10 Top Reverse Phone Lookup Sites: Check Who Called You

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    Find”the “best phone number lookup service” on Google, and you’ll find recommendations for numerous reverse phone lookup websites. Every website claims its service of choice has the highest quality, but it cannot be the case. So, what’s the issue?

    Most of these reverse lookup websites have been paid to advertise using a different search service. Giving the complete picture to you isn’t an option. The content writers don’t attempt to utilize the reverse phone lookup service to evaluate its merits. It’s not to say the recommendations they offer aren’t valid. However, they’re not the top of the line.

    It’s safe to say when you’re looking for the best search engine on Google and seeking the most value for your money. This is why we looked at and tested several search engines to identify the top ones.

    10 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

    1. CocoFinder

    reverse phone lookup
    free reverse phone lookup

    It’s a must to try CocoFinder and its highly-praised reverse phone lookup service that is free. To confirm or discover the identity of a person calling you, simply type in their numbers, then let CocoFinder perform its job.

    CocoFinder will match the number to probable candidates. You’ll have reports you can select from, with information on every person. Your questions will range from “Who called me from this phone number?” To “What info do I check first?”

     Since the information is derived from freely accessible and legal sources, the amount of information you receive will depend on the footprints of the caller’s social media accounts. It could be as simple as a name or more than acquaintances on social media and profiles.

    2. TruthFinder : Best Overall

    reverse phone lookup
    free reverse phone lookup with name

    TruthFinder ranks first in the rankings of the top reverse phone lookup websites. It is the most trusted US-based phone lookup site that will provide you with exact information about a telephone number from a vast range of databases. It is a reputable service and, in general, is cost-effective. TruthFinder cannot just identify the identity of a caller who is unknown. However, it also provides plenty of information about the caller. It’s a massive database allows you to connect people across social media platforms and police records, court records, and every other public database.

    3. Spokeo

    reverse phone lookup
    spokeo reverse phone lookup

    Another site with a good name is Spokeo. Again, a reliable algorithm and a broad range of reliable sources offer this service the best chance of locating those who are the most difficult to find callers.

    Spokeo’s paid-for features enhance its efficacy even more, but its free information can contain numerous accurate information such as address, age, and relatives. This one is one of the top telephone number lookup services that are free gone due to its ease of use.

     Whether or not you choose to invest, you can be sure that the platform will quickly detect who is calling. It will also protect your loved ones, and you’re secure from scams and other risky circumstances.

    4. Intelius : Easy to use

    Intelius is among the most well-known reverse telephone lookup providers. It was launched in 2003. The service has built a huge collection of records from the public and has received positive feedback from its users for its precise results. The site is a very user-friendly interface, and it’s easy to locate the person behind the number. 

    Select the Phone option on your search option, then type in the phone number, and you will find the results. Intelius is faster than the other search engines and is an ideal choice when you need to find a variety of numbers in a short amount of time. If you type in the number, Intelius not only gives you the name but also several other information such as the address, location, historical information, and even the type of phone.

    5. Instant CheckMate

    reverse phone lookup
    check this phone number

    Instant CheckMate is a great reverse phone number search service with an extensive search database connected to any public database and government agency. This means that each landline or phone number recorded in a public database and accessible online search engines can be traced.

    6. PeopleFinders

    Although a basic Google search is one of the most reliable ways to find phone numbers, there are limitations to what you can get at no cost.

    PeopleFinders is a good example. It is available only within the US and offers all its features to paid customers. However, you’re dealing with a highly effective directory that’s always up-to-date with fresh data that comes from government records.

    7. GreatPeopleSearch

    reverse phone lookup
    reverse phone lookup services

    GreatPeopleSearch is a user-friendly and simple reverse phone search tool that does an excellent job of creating quick and accurate reports. This is because the search engine efficiently aggregates information from public records databases, including state, national, county, and municipal records, to provide information about the person you are looking for.

    The service can conduct call lookups free of VOIP numbers that connect to the IP address of the caller and break down the most basic information about a person, which includes names, addresses, relatives, social media profiles, employment status, and business and properties.

    8. BeenVerified

    reverse phone lookup
    reverse phone number lookup for free

    In addition to searching for information on telephone numbers, the BeenVerified allows you to perform searches for people, email lookups, address lookups, as well as even searches on VINs of vehicles to look up information about anyone.

    What makes it such an excellent method to verify a number is that it’s a user-friendly application downloaded and installed on Android and iOS devices. It offers the same features as the website and lets you save your reports to your device for easy access. BeenVerified’s only drawback BeenVerified is that search time can be lengthy.

    9. True People Search

    Do you want to conduct reverse phone lookups at no cost? TruePeopleSearch is a must-have in your list of options. Instead of requiring a monthly subscription, it allows you to access premium websites with ads that are served along. If you’d like to perform searches on your smartphone, installing apps on iOS or Android is possible.

    10. ZabaSearch

    reverse phone lookup

    ZabaSearch is a full background checker that allows users to conduct free reverse phone number checks and search through all public documents. It stands out because it can combine results with other tools on the internet, like social network profiles. Intelius, a partner site, deliver the majority of its results. Intelius.

    • *Basic results are free
    • *View photos of the location
    • *Fast search for people

    What Is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

    Reverse Phone Lookup can be described as information about individuals through telephone numbers. The software for phone lookup will provide accurate information and information about people. You can verify the identity of telemarketers, phishers, and other callers who are not genuine using the free phone lookup application. The Lookup Phone Number application search millions of database databases, search engines, and public records for essential information on the owner of a telephone number.

    To complete a cell phone number lookup with no cost, the reverse number search retrieves the precise number of the user. It then searches the interconnected databases once the data is gathered and displays the individual’s data in a document.

    How Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

    Two aspects to reverse phone number lookup is carried out, and the source of information is sourced.

    The first is the data that can be derived from any number, provided you have an affordable, updated database.

    The information you need includes:

    • The state and city code.
    • The city or location of the initial three numbers of the phone number.
    • The company that originally provided (owns) the number.
    • No matter if the number is a landline or a mobile phone or is used for another purpose.
    • When the number first became available for use.

    The second section, which contains details of the address and the name behind the address, is more complicated. 

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