means that if you wish to increase the reach of your product and sell your product at Walmart, it is the best way to take it. There is no monthly subscription nor charges for setup; Walmart only charges referral charges on sold items. It also lets you control your business, including inventory prices, pricing, fulfillment, and customer service.

    Learn to sell on Walmart by reading our tutorial below. We guide the steps beginning with the application process to launching.

    What Is Walmart Marketplace?

    Walmart Marketplace is an e-commerce platform well-known as a subsidiary of Walmart. By partnering with various Marketplace sellers, Walmart enables and provides hundreds of thousands of different brands, products, and choices at the fingertips of its consumers.

    In simpler terms In simple terms, the Walmart Marketplace permits an outside seller to sell their items on like the way you would do it on eBay or Amazon.

    Selling your product on Walmart’s marketplace is among the most effective ways to market your product since the marketplace has a large customer base. Marketplace products are listed on the results page on in addition to other items that are available on the site.

    Walmart updates its Marketplace Sellers regularly, consequently providing greater product options. For sellers, it’s a huge boost due to the increased opportunities.

    walmart marketplace
    How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace: The Ultimate Guide for 2022 5

    Benefits of Selling on Walmart Marketplace

    1. Extend your reach.

    With its global recognition and seemingly endless categories of products, It’s not surprising that is a top shop for many. Its current audience includes more than 120 million unique monthly customers in accordance with the ComScore website.

    Utilizing this traffic is a major benefit of selling on You can place your product before a known audience and gain access to an entirely new market through the website and mobile application.

    2. Increase brand awareness

    Walmart Marketplace helps you expose your brand name to potential customers. As a result, they become aware of your company’s name even if they don’t purchase their products from you. This could lead them to purchase products from your company once they’re ready to make the switch.

    Although there isn’t a connection between Walmart Marketplace and an increase in site traffic, many businesses see an increase in site traffic after listing their items on Walmart.

    3. You only pay for the items you’ve sold.

    Let’s discuss pricing. Walmart is well-known for its low prices for its customers, and the same is true for sellers. Walmart Marketplace uses a simple, straightforward price structure that does not charge any charges for setup or monthly. The only expense is a modest referral fee for each purchase.

    This cost is different for each category but typically 15 %. It applies to various categories like cosmetics, apparel, gardening, and home. Certain products, including cameras and consumer electronics, have a lower fee for referrals of 8 %.

    4. Build trust and authority

    why would you be a good fit for walmart marketplace

    Walmart is a reputable name. Shoppers feel secure buying from Walmart since they are a well-established company and can handle the issues that arise when purchasing. They have earned the confidence and trust of their customers.

    You inherit credibility and trust if you sell your product through Walmart Marketplace. Customers will think since the products you sell are offered by Walmart, they’ve thoroughly screened to be able to sell their products through their site.

    5. Embrace innovation.

    When you work with a major retailer such as Walmart and get access to the most innovative solutions for eCommerce, including advanced tools for listing quality, advertising, marketing options, and speedy shipping plans that increase conversion by up to 50%, just to name some, you can view beneficial data, in the beginning, to guide your business decisions both in this moment as well as in the near future. We’ll look into further these tools and programs later.

    how to sell on Walmart Marketplace ?

    Step 1: Apply to Be a Marketplace Seller

    walmart marketplace
    walmart marketplace sellers

    To become a Walmart Marketplace seller, visit, click “Request to Sell,” and fill in all the required fields. It will take about 10 minutes to complete if you have all the necessary information accessible.

    Select “Save” at the bottom after you’ve completed each section. Double-check each section for mistakes. False information can delay the processing of approval. If you’re all set to apply, hit “Apply Now.” You’ll get an email notification when you’ve been accepted to be the Walmart seller’s account.

    Step 2: Complete Your Registration

    Click the unique link included in the confirmation mail (subject message: “Your Account has been created in Walmart Marketplace”) to create your Partner Profile. The Registration Wizard guides you through five key sections: Account Creation and Partner Registration. Taxes (W-9) as well as Shipping Info.

    TIP: You will require an electronic version of your W-9 Form (or fill out a blank version of the form during registration).

    The majority of the registration procedure involves filling in basic details. In the final part, “Shipping Info,” you’ll need to set up shipping costs and the dates and times when you’ll be processing orders.

    Step 3: Complete Partner Profile

    After you’ve completed the process of creating Your Partner Profile, you’ll be able to access your Seller Center. There, you will find a “Launch Checklist” outlining the steps to take before creating your account.

    The first thing that you must complete is to finish your Partner Profile. The Partner Profile you create is a website that allows customers to get more information about your company (including the name of your business and description, logo, company policies, tax information, and more).

    Once you’ve completed your Partner Profile, you will see the “profile readiness for launch” progress bar will be at 100%, and the step will automatically be removed from your Launch Checklist.

    Step 4: Create Your Walmart Product Listings

    Now is the time to list your items. This is perhaps the most crucial thing to do since it determines whether customers are able to find your items or not. This can be done either by hand or through a product feed. There are three product feed options:

    CSV bulk upload of files Makes the CSV file using Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet according to Walmart’s upload guidelines. It’s ideal for sellers who upload small quantities of their products on the marketplace.

    API integration If you know the best way to handle an API integration, then you are able to connect Marketplace’s API with your eCommerce platform or order management system for no cost.

    Integrator: If you’re established on one of the platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce, an integration partner can connect the products on your catalog to Walmart.

    Step 5. Launch and test.

    The last step is to test the whole shopping experience for your customers before launching. To identify possible errors, Walmart lets you check the process of placing an order, including cancellations, refunds, and cancellations.

    Although the initial steps to getting approval and setting up as an online retailer through Walmart Marketplace can be the harder part, the benefit of selling through the platform usually outweighs the effort. The use of Walmart Marketplace as a sales channel for your online business will enable you to increase revenue even if another selling channel fails. The next step is to scale when you’ve built a successful online business, and being active in Walmart Marketplace can help you to unlock huge growth opportunities.

    Amazon vs Walmart marketplace

    1. Approval

    Sellers must apply for and get approval to sell their products on regardless of whether they utilize Walmart fulfillment services.

    On Amazon, you can register anyone to sell, creating a lot of competition. currently has 130,000 sellers in comparison to. Amazon’s two million sellers.

    2. Fixed monthly storage fees and price for fulfillment

    walmart marketplace
    walmart marketplace fees

    This fee is a fixed storage and fulfillment cost that is dependent on the weight of your item by itself.

    Amazon’s storage costs, however, are based on the amount of inventory you have in Amazon’s warehouses. The fulfillment charges are dependent on the dimensions and weight of the product.

    3. Monthly subscription fees for sellers

    In contrast to the Amazon Professional Selling Account, which costs $39.99 each month, Walmart does not require sellers for a subscription fee per month.

    Although Amazon’s monthly fee is not a lot considering the amount they perform for you, it’s good not to pay that every month.

    4. More views per seller

    According to Walmart, the average seller gets about 27,000 visitors per month. However, Amazon’s sellers get just 2100 monthly visitors.

    That is because Walmart Marketplace is not as crowded; Walmart sellers get 13x more customers per month when in comparison to Amazon sellers.

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