How To Schedule Instagram Posts in 2022

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    Scheduling posts on Instagram was once an big hassle.

    Fortunately, things have changed. Recent changes to the platform and a fresh wave of third-party applications, make it simpler than ever to plan posts on Instagram.

    But it’s not so simple as putting up a plethora of posts and then walking away. Scheduling can help boost the reach of your marketing campaigns and increase your participation, provided that you follow the right steps.

    In this article, we’ll go over what you can do to set up Instagram postings, as well as the best practices to automate your Instagram campaigns.

    Can You Schedule Instagram Posts on Instagram ?

    Schedule Instagram Posts
    Schedule Instagram Posts on Instagram

    Yes! Instagram posts and IGTV videos can schedule up to six months ahead using the Facebook Creator Studio.

    Facebook has officially announced the latest update, which permits users with business accounts to plan their Instagram posts and IGTV broadcasts for up to 6 months ahead. Before this update, users could use the option to plan Instagram posts with third-party software. However, this is the first time that users are able to plan Instagram posts directly via the Facebook service.

    How Can You Schedule Instagram Posts on Instagram?

    You can set up Instagram posts using Facebook’s Creator Studio. All of the work is handled through the Creator Studio’s dashboard. For example, you can crop your photo or add captions tags, choose the location, and set for the day and hour live. If you have more than the number of posts that are scheduled to publish, You can check your queue and schedule them according to your preference.

    Here’s how to schedule your Instagram posts from Creator Studio:

    Schedule Instagram Posts
    Schedule Instagram Posts on Instagram

    Make sure you connect your Instagram Account to the Creator Studio.

    Select the content you would like to schedule either from your personal computer as well as directly on your Facebook page.

    Schedule Instagram Posts
    Schedule Instagram Posts on Instagram

    Cut your photo (if you’d like to.)

    Incorporate your Instagram caption, and include the place of the post (if you wish to.)

    Choose “Schedule” by clicking on the arrow to the right side of the “Publish” button.

    Choose a time and date.

    Schedule Instagram Posts

    It is possible that your Instagram posting will automatically be posted to your account on the time and date you choose, with no other action required on your end.

    The disadvantage is that non-professional Instagram users will not have the ability to use the scheduling function since it’s restricted to accounts for businesses that are best suited to Instagram Influencers as well as brands.

    Why is it important to schedule Instagram posts?

    1. Create a more comprehensive content strategy

    Food to consider: Instagram stats show that different kinds of content (think carousels, images, stories, and videos) all have different levels of engagement.

    Similar to that, brands must diversify their content strategies and not post the same content repeatedly.

    When you plan posts on Instagram, it gives you time to review the accuracy of your content schedule.

    2. Free up your schedule to interact more with followers. If you can think of anything else, making time for Instagram content can free some time on your calendar.

    This means that there are more chances to exchange messages with your followers and respond to their comments.

    Even the most skilled Instagram scheduler isn’t able to do the hard work of establishing relationships with your customers. By sticking to a plan, you’ll find that you’ll have more time to engage.

    3. More efficient time management means better quality posts

    Consider the amount of time and effort involved in every single campaign or post.

    Captions for writing. Making creatives more creative. Tagging.

    That’s not even scratching the surface.

    Last-minute posts aren’t only a recipe for burning out; It’s also bad for your creative abilities. When you schedule posts through Instagram, you can plan your time in a way that allows you to create more interesting posts.

    4. Develop seamless marketing campaigns for your business beyond Instagram

    Your marketing efforts should not be completely separate.

    From paid and organic social, to email and more, All of your channels must have the same goal regards to creatives, including landing pages, promotions, and landing pages. This results in an improved user experience for your customers.

    With social scheduling, you can ensure that your posts go off at the correct timing by scheduling your social media posts. In the case of a program like Sprout Social, you’ll be in a position to connect every one account on your social networks (think: Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest) to ensure that you don’t have to update by hand or in real-time.

    5. Inspire collaboration and brainstorming

    Another reason for scheduling is that it encourages companies to start making posts ahead of time.

    This leads to shifts for colleagues and marketers to work back and forth to work out creatives and captions.

    It is useful for marketing teams as well as social teams who want to get feedback from their customers or influencers—collaboration and Instagram scheduling work hand-in-hand. With a social approval process for social media, it is easy to get several pairs of eyes looking over your content prior to it going live.

    Tools to Schedule Instagram Posts

    Each is targeted at companies with different requirements. Take a look at the list and decide which of the four tools will work best for your business.

    1. Later: Focusing on Instagram

    Schedule Instagram Posts

    The best For Solopreneurs and businesses with an intense focus on Instagram

    Later is an app for managing social media that is primarily focused on Instagram.

    The app also lets users schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. But, you’re not able to connect it with other platforms, such as Google+, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

    Additionally, you can also upload files directly via Dropbox as well as Google Drive.

    2. Buffer: Social Media Scheduling tool for All Your Accounts

    Schedule Instagram Posts

    Ideal for Small businesses and solopreneurs who have several social media profiles

    Buffer is a program that lets you post posts directly to Instagram and five other social media sites:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+

    Buffer allows you to manage all your posts on one dashboard, which you can access via your browser on your computer or via the Buffer mobile app available for iOS or Android.

    3. HootSuite: The Complete Social Media Management Tool

    Schedule Instagram Posts

    Ideal for Business owners and marketers who want to take their business to the next level

    Hootsuite is a software for managing social networks that allow users to schedule and publish their posts directly on Instagram. Additionally, you can manage different social accounts using:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube

    In addition to scheduling posts on social media, Hootsuite has a ton of additional features that can assist you in managing, monitoring, and increasing your social presence.

    They also put a lot of emphasis on creating better workflows and scaling across your company and delivering a measurable ROI.

    4. Sprout Social: The End-to-End Solution

    Schedule Instagram Posts
    Sprout Social

    Ideal for Marketing teams as well as established businesses who require an end-to-end solution.

    “Sprout Social” is a powerful social media management tool targeted at larger companies. The program lets you control, monitor, and post on:

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook Messenger

    Sprout Social also lets you manage your customer relationships with an integrated CRM for social media (Customer Relations Manager).

    Additionally, Sprout Analytics is a complete tool that allows you to draw meaningful information from social data, which will allow you to make more informed strategic choices.

    Sprout Social provides a free trial of 30 days, and plans begin at $99 for a month.

    Benefits to Scheduling Instagram Posts

    Let’s take a review of the advantages of the ability to schedule Instagram posts to ensure you maximize the benefits of this new freedom!

    1. Batch Your Post Creation to Improve quality

    Making a great Instagram post isn’t an easy task, particularly when you’re trying to make it happen on a Saturday morning or just before going to bed.

    Additionally, finding the most appropriate Instagram hashtags or even writing an ideal Instagram caption requires time. In addition, try to refine these vital elements in the line at the drive-in will likely cause less engagement.

    Making your posts scheduled prior to time means you’ll be able to post them in a timely manner.

    Make time to create the week’s worth and videos, captions, and hashtags at the beginning of the week. Creating themes or narratives to tie your week’s posts together is also possible.

    2. Save Time and Upload Content Directly From Your Computer

    It’s not a secret that Smartphones are awesome, and there are many excellent images and video editing applications to make content while on the move.

    However, when you’re trying to create video and images of the highest quality, the larger screen can help greatly. Significantly.

    Additionally, if you’re using an expert DSLR camera to take photos for Instagram, it’s likely that you’re already working on the computer for editing.

    Once you’ve completed creating the perfect video or image but it’s difficult to transfer the file to your phone so that you can transfer it onto Instagram through the application.

    3. Cultivate a Strong, Consistent Brand Look and Voice

    In the case of branding, it is essential to be consistent.

    As the Senior Vice President of Apple Inc., Angela Ahrendts, Apple Inc.’s Senior Vice President, stated, “You have to provide a consistent experience for your customers regardless of how and where a user interacts with your brand, whether on or off. The lines between brands are always blurred.”

    4. Post Frequently and Easily to Keep Your Followers Interested

    It is essential to post frequently and regularly to entertain your fans and keep Instagram’s algorithm satisfied.

    It is much simpler to accomplish when you plan your Instagram posts.

    Scheduling allows you to post many photos on Instagram without having to worry about interruptions to your daily life or work productivity.

    5 tips and the best methods to schedule Instagram posts

    We’ll reiterate it you can’t simply make your posts available months or even weeks in advance or expect Instagram to expand in a synchronized manner.

    Here are some important considerations for companies looking to use Instagram schedules for the very first time.

    1. Optimize your post timing to maximize engagement  

    One of the benefits of scheduling your business is the fact that your company doesn’t have to adhere to “business hours.”

    Based on our study regarding the most effective times to publish on social media, There’s an association between the timing of the day and engagement

    Although these numbers don’t represent the ultimate measure of activity on Instagram and can depend on your local time, it’s revealing regarding what time of day the most common Instagram user is online:

    2. Take extra care when crafting your captions  

    It’s not a surprise the fact that Instagram’s captions provide real valuable space when it comes down to engagement.

    They shouldn’t be viewed as an afterthought. Consider for each post:

    • What Instagram hashtag do you use? What is the number? Do they appear in the initial comment (see the next paragraph below)?
    • Do you have to tag your accounts?
    • Did you create a proper call to action?
    • What is the relationship between this caption and your latest one(s)?

    Similar to how your content strategy should be diversifying, the same is true with the captions you post on your Instagram captions.

    With scheduling, you’re invited to look at your captions thorough scrutiny to ensure that you have a variety. Additionally, you should double-check that you’re using appropriate hashtags and haven’t missed important details before the blog is published.

    3. Keep a close eye on your content calendar  

    Leveraging the idea of the previous paragraph using the calendar of content that you have established will encourage both consistency and variety regarding your posts.

    As you line to post, you should consider:

    • Are we meeting the proper publication frequency (think that you publish daily or 4 times per week)?
    • Does there seem to be enough variety in our content calendar (think the difference between carousel and video or photo)?
    • What are we doing to promote this content to increase participation (think stories, questions on CTA)?
    • Are there any opportunities to cross-post this information to other platforms (like Facebook)?
    • Have the appropriate people reviewed this article prior to it going live?

    4. Block off time to interact with customers

    Contrary to what many believe that scheduling Instagram posts won’t create a less “passive.”

    In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

    Again, scheduling lets you unblock your time to communicate with customers in real-time.

    Pay attention to your notifications and ensure that your comments don’t accumulate dust. Be proactive and make it a commitment to respond to customers on social media promptly in order to build trust and loyalty.

    5. Know when to hit “pause” on your scheduling  

    If it’s because of a brand crisis or a larger emergency, or a larger crisis management initiative, at times, you’ll need to stop your planned content.

    In the absence of doing this, you may come off as tone-deaf or cause a poor engagement, especially when your audience’s minds are somewhere else. For example, posting promotional material during certain celebrations, events, or tragic events can be a negative image.

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