#211 – Amazon Launched a New Seller Incentives Program

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    Amazon Launched a New Seller Incentives Program. Amazon is offering new sellers enrolled in a Professional selling plan, several incentives that could potentially be worth over $50.000 in value to those who qualify for them. These benefits would be available to new sellers for an entire year. Although the program targets new sellers, current sellers can get the incentives. Read more.

    Ready to experience what a superior 3PL can do for your customers? Customer demands of fast shipping, coupled with higher shipping rates can be a major obstacle for eCommerce businesses. Ship faster and save money with the right fulfillment and shipping strategy. Here is how Rakuten Super Logistics can help.

    Need cash to seize a great inventory deal? Maybe it’s time to boost your marketing spend? No matter what growth moment comes your way, Payoneer’s Capital Advance provides the working capital you need. No credit scans, just instant funding based on your store’s success, capped at 750K USD. Settle gradually as you get credited and keep costs low with one, attractive fixed fee. Visit Payoneer today and enjoy a special 10% fee rebate on your first offer.

    Kickfurther enables Amazon sellers to scale their sales faster. How? We take your largest business expense (your inventory) and pay for it up front, often with a volume-order discount to lower your COGS. You make no payments on that inventory until it sells (you get to use your cash on hand however you want). Here’s the cost: Let’s say each SKU normally costs $1 to produce and it takes three months to produce, ship and sell, you’d pay Kickfurther back $.03 – $.05 per item after it sells. See how other Amazon sellers are growing faster with Kickfurther! Get lunch on Kickfurther when you schedule a call to learn more!

    Shopping Experience Scorecard: Google’s New ECommerce Tool. The Shopping Experience Scorecard aims to rate a brand’s customer service quality. In return, brands can receive a boost in ad placements and search ranks from Google itself.

    Get Remarkable Amazon Listing Images to grow your sales. Visualizing your brand’s essence via compelling images makes a massive difference for customers. We know how to showcase your product’s USP in front of customers. If you are looking for Amazon product listing images or A+ content, you have come to the right place. Start one week trial today.

    Seller Growth Strategies

    How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2022. This year, Amazon Prime Day will be held in July, back to the month Amazon held Prime Day every year from 2015 to 2019 (2020’s was in October, and last year’s took place in June). While Amazon has not yet announced the official dates, we predict the big event will take place in mid to late July. With ongoing supply chain issues and growing inflation, a Prime Day event could mean big changes for consumers and businesses alike. We’ll explain what these might be, and how sellers can prepare for a high margin Prime Day.

    How To Drive External Traffic to Amazon FBA Product & Retarget Customers. PixelMe’s revolutionary technology helps you advertise on Google, Facebook and TikTok, shorten your URLs and retarget anyone that clicks on your links. It helps Amazon Sellers advertise off Amazon to grow on-Amazon keyword rank and create new revenue streams.

    2022 Guide to Amazon Sponsored Display Ads. How does one even begin to describe Amazon Sponsored Display ads? This now-ubiquitous ad format seems straightforward, yet it’s quite complex when you look under the hood. Since they’re so important to your account, here’s a detailed guide to help you get to know them better.

    What Are the Best Amazon Seller Pricing Strategies? Looking for the top Amazon seller pricing strategy to boost your business? Review our list of the best Amazon pricing strategies here.

    eCommerce Trends

    2022 holiday prep starts now: improve your On-Time Shipping and Delivery rates. During the 2021 holiday season, The Washington Post wrote, “Delayed Christmas gifts are just the beginning. The supply chain crisis isn’t going away soon.” Fast forward to 2022 and not much has changed. Holiday planning is starting earlier than ever again this year for eCommerce merchants, and ensuring packages will be delivered on time is an important piece of the planning puzzle. Here’s how you can track and improve your On-Time Shipping and On-Time Delivery rates to be prepared for the 2022 holiday season.

    How 4 e-commerce brands are using product bundles to drive sales. These companies range from t-shirt maker Goodlife to portable container brand W&P — and, more recently, subscription coffee brand Bean Box and dog food brand Maev. With bundles, the ultimate goal is to create bigger basket sizes, as well as to drive up repeat purchase rates in specific categories.

    Amazon Bookkeeping Essentials: Here’s What You Need to Know. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about Amazon bookkeeping, including: Why bookkeeping is important for Amazon businesses, What makes Amazon bookkeeping unique, How bookkeeping can help you avoid costly mistakes, and How to implement effective bookkeeping practices in your FBA business today.

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