10 Best Salary Calculators: Find Salary That You Need in 2022

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    If you’re a job seeker, recruiter, or compensation expert, you will eventually need access to accurate pay information to quickly determine the median pay rate for a specific job.

    There are many factors to consider in determining the preferred salary beyond the job itself, such as your work experience, skillset, costs of living, and how big the organization and the company’s culture are.

    Several high-quality Salary calculators on the internet allow you to calculate this, and we’ve summarized them for you.

    Best Salary Calculators

    1. Payscale

    Employers, employees, candidates for jobs, and managers can use payscale’s free salary calculator. Anyone can use the calculator to calculate their salary based on various parameters, including the nature of the job, the title city, the country, state qualifications, and years of work experience.

    It is important to note that the mean pay determined by payscale is extremely reliable as it’s based on data on salaries collected by other users who have similar criteria to yours who were offered a salary from employers. The calculator also incorporates bonuses and overtime pay.

    Overall it is a good tool. A Payscale salary calculator is an ideal tool for workers who are in the process of negotiating a new contract or moving to a more prestigious job.


    salary calculator
    hourly to salary calculator

    It is a direct rival to payscale and has many features that make it suitable for hiring managers, job seekers, and other professionals. Similar to payscale, Salaryexpert gives an analysis based on various factors, such as country, name, description of job/grade, and state. Additionally, it provides three salary reports of premium quality that must have been purchased. These reports offer more individualization, meaning that the salary figures are more accurate and will be a better negotiation tool.


    It is powered by and offers the same level of functionality and dependability. Monster, however, provides an additional premium tool that provides a more customized analysis that can produce an accurate and reliable calculation of salary, making it a more effective bargaining tool.

    4. Glassdoor

    salary calculator
    monthly salary calculator

    The Glassdoor Salary Calculator is a vital tool for prospective employees. It provides information on the salary for each position and estimates what you’re likely to receive. When producing your results, it also considers your area, employer, job title, current salary, and experience level.

    5. NerdWallet

    NerdWallet provides a powerful tool that lets you determine both the salary and cost of living in different cities. The calculator considers aspects like information on the quality of life, the cost of public transport, and the cost of education, among other taxes. Many salary calculators fail to keep such exact numbers. However, what you can expect from NerdWallet is the amount you can be able to save in the long run. This is crucial information for the majority of people.

    6. Paylab

    salary calculator
    salary to hourly wage calculator

    Paylab examines all factors that impact the amount you earn and not only the median wage for the job you hold. Start by entering the location of your work and then filling in the questionnaire. This will include your position and experience, your employment type, your current salary and bonuses, your education level, information about your company, flexibility, health and office benefits, etc.

    7. Indeed Salary Calculator

    Apart from the option of searching for jobs on Indeed and other job sites, you can utilize the salary calculator on Indeed to determine an individual pay range. In addition, with Indeed’s vast database, you’ll be able to access accurate and up-to-date details on the market for salaries.

    Input your company name, the name of your job, your location, as well as your pay and benefits. Then, it displays an average range and an analysis of your pay compared to the median wage. It also shows the number of salary reports that form the median. This provides an indication of how trustworthy the information is.

    8. Comparably

    The name suggests that Comparably is a program for comparing brands, companies, and, of course, salaries. Enter your department’s name, role, and zip code to view the salary information.

    You can filter the information by the size of the business, the level of education or experience, gender, and so on. Since it provides the amount of equity compensation and wages based on how far along the company is as well as the amount of money raised, it’s a useful tool for people working in start-ups. You’ll have to register for an account free of charge to get access to additional options.

    9. Ambition Box Salary Calculator

    salary calculator
    job salary calculator

    Employees are always skeptical about their home-based salary. If you want to find out the full breakdown of the gross or annual salary, utilize the Ambition Box’s take-home pay calculator software. It takes into account every aspect related to deductions, taxes allowances, gratuities, and more to calculate the net salary amount.


    It presents a pie chart that shows the various components of a salary

    Considers taxes, investments, insurance, gratuity, EPF, HRA, etc.

    10. has an accurate salary calculator that considers different criteria to calculate salary, including the kind of job, the degree, and the state you’d like to work in.

    The website offers a wide selection of jobs across a range of areas and considers the qualifications and requirements for skills. In addition, the Salary Wizard software allows individuals to find jobs and to compare the salaries, average time off bonus, average time off, and the costs of living in various regions. It also gives a free analysis of salary.

    For those who are interested in a personalized wage report, it is possible to obtain this for $29.

    How to Calculate Basic Salary?

    Employed employees should know that the salary that is the basis of their pay is an essential component of the salary structure based on which the PF, gratuity, etc., are determined.

    Companies typically use simple formulas for basic salary calculations.

    The annual basic salary is equal to the basic monthly salary x 12 months

    There isn’t a specific method of calculating the base wage since it varies from one company to another. In the ideal scenario, they employ the reversed calculation technique where a percentage of the salary and CTC is calculated.

    The minimum pay is typically 40% of gross earnings or 50 percent of the individual’s CTC.

    There are many other methods of determining the basic wage. Another simple formula would be the following:

    Basic salary = Gross pay – total  allowances  (medical insurance HRA, DA, and conveyance.)

    Or Basis salary is the percentage CTC or the gross pay.

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