21 Search engines alternative to Google

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    21 Search engines alternative That Finds What Google Cant. Google isn’t just a search engine. It’s a platform on which many people rely for daily searches or product research and to keep up-to-date with the most recent information.

    It’s no secret that Google is a giant search engine. Google uses the patterns of its users and gives that information to advertising companies and other parties interested.

    Suppose you’re unwilling to compromise privacy for convenience or have a particular need for search results. In that case, there are plenty of alternatives to Google alternatives that can provide a superior search experience Here are 15 alternatives to Google.

    15 Search Engines Alternative Other Than Google

    Explore this alternative search engines list, which includes search engines alternative to Google that you might have heard of or that might be unfamiliar to you:

    1. Bing

    Search engines alternative
    Search engines alternative

    Bing from Microsoft Bing is currently the second-largest search engine behind Google.

    It’s simple to use and gives you a more immersive experience by providing stunning background images. In addition, Bing is ideal for video searches as it presents results in large thumbnails that can be viewed by hovering over them.

    Like Google, Bing is full of features within its own, including the ability to convert currencies and translate along with flight monitoring, which makes it an extremely versatile tool that can hold its own in the global marketplace. Check out our detailed guide on Bing Webmaster Tools.

    2. DuckDuckGo

    Search engines alternative
    Search engines alternative

    DuckDuckGo can be an extremely popular search engine for those concerned about privacy but are frightened by the idea of every search being monitored and recorded.

    It’s a clean interface, with no ads and unlimited scrolling. This means that users’ experience is pleasant and simplified. There’s no tracking of users, and you can integrate the DuckDuckGo extension into your browser to make your data private.

    The search engine is equipped with an extremely useful feature, known as bangs, that allows users to search directly on another site from DuckDuckGo by entering the prefix.

    3. Yahoo!

    Search engines alternative

    Yahoo is around longer than Google. Although some consider it to be old-fashioned, it’s the third-most-popular search engine in the world. It’s also it’s the search engine of choice of Firefox.

    One of the most appealing aspects that is great about Yahoo is the fact that they offer more than the search engine. Yahoo’s website provides news, email games, online shopping, and more, offering users a full experience all in one location.

    4. Ask

    Search engines alternative
    Search engines alternative

    Formerly popularly known previously as Ask Jeeves, the simple format of questions and answers in Ask can be used to search in natural language. This makes it extremely accessible, especially for people who are not experienced with search engines, like older computer users.

    The results for your search will also include frequently asked questions associated with the search phrase that can be useful information and assist you in expanding your search.

    5. Baidu

    Baidu search engines

    Baidu is Baidu’s top internet search engine for China, with a share of more than 70 percent of the Chinese online market. While it’s the site is in Mandarin, it’s quite like Google. It has a similar look in design and style. It’s monetized with advertisements and also utilizes rich snippets of information in its search results.

    Yet, Baidu is heavily censored. Certain images and even websites supporting democracy are not allowed from the search engine.

    6. WolframAlpha

    WolframAlpha search engines

    Search engines alternative

    WolframAlpha is a privately-owned search engine that lets you “compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough algorithms, knowledgebase, and AI technology.”

    It’s designed to impart experts’ knowledge and is divided into Science, Mathematics & Technology, and Society & Culture, and Everyday Life. In these categories are numerous subcategories, as well as tools to calculate data, study statistics, and discover expert solutions to your queries (you’ll be able to see an example in less than a minute).

    7. Boardreader

    Boardreader search engine

    Search engines alternative
    Search engines alternative

    Boardreader is an engine that searches for message boards and forums. It lets you search for forums and then filter results by date and language.

    It’s an excellent instrument for conducting research in content because it allows you to locate the content that is written by real people on the subject. If you’re unfamiliar with the topic for determining the most appropriate forum to go to, Boardreader can be an excellent place to begin.

    8. StartPage

    Search engine for Startpage

    Search engines alternative
    Search engines alternative

    StartPage was established with user privacy in mind. It doesn’t store or track any of your personal information. Also, it doesn’t display advertisements based on your behavior when you browse.

    Startpage boasts of being “The world’s most private search engine.” You’ll get the same results as you’d get from secret Google results.

    Alongside it is a web search engine. Startpage also provides proxy services that let you browse anonymously to improve online security. They even provide a custom URL generator, which means that you can browse the internet without the requirement to create cookies.

    9. Ecosia

    Search engines alternative
    21 Search engines alternative to Google 13

    Ecosia search engine

    The use of search engines for a long time can affect the environment and CO 2 emissions. This is the reason why Ecosia is in Ecosia. Ecosia is a CO 2 neutral alternative to search engines.

    For each search you make (powered through Bing), the money earned goes to its tree-planting program. On average, around 45 searches are required to plant one tree.

    10. Qwant

    Qwant is a search engine.

    Search engines alternative

    With its headquarters within France, Qwant is a privacy-focused search engine that doesn’t track your search results or make use of your personal information for marketing.

    The user-friendly interface categorizes results of a search into news, web, and social There’s also an entire music section that utilizes AI to assist you in searching for lyrics and uncovering new music.

    11. Search Encrypt

    Search engines alternative
    alternative web search engines

    Search encrypt search engine.

    Another privacy-oriented searching engine is privacy-based search encryption which uses locally-encrypted encryption in order to guarantee that the user’s personal information is not tracked.

    It is a metasearch engine. Search Encrypt gets its results from a community of search partners. They provide broad results that aren’t tailored to your personal preferences.

    Search search engine

    It provides unbiased results from various different sources. SearX is an online metasearch engine designed to provide a cost-free and decentralized view of the internet.

    The search engine is open source which is accessible to all for review of source code and contributions to GitHub. It’s also possible to modify the search engine and put it on your server as your own engine.

    SearX provides a variety of preferences and settings that aren’t found in other search engines, resulting in excellent usability and speedy and precise results.

    13. Yandex

    Search engines alternative
    Search engines alternative

    Yandex search engine

    The fifth most popular search engine in the world, Yandex is widely used in its home country of Russia, which holds about 60 percent of the market share.

    Yandex offers a very service similar to Google, which lets you browse videos, websites, images, and even news using a simple layout. Alongside this, it offers mobile apps, maps, cloud storage, translation, and much more. Yandex offers just the same functionality; however, it has a more user-friendly interface.

    14. Gibiru

    Gibiru search engine

    Gibiru’s tagline reads “Unfiltered private search,” and this is exactly what it provides.

    When you download the AnonymoX Firefox add-on, All of your searches will be sent to an IP address that is a proxy. This gives you secure and impartial search results and also ensures that no other users of your computer will be able to track your browsing history.

    Search engines alternative
    Disconnect search

    Disconnect search engine

    Disconnect lets you make anonymous searches using an online search engine that you prefer.

    If you type in a search term and click a button, your query will be rerouted and anonymized by Disconnect’s servers before passing it onto your search engine chosen. This lets you access the search engine you prefer without privacy concerns.

    YouTube is the 2nd most popular platform for searching, after google. YouTube’s search ranking algorithm sorts through 500 hours of video content uploaded every minute in order to determine appropriate results for an inquiry.

    YouTube Search prioritizes these three important elements in determining its results for search:

    • Relevance
    • Engagement
    • Quality

    Are you looking to view a specific search across various areas of Facebook? Make use of Facebook’s advanced search features. Simply type in your query and press enter. Facebook provides a range of filters available on the left sidebar, allowing you to see results from searches for pages, people and areas, groups, and many more.

    If you are looking to make new acquaintances on LinkedIn, make use of to search for new connections using the advanced People Search. This will allow you to filter your results based on these factors, plus relationships and the language. Premium members are able to use additional search filters, including LinkedIn group, company size, years of experience, and many more.

    LinkedIn gives job seekers the option of an Advanced Search for Jobs to search for jobs based on the information above, along with experience and industry. For premium members, they can refine their search further by the amount of money that is offered.

    LinkedIn Answers is a great opportunity to increase exposure and build credibility within your field. Make use of Answers Advanced Search to search for questions. Advanced search feature to find the right questions to ask.

    Its Advanced Search is an excellent way to get more relevant outcomes on Twitter. It’s especially useful for businesses seeking an audience that is local because it allows them to filter their searches with the Near This Location field.

    What Is the Best Search Engine for Privacy?

    Private search engines are an engine that does not collect their users’ personal information and gives results that are protected and levels of data security.

    The most effective search engines to protect your privacy include:

    Let’s take a look more closely in the context of protecting your privacy:

    Best Private Search Engine #1: DuckDuckGo

    DuckDuckGo has a clear and clear privacy policy. If, however, 100% privacy is the goal you are after, it is important to know that it can save your searches. DuckDuckGo states that its data is “non-personal” and aggregated data which means that your searches can’t be traced back to you.

    Best Private Search Engine #2: StartPage

    The privacy policy of StartPage is straightforward and straight to the point: “We don’t track you. We don’t profile you. For the duration of time .” the IP address of your computer) is deleted from your search query. The anonymous search request is sent to Google. The results are delivered to you through StartPage without disclosing any personal information about you.

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