Schedule Instagram Stories: Best FREE Apps for Scheduling Stories in 2022

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    Schedule Instagram Stories. If you’re using Stories as a part of your Instagram marketing strategy, You’ve probably thought about how you can program Instagram Stories.

    The answer is yes! Creating, editing, and planning your Stories with the Instagram Story scheduling tools is now possible.

    The best app to schedule Instagram stories

    1. Buffer

    Schedule Instagram Stories

    Buffer allows you to create and share your stories. It is easy to edit and look over your Stories and ensure that they’ll be published in the proper order. In addition, it is possible to pre-write your captions so that you aren’t worried about spelling mistakes when you upload your Stories.

    Buffer has designed a clear method to use their app to make and plan Instagram Stories:

    • Open the Stories tab
    • Select Add to Story
    • Up 10-to-10 media files to your story
    • Upload and Drag your media files to organize your story in the proper order.

    Include any notes that are relevant to the story (either in your captions or as reminders to add things like stickers to each slide before the posting)

    Check out your Story’s Preview

    Create a schedule for your Story Set the date and time when you’ll upload every image to your story

    You can’t count on Buffer as the final step. First, you will need to create your Story on Instagram. But, Buffer will send you reminders when it’s time.

    2. SkedSocial

    Schedule Instagram Stories
    how to schedule Instagram stories free

    The app was formerly known as Schedugram. SkedSocial is the most reliable and trusted scheduling application for Instagram and Facebook, with over 10,000 agencies and brands. SkedSocial gives you a preview of your drag-and-drop images in your feeds and stories and also offers an option to “swipe up” option to the URL of your site. If you’re curious about the swipe-up options, visit Instagram Help. They also assist you in saving and managing hashtags which allows you to reuse them in future posts.

    For the same content to be available on both Instagram and Facebook, the only thing you need to do is alter the settings on the settings of your Instagram account. Link to your Facebook account first, then to the Instagram account, and then enable “Share Your Story to Facebook,” after which, once your story has been published, tap on the Facebook icon that is located on the left side of the mobile (see the screenshot below).

    App Features for Stories

    • Schedule on desktops and mobile devices.
    • Deep Instagram Analytics
    • Use stickers, places, text, hashtags, or stickers, tag products, and people
    • Visual planner
    • Set date & time
    • Has a Reminder and Auto-posting feature
    • Include Links to your Story
    • It can work on other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Twitter.
    • Unlimited Collaboration and Free Collaboration
    • Include image editor
    • Canva & Zapier integration
    • Instagram Analytics
    • Competitors Analytics

    How to schedule Instagram stories for free

    • Then, go to and register to start a free trial of 7 days.
    • Select the ESSENTIALS to plan for unlimited users and up to three Instagram accounts. Instagram.
    • Download the app to your mobile or PC.

    3. SocialBu

    Schedule Instagram Stories
    schedule Instagram stories

    SocialBu allows you to reduce time by scheduling posts and scheduling them on all of your social media networks in one place. It permits Instagram customers to plan posts, not just but also Stories. The Instagram Story scheduler makes it possible to upload videos and images as your Instagram Story.

    4. Planoly

    Schedule Instagram Stories

    Planoly is among the partners of Instagram and Pinterest. Its mission is to enable users to share their stories on social media and other digital platforms. They were among the first to be known for their visual planners for Instagram’s feed, and now, you can create a similar feature in the case of Instagram Stories. It’s known as Stories Planner, which lets you upload up to 2 stories in a queue.

    You can also choose another option, called multiple stories if you need to upload multiple stories in one go. The best part about this app is that it also has a sister application called StoriesEdit, which lets you edit your photos for free. It also comes with fixed costs for customizing the editing to make it more personal and reflect your brand. 

    At present, Planoly main social media is Instagram; however, for those who want to use the same content from your Instagram stories to be available on your Facebook stories, you’ll need to connect your primary Instagram account to Facebook. Once your Instagram story has been uploaded, you’ll need to click the Facebook icon in the Instagram story.

    App Features for Stories

    • Let you design your stories using the dashboard.
    • It also has a companion app named StoriesEdit that lets you make and modify IG stories.
    • It also has a Preview icon to review your articles before scheduling or automating the post.
    • You can add text to the image before making a schedule or uploading your story.
    • If you want to upload multiple stories simultaneously, you can click “Select Multiple.”

    5. Storrito

    Schedule Instagram Stories

    As its name implies, Storrito allows you to create and plan Instagram Stories from your desktop PC. However, it has auto-posting in contrast to the competition, with no notifications needed.

    You can use Storrito’s editor on the web to create the content for your Instagram Stories. It allows you to use all of Instagram’s Stories features, such as the special stickers (like #Hashtag and @Mention), Location Questions, Polls, and Location) and emojicons and fonts that you can customize. You can also add swipe hyperlinks.

    Storrito will either publish its story direct to Instagram, or you can choose a later moment and date. In addition, Storrito offers Story templates that let users create animations for the swipe-up link and the header and background in a variety of styles.

    6. Combin Scheduler

    Schedule Instagram Stories

    The Combin Scheduler can be described as an Instagram marketing tool designed to provide efficient content planning of stories and posts. Thanks to its simple and simple UI, the application is simple and simple to use. One of the greatest advantages of this software is that you can upload 12 or more stories simultaneously. This is why Combin Scheduler is perfect for influencers, digital marketing agencies, and small and medium-sized companies. 

    After you’ve downloaded it on your computer, you can make it start on a schedule that will automatically send you notifications of newly published publications. Another distinct feature for Combin is that your account will not be blocked or penalized due to excessive activity on multiple Instagram accounts using the same IP address, which is considered spam-like.

     The proxy functions in the role of intermediary between the user’s computer and Instagram servers, obscuring the real IP address of the user by creating a new one. If you want more powerful tools for targeting audiences and analysis and management, and engagement, you can try Combin Growth.

    App Features for Stories

    • Scheduling and instant posting
    • Uploading large images
    • You can upload a dozen stories with a single click
    • Link in Bio
    • Image size editing
    • Proxy for Instagram

    Benefits of the scheduling of Instagram stories

    1. Strategize

    With more than half a billion people viewing Instagram Stories every day, it is a sure bet most valuable dollar that the focus of your marketing efforts on the most efficient Instagram Stories strategy is sure to yield.

    Through visual storyboarding of your stories, you’ll gain an overall view of how you’ll weave your tales and allow you to present the most engaging story possible and maximize opportunities to engage your audience!

    2. Encourage engagement

    Schedule Instagram Stories
    Encourage engagement

    Once you’ve mastered organizing Instagram Stories, you’ll likely notice that your postings are increasing in Stories regularly. If your viewers know what type of content they can be expecting from you and when they can expect it, they’ll be more likely to be watching your Stories and interact with you.

    3. Be More Consistent

    Schedule Instagram Stories

    If we’re real, posting on Instagram Stories every day can be a challenge – whether you’re having trouble deciding what to post or finding time to make content on your phone, or simply forgetting to publish.

    4. More editing options

    Schedule Instagram Stories
    editing options

    If you are planning to use a tool, check that it has an editing option. With the help of this feature you can also create Stories with stickers, fonts, and frames that aren’t available in the Instagram application. You can also add your stickers to make your story an individual appearance and feel.

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