10 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online: Free Selling Tips 2022

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    Selling your clothes online is now easier than ever. Some numerous apps and services have made it easier making it easier for anyone, even if they’re an aspiring seller and want to earn cash immediately.

    If you’re looking for a way to dispose of old clothing to earn some money or trade-in higher-valued items to earn an income, these websites are where you can earn the most.

    We’ve created an inventory of top sites to sell your clothes online. Additionally, we’ve got some useful strategies to help you get more of your clothes.

    10 Best places to sell clothes online in 2022

    1. Depop

    sell clothes online
    best places to sell used clothes online

    Depop houses some of the unique exclusive fashion products available. The marketplace is home to various brands we are familiar with but is home to independent brands owned by sellers with unique styles. Anyone can sell their products on Depop. In addition, there’s the option to let the app handle shipping items out. Are you ready to sell? Make listings for your clothes on the app and then post attractive, clear photos of your products. Tips: Look for profiles with similar styles to those you’re selling, and engage with them to build an audience for your ads.

    2. Poshmark

    This app and website put the ability to sell into your hands. Snap a few pictures and set a price and then upload. It’s regarded as one of the most effective sites to sell your clothes online due to its ease of use and speed. It can be completed in less than 60 seconds! Every item will be placed in your “closet,” where you can promote and share the listings through theme “parties.” Buyers can make an offer to purchase, and you must be ready to bargain. Be aware that Poshmark accepts a flat rate that is 20 % regardless however big or how small the profits are.

    A big plus? The ease of delivery. The buyer pays $7.45 (no matter how big the product), and when something is sold the item is sold, you will receive an unpaid USPS label. You can use any type of box or post office’s shipping supplies for free, and away it goes! After the buyer has received and accepted the order (they are given three days to approve), the money is instantly transferred to your account.

    Another advantage that comes with Poshmark is that shoppers are searching for both designer brands and fast-fashion brands. It regularly posts blogs that discuss the top brands (currently: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Aritzia, Reformation, Zara), plus the styles that consumers are looking to find (like bodieseats, sweaters, and rompers). So you’ll keep up-to-date with what’s hot. It’s possible to sell almost everything, such as clothing for both men and women, beauty products, furniture, and even recently added pet-related items.

    3. eBay

    sell clothes online

    Great for: High-end designers and rare items. You’re prepared to take on the job by yourself.

    The best thing about the eBay platform is that it allows you to sell your clothing for more money and higher returns. The costs are less than other sites; however, the site can be a little older and more difficult to navigate.

    You can sell your possessions via auction or give your items an agreed-upon price. However, I would prefer fixed prices since you also give buyers the option to offer the best price.

    When it comes to eBay, the competition is fierce. So you need to remain at the most effective. ensure your listings look professional, have excellent descriptions, and are correctly keyword-driven.

    The people who use this site are searching for something specific. They’re not just looking to find something appealing. This is why you’re better off selling sought-after items to maximize the market’s value.

    4. Instagram

    sell clothes online
    where to sell used clothes online

    Absolutely, Instagram is a fantastic platform to market your clothing!

    It’s likely not as easy as the other websites we’ve explored in the past. However, it’s a great social media platform if you have the passion and imagination.

    There are no costs for posting your images and you are able to completely manage your pricing and marketing strategy.

    You must create an additional Instagram account, take stunning flat-lay photos of the things you’re planning to sell, and use relevant hashtags like #instasale, #shopmycloset, and #clothesforsale. These will allow people to find your account.

    The preferred method of payment for Instagram is PayPal So be certain to establish an account prior to launching.

    5. Facebook marketplace

    Costs –Completely free of cost.

    Although Facebook Marketplace isn’t known for being the most effective site for selling online clothes, the platform is free!

    Marketplace lets you upload items the standard way, but it’s also been integrated into Facebook Selling groups.

    These groups are typically confined to specific areas, such as towns or cities. This lets you save money on postage by selling to those who live near enough to be able to pick up their goods.

    Don’t expect an excellent response when selling high-end antique or specialty items. However, if you own an extensive pile of clothing you’d like to get rid of, this may be an effective way to sell it quickly and for no cost.


    sell clothes online

    The types of clothes you can offer for sale: Everything you wear daily.

    The effort required: Minimal (you send stuff and the site pays you cash).

    The site sells clothing shoes, accessories, and clothing for women, men, and children.‘s website states that the items should be in good condition, not show excessive wear, and must have the original value of at least $5.

    Making sales on is a fairly hands-off experience. Much like thredUP, is a bit like an online consignment retailer. You bring in a box of items, prices it, and take a percentage of the sale.

    Although selling through might be convenient, the costs and a somewhat ambiguous website could cause some sellers to hesitate.

    It’s also the only one we’ve reviewed that charges inbound shipping. $14.99 for a shipping label to deliver your box. Additionally, you pay an additional $5 charge if 40% or more of your package doesn’t meet the requirements, and you’ll are charged $10 if the company does not accept more than 50 percent.

    The commission is paid after deducting the fees. For items listed on, offers at $8 or less, you’ll get 15% cash. For items priced above $8, you’ll receive 70% cash, but you must also pay a processing cost. Therefore, it is essential to make 10 dollars before receiving cash, either through the bank account you have in your account or by check mailed to you. If you pay cash instead, you can accrue more credit for purchases.

    7. Stylflip

    Sell your pre-owned or used clothes on the largest market. Find the ideal new outfit! Stylflip is a highly popular marketplace. However, it is important to stay cautious when providing excellent service and describe products with precision and completeness.

    For a great sales experience and to create a profitable business selling clothes online, it is essential to locate popular and limited supply products. They also need to offer a good margin of profit.

    When you write your description, consider the keywords your potential buyers are entering into the search bar and then create a custom description. Stylflip hopes to become India’s biggest community-driven virtual closet platform where people can purchase, sell and discover their personal fashion by browsing the closets of the millions of women who live around them. Their long-term goal is to provide access to fashion, brands, and the latest fashions worldwide. They believe that women shouldn’t worry about changing their wardrobes and should get something new every day and not clutter their closets!

    With Stylflip, the customer will enjoy an easy and secure payment method, no hassle returns, and a 100% authenticity guarantee.

    8. Tradesy

    sell clothes online

    Tradesy a female-owned company aims to make selling easy. Design your listings and use their unique tools to increase sales, such as free image enhancement and enhancing your images, which can aid products selling as much as 25 % quicker. Pick your price, or they’ll recommend an option based on their smart details and data. A flat commission of $7.50 is charged for everything less than $50 and 19.8 percent for anything above $50.

    9. ThredUP

    sell clothes online

    The most appealing aspect of ThredUP has to be its ease of use. When you sell on ThredUP, they will send you an empty bag. This is what they refer to as”a “clean-out kit.” The only thing you need complete is to fill up the bag with items and leave it to the post office to collect, and the rest will be taken care of, including the shipping costs. Remember that sellers can make 20% of the resale value because ThredUP manages certain work in the shipping process.

    10. Vinted

    Vinted is a fantastic source for buyers and sellers due to its simplicity.

    Set up an account, post the items you want to sell, and let customers visit you. Vinted offers postage; however, you’ll need to be able to pay based on the size of the package.

    A few great features on this site are bundles (for customers purchasing more than one item) and price adjustments.

    Giving discounts or incentives to customers can set you above the rest It’s easy to implement.

    Tips to Sell Clothes Online

    Now you’ve got an idea of the best places to sell unwanted clothes. Let’s consider what you need to know about making them sell. We asked the experts–professional online clothing retailers–for their top tips on selling secondhand and vintage clothing online.

    1. Find fashionable clothes.

    You can market products currently in fashion or create an area of interest (regardless of the latest trends). What is the best way to find the right niche? by selling similar items comparable to each other. “You can sell items that are similar to one concerning each. Certain sellers concentrate on certain styles, decades, colors, or types of products.

    2. Make precise measurements of the clothes.

    Since sizes can differ dramatically from one brand to the next, measuring your clothing can be extremely beneficial. Many people like to feel the clothes and test them on; therefore, it is essential to be precise in how you present the item visually and explain the item. Measurements should be given for every item. For example, the measurement of a dress is the shoulders, bust, hips, waist, and length. Every woman should know her measurements, particularly when she is shopping online.”

    3. Give accurate information about what is the state of your possessions.

    Ensure your products are accurately described and transparent and truthful regarding the specifics. That is how you can earn the confidence of buyers who are confronted with the prospect of purchasing something they can’t look at or try on. A solid reputation can go quite a ways!”

    4. Take quality pictures of your product.  

    take quality pictures
    take quality pictures of your product.  

    Quality images are essential for a better. Use natural light to capture your images using a top-quality camera.”

    5. Keep the international audience in your mind.

    The options are limited by location and season if you’re selling your clothes at a consignment store. However, if you’re selling your items online, it is possible to consider having an international customer base. For instance, you could sell a coat during the springtime, when nobody in the United States is looking for coats. However, someone from Argentina might be looking for the coat since it’s turning into fall in Argentina.

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