Best Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Strategies To Grow your Ecommerce

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    Google is known for its playfulness with its search algorithms, making it challenging for marketers (and content creators especially) to keep pace -and even excel in Google’s search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. However, despite this, intelligent marketers work hard to get top organic and paid rankings on Google results webpages (SERP) to rank for a broad selection of long- and root keywords. According to Chitika, the top organic SERP position can receive 33% of the keyword’s traffic share. In addition, all pages of a SERP get 92% of the traffic for the phrase.

    Therefore, it’s obvious that getting a good ranking on the Google SERP is essential to any successful digital marketing plan; however, getting a good position is a challenging task. There are, however, a few SEM basics that seem to be mostly the same. 

    If you can establish these best practices, you can dramatically enhance your search engine marketing, increase the number of visitors to your site from organic sources, reduce the cost per click in paid search, and create excellent leads that will eventually become loyal customers.

    Best search engine marketing (SEM) strategies to grow your sales

    1. Keyword research

    Keyword research
    sem campaigns

    Keywords form the backbone of Search Engine Marketing strategies.

    Conduct thorough research as a component of your keyword management strategy before choosing your keywords.

    This will help you discover some negative terms or phrases you shouldn’t use when launching your marketing campaign.

    Some keywords show a strong commercial intention or a signal that the user is deciding to purchase something. Such keywords include Buy Deal, Discount coupon, free shipping, and other keywords.

    2. Geography

    Localization is among the most effective ways to remain in the game. The use of geographic targeting can help you focus on a specific region. For example, if you’re focused on a particular town or state, it is important to avoid picking several keywords throughout the nation. When you select geographic partitioning and focus on dayparting, too, if you opt for dayparting, you can make sure that your advertisements only run during specific times throughout the day. This can help you stay on top of the game since your ads will only run during the times of the day when you can get the highest conversions.

    3. Ad Extensions

    Extensions to ads refer to the extra information you include in your advertisements. For example, if you’re advertising for a short period, you should include unique information about your company. Incorporating all the crucial details unique to your company will make a huge difference.

    Google has a wide range of ad extensions. They include reviews, click-to-call sites, reviews, and the location of your website that can direct visitors to other pages on your site.

    When you give a lot of information, customers get the chance to explore the different aspects of your business and get to know what they’ve been searching for. This can lead to a click which could lead to sales.

    4. Links

    sem strategies
    what is a sem

    Link development is the most important aspect of optimizing your site in search engine optimization. Search engines evaluate a website’s saturation and popularity based on the website’s inbound hyperlinks. Therefore, many search engines count the popularity of links as a part of their factors in the ranking algorithm.

    5. Creating an Engaging Ad Copy

    First, we’d like to eliminate our rivals and climb to the top. First, however, it is important to showcase the way you stand out. This can be accomplished by writing appealing ads. If an appealing ad copy accompanies your advertisement, it will surely be clicked. Researching competition will help you write appealing ad texts.

    6. Measure the results

    Take a close look at the results. You can determine the return on investment of each strategy and then compare it with the average ROI of various campaigns.

    7. Improve the metrics

    sem campaigns

    Be aware of your goals whenever you are required to enhance your objectives. If you are aware of the relationship between the key groups and the importance of key audiences, you can make modifications to rectify the actions and plan your budgets accordingly.

    8. Long-term conversions

    Quick success is great; however, your business requires strategies that provide worth to your potential customers. Your SEM strategies should be specifically specific, maintain a strong image of your brand, and be helpful in keeping your existing customers.

    9. Focus on Brand Vision

    Your vision for your brand should be aligned with the campaigns you’re operating. From color to fonts to the design of your ads, every element must have a pertinent purpose that can be tracked carefully.

    Best SEM tools

    1. HubSpot’s Tracking Software

    seo vs sem

    It’s not like you’re paying for ads just for the sake of it. It’s paying for ads to generate leads and revenues for your business. This HubSpot Ads tool helps you look beyond click and traffic metrics to understand how ads affect individuals at different points on the buyer’s journey. This helps you determine the effectiveness of ads, prove the value of SEM as a channel, and connect your advertising with your other marketing activities.

    2. SEMrush

    sem stands for search engine marketing

    SEMRush lets you do extensive keyword research and track keyword rank and traffic analysis, site audits, and many other things. SEMRush is a great instrument to identify opportunities to rank high for long-tail keywords organically; however, you can utilize the tool to conduct different SEM initiatives. You can, for instance, utilize SEMRush to find out the areas where your competitors are focusing on their marketing and to analyze their regional presence to determine the amount of money you’d like to allocate to specific keywords.

    3. Google Keyword Planner

    Best Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Strategies To Grow your Ecommerce 9

    There needs to mention Google Keyword Planner to have a list of effective SEM tools.

    Since Google is most likely the location you’d like your advertisements to be displayed, it is prudent to look into the use of Google Keyword Planner to research relevant keywords to your company and monitor how searches for certain keywords evolve in time. In addition, it will aid you in narrowing down your list of potential keywords so that you’re picking the most effective keywords for your company.

    Additionally, Google Keyword Planner gives you estimates of the bid for each keyword so you can choose which keywords will work best for your budget for advertising. In the end, when you’ve found your perfect keywords and are now ready to start an advertising campaign, you can manage it directly from the tool.

    4. SpyFu

    sem analysis

    SpyFu provides smart suggestions which can increase clicks to an SEO campaign or Adwords campaigns. The tools are also available to keep track of SEO and paid ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    All bad keywords that are detected are eliminated, which means you’ll have the most effective keywords to choose from. The greatest part is that there is no need to test to conduct keyword research. You can learn from the experience of your competitors using historical successes and failures.

    The technology can transform Adwords data as well as Google result pages into meaningful information, which opens up new opportunities for marketers, so they can design more effective marketing strategies and increase sales.

    5. SE Ranking

    sem meaning

    SE Ranking is an all-in-one tool that can help you create an SEO campaign starting from beginning to finish. SE Ranking includes keyword research and suggestion tools, a backlink checker tool, a tool for auditing websites, a site-wide SEO checker, and much more.

    The interface is extremely intuitive, making the program perfect for those who are new to the program. In addition, the data is well presented to make it easy for you.


    • Research on keywords and ideas
    • Monitoring and checking backlinks
    • Website audit and SEO checker on-page
    • Affordable prices
    • Custom pricing plans for pricing are available

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