Secret Strategies to Remarketing Ecommerce Store Traffic in 2022

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    Retargeting is among the most effective strategies used by online retailers to attract and keep customers. Although it’s an excellent idea to draw potential customers in with social media posts and web ads, a comprehensive eCommerce strategy must include advertising campaigns targeting customers.

    You might be asking who I should aim to reach via retargeting efforts. What kinds of strategies should I use?

    remarketing campaigns

    What is ecommerce remarketing?

    E-commerce Remarketing is a collection of marketing techniques and methods that permit the promotion of products to those who have shown an interest in them or bought it through one of the internet channels and whose information was taken during their first interaction with a company’s online channel using tags, cookies or the collection of email addresses.

    Types of eCommerce remarketing ads

    There are three kinds of remarketing available: pixel-based (based on the tag you have on your site), Remarketing based on lists, and video Remarketing. We’ll discuss how each one functions.

    Pixel remarketing

    Let’s say that you own an online furniture shop with lighting departments. You have various items, including floor lamps, table and desk lamps, wall lighting, chandeliers, ceiling lights, and chandeliers.

    With standard pixel-based marketing, you can show an advertisement on display to users that have visited your website before. Display ads are graphic ads you could encounter on a newspaper’s website.

    It is also possible to make the following types of “dynamic remarketing” ads for people who are interested in floor lamps based on their behaviors:

    • No additional items are added to the cart. When someone hasn’t had anything added to the cart, you can show them a photo of the floor light they saw.
    • Items added to the shopping cart: If someone added the floor lamp to their cart but didn’t buy it, you can offer them a discount of 20%
    • on their purchase. Likewise, if someone purchased an overhead light, you could advertise other lighting products of the same manufacturer.

    Your customer’s level of trust in your business can make a difference in how they respond to your advertisements. Research shows that consumers familiar with your brand will be 10-times more likely to see an ad that is remarketing than a conventional display ad. Certain companies have been able to report an increase of 128 % increase in conversion rate by remarketing.

    Remarketing based on lists

    Remarketing on customer lists, Google will match the details of the contact on a customer or prospect database you’ve previously uploaded. It then allows you to advertise to people who already know your brand.

    When you use remarketing for search ads, you can show ads to previous visitors who have been on search results.

    Video remarketing

    To promote your company’s YouTube content, you can advertise your services and products with advertisements sent out to those who have been to or joined your channel.

    Benefits of using remarketing for your eCommerce store

    Remarketing can assist an eCommerce business in many ways across a variety of KPIs: to aid the department of marketing, sales department, or perhaps even customer support. Let’s look at the most important issues we can address by implementing a retargeting strategy.

    Improve brand recognition

    Utilizing the Google display network is among the most cost-effective methods to increase awareness of your brand. If you wish for your brand name to be easily recognized or even be the center of attention, why not offer to chase your customers with more images of your product? The 7 rule is that a potential customer must hear or see about your brand a minimum 7 times before purchasing from your company. It’s not a lot, but a few times.

    Boost your CTR

    Human nature is to believe in something they have been exposed to or heard of several times. As a result, customers are more likely to click on advertisements they’ve been previously exposed to.

    Enhance the lifetime value of a customer

    email remarketing

    It’s easy to lure clients to buy when you know the customer was enticed to purchase regularly. Segmenting your audiences lets you target precisely those who have bought from you.

    Increase the cross-sell levels

    This is particularly beneficial for remarketing purposes in email marketing to customers who have purchased your product. Email them containing products similar in style, color, or function to the item they already own.

    Increase ROI

    Certain channels of marketing are more affordable, while others are more expensive. Likewise, certain marketing strategies are more affordable than others. With the Retargeting method, marketers can make use of targeted targeting that is precise by separating all the information on users.

    Is it like walking to a cafe and being received with coffee, sir? Or, going into your favorite café to be welcomed with double espresso hot, a pinch of cinnamon, and fresh salted caramel bread, like you’re used to, sir?

    Strategies for using remarketing on your ecommerce store

    To benefit from Remarketing most, it is best to follow a few easy guidelines while setting up your campaign. Here are seven strategies that will assist:

    1. Tag every page of your website

    Recalling our previous example: have you been exposed to a remarketing advert from an online shoe store? They’re incredibly efficient, displaying the product and some similar items. The lesson is obvious: label every page on your website to track visitor interactions.

    2. Pick the perfect time

    The week is Black Friday, and you’re offering your customers incredible bargains. Of course, they’ve been reminded of it through numerous advertisements.

    But, on the big day, make sure to alter your ads and display them with more effective ones to make the most value from Black Friday sales.

    3. Make sure that your message is tailored to specific lists of remarketing

    As you may have gathered about email marketing, personalization is crucial. Various remarketing lists are dynamic, such as lists for particular products, abandoned carts, demographics, and other traits.

    4. Target those who have removed products from their cart

    We’ve discussed the possibility of remarketing carts that have been abandoned. What about those who purchased a product but then walked away from the purchase before making the purchase?

    In this case, target your marketing campaign to those who purchased by offering a discount on the item they have removed, and then talk about its advantages to make them want to buy it.

    5. Make use of sophisticated techniques

    There are a variety of methods you can use to segment your audience based on remarketing information. For instance, you can choose not to market to customers who have bought something from you or stop showing ads to users who have already visited your website instead of focusing on creating “fresh” traffic.

    6. Target those who checked out the Shipping and Refunds Policy page.

    Anyone who comes across this site is seriously considering purchasing from your site and just needs one last push. Consider displaying an ads that offers free shipping or ensuring the guarantee of quality that you provide.

    How Does Google adwords remarketing work?

    In the event that you currently have an advertising presence on Google, All you have to do is add a bit of Google Remarketing Code, also called a tag or pixels, to your site to allow visitors to be added to your remarketing audience by using browser cookies. It is possible to modify the code for different pages to correspond to different categories.

    For example, let’s say you own an online store selling kitchen supplies. You could develop a “toaster” remarketing audience based on the people who browse through the pages on your website which sell toasters. This way, you could present these particular visitors with specifically targeted ads to promote toasters. You’ve already figured out that they’re on the market for toasters, and you can now draw your customers’ attention, possibly with a promotional offer such as “free shipping.”

    Remarketing is a method to display Google advertisements to previous users while they browse through the many Google partner websites in the Google Display Network.

    Ecommerce remarketing examples in the real world

    After we’ve given the basics of the concept of remarketing and how it functions, we’ll take a look at some remarketing ad examples that can help you develop your own strategy!

    1. Nike

    google remarketing ads

    Nike is the top choice on this list of advertising examples. After looking on Nike’s site for a pair of brand new athletic shoes for runners, I found several remarketing examples like the one below while browsing other sites. This advertising remarketing allowed me to browse through a variety of shoes “suggested for me” based on my previous activities on Nike’s site.

    It also included a Call-to-Action (CTA) option that directed me back to the Nike website to finish my shopping.

    2. Airbnb

    remarketing display

    The second remarketing advertisement is from Airbnb. As a fan of travel, I’m always searching Airbnb’s website or mobile application to find the most beautiful accommodation. After looking through some properties, I came across this remarketing case study on My News Feed on Facebook. News Feed.

    The remarketing ad features the image of a page I visited (look at that comfy hammock!) and a CTA button that says “Book Now.” As it’s not tempting enough, its targeted Facebook advertisement makes it more convenient than ever before to make the booking in a couple of clicks.

    3. Madewell

    dynamic remarketing ads

    On our next list of examples of remarking is the clothing label Madewell. Similar to Airbnb, Madewell uses Facebook Retargeting ads to engage users and encourage them to purchase. Madewell makes remarketing ads that are customized for social media based on user’s behavior on their websites.

    This ad, for example, lets Facebook customers shop and browse through a range of carefully selected items. This arrangement makes it easier for shoppers to buy, and the ads’ personalization creates the brand’s loyalty for Madewell customers.

    4. Casetify

    examples of remarketing

    Let’s take examine a remarketing ad from the tech accessory brand, Casetify. After searching for a few cases for phones on the website of Casetify, I saw this retargeting advert appear within the block of sponsored ads that appears on the right-hand side of Facebook. The advertisement for remarketing includes images of the cases I looked at, along with the message that they don’t want me to miss any.

    Additionally, the advertisement contains a direct hyperlink to the Casetify website, meaning that I’m able to easily click the link to purchase.

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